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Been craving for waffles so decided to try the ones here.

Got the plain waffle. Waffles were piping hot and thick. I like how the waffles are thicker than what you usually get elsewhere. It tasted not bad and the sweetness level was just nice. The only complaint I have is the low quality paper bag that they use. It has a certain smell which gets transferred to the waffles.

Luna Bermudez
Origin: Colombia
Variety: Geisha
Processing: Advanced Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Peach, Custard

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Delicious… generously loaded with blueberries, my favourite pastry from their bakes.

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Carlos Mendez
Origin: El Salvador
Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Double Fermentation Natural
Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Apple, Caramel

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This one was well executed too, quite balanced but not particularly inspired either

Their tart shells are thin and hard, like Cheryl koh's

The mango and passsionfruit flavours mix very well. Safe and good execution, as expected of keong saik

Crowd pleaser, but not particularly unique

kohito $7
dark mocha $7 (i think the online menu states $7.50 for both drinks, probably not updated)

i think these drinks were okayyyy nthg to shout about. kohito was an interesting mix of ice black + milk + mint, which takes a few mouths to get used to the taste. defo not for everyone but interesting combination nonetheless. dark mocha’s cocoa taste kinda overpowered the coffee taste

have to take escalator up and it’s located in the middle (on the left after coming up)


this place opens until 11am they said, but I went at 10am some days and they were done alr. Not sure about the opening hours, so be ready to try other things if they're not open. Best to reach before 9am

It's pretty good, the bread got this cake like "stickiness" in terms of the chew, and dissipates nicely in your mouth. Very fluffy yet reasonably dense.

The spreads were fine, not very strong

No need to make a trip down, if you're nearby in the morning can give it a try

Hong Kong Style Rocky Bun ($1.90)

hmmm not that nice that i thought tbh but then i didn't tried it as too much bread to try it out that time.

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Cranberry Cheese Bread ($2)

hmmm not that bad but the bread quite just soft so the filling for cheese inside the bread really a bit little.

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