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A familiar Taiwanese restaurant in Downtown East. Gotten their mee sua with gong wan, which is pork ball made from minced pork.

Do add vinegar and chilli to maximise the taste of the mee sua.

Their signature is dry but i ordered soup version. Comes with 2 deshelled prawns, 1 meat ball and 3 pork belly. The noodles were well cooked. The prawns were fresh and the meat ball was nice. I find the pork belly abit tough. The soup was quite gao, so recommend dry version. Will eat this again if i pass by.

Restaurant entrance has to be accessed from the outside of E!Hub. Visited on Sat around 1pm, only 1 male service staff was on duty and only 2 tables were occupied. Service staff seemed disinterested when he approached us at the entrance. As it was our first time, we asked him how should we order for the buffet and the choices of meat available. He was mumbling in his reply which we can’t make out what he was saying. Asked him to clarify, he told us to decide our soup base first. Knowing that this attitude of his will continue throughout our buffet lunch, we decided to dine somewhere else.

Visit at your own risk!

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With 1 for 1 burpple deals it was value gor monies. The burger was juicy πŸ˜‹. Chicken taste good too

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Still hands down the best Hawker centre Western food. You may complain about the 1.5h wait, but hold your frustrations till you have taste a bite of their mains and side dishes. At just $6.60, the grilled chicken chop comes with 2 generous side dishes, and I picked their most popular 2, the herb potato and mushroom rice. The grilled chicken itself is not only really tender, succulent and flavourful, the skin is crispy and the sauce given adds on another dimension! Really a perfect chicken chop. The herb potato has this umami flavour going on which makes it so delicious. The mushroom rice is garlicky and flavourful as well!

The Grilled Catfish ($7.20) was also fresh and somehow it also had a crispy crust just like fried fish cutlets. Loved the dill sauce! The coleslaw and fries were okay, but just go for the 2 popular sides.

So sad that they ran out of their fried chicken cutlets, because the last time I had them they were so good too!

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Nice food. Got the roasted chicken (pictured) and cognac burger 1-1 original price $22

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Stir Fried Kang Kong with Red Chilli
Normal crunchy and savoury vege. Moderate spicy and a little too salty but paired it with rice should be alright.

Thai Omelette with Minced Pork
My favourite order. Flavourful crispy fluffy egg with porky flavour minced meat. Yum yum.

Green Curry Chicken
The colour looks different but the ingredients used and taste in it is πŸ’―. Boneless tender chicken thigh meat, crunchy baby eggplant and a good amount coconutty flavour. Savoury and a little spicy tho.

Spicy Sour Clear Soup
A wonderfully rich, intertwine and complex oceanic flavour. Not your typical red kind. A spiciness that even the weak can handle, citrusness that elevate the refreshing profile and the right balance of ingredients to bring out this heart-warming soup.

Succulent slices of chicken thigh coated with special honey sauce
This is so yummy! Crispy crunchy skin with soft & tender meat, caramelised sweet honey that coated the meat thoroughly and evenly. One plate of this is simply not enough.

Homemade Fried Prawn Cakes(3 pcs)
Simple looks with a umami deep flavour. Crispy, flaky & oily breaded outer, delicate bouncey & tender inner. Size is big too.