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Exploring food places in the west brought us to @laifaba 来发吧 !

Visited on a weekend a few minutes right before opening hours, and there was already 3 groups waiting to enter! (We didnt make any reservations earlier as it was an impromptu decision to head there to eat).

This place is famous for their traditional wanton noodles and woodfire-roasted meats! What is special about this place is that you can even choose your meat cut options - lean, mixed or fatty! Seriously, this is the best customisation ever, as I love lean char siew meat! (don't really love the super fatty kind).

The bowl of signature noodle is $12++ though! Kinda expensive if you compare it to coffeeshop/hawker pricing. But if you compare it to tze char restaurant / cafe pricing, this is still relatively cheaper! Springy noodles, sweet caramelised sugar, with crispy fried wanton. The soup also had boiled wantons too! Comes with half a lava egg as well! The chilli sauces are available at each table - normal chilli, extra spicy chilli, or green chilli. Also ordered the taufu meat pocket ($12++) which was quite special!

The restaurant was nicely decked in nostalgic and vintage furniture.

A nice place to come at least once to try out the food!

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✨black truffle - works really well somehow, aromatic truffle with the buttery cake👍
🍅Scallion Cream Cheese & Sun dried tomato - was skeptical but wow even though having it cold, it’s like a cold italian tapas 💯
🍚 Black sesame Mochi - both of the popular flavors combined! rich nutty sesame with chewy mochi bits✨
🌰 Pistachio Raspberry - for pistachio lovers! thick!
🍵 Matcha - all time favorite! the matcha is rich and of quality, still as good as years ago👍
🍫 Valrhona Chocolate - first time trying their classic and surprisingly it’s a favorite of the lot too! it’s like having a mini awfully chocolate cake👌

❤️always a great gift for any occasion❤️

Who else loves claypot chicken rice!

On the search for nice claypot chicken rice in the west. Today, our search brought us to Bao Fa Traditional Food 宝发传统小食 at Bukit Batok!

We called 45mins in advance to place our order for takeaway, so there was no waiting time required! This was the medium size portion ($16) which is enough for 2 -3 pax! The chicken meat was tender and well seasoned! However, as it was a takeaway order, the rice seemed to lack some charcoal claypot wok hei taste. The chilli used here reminds me of those used for chicken rice chilli, spicy and with kick!

📍 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Singapore 650283

Hojicha Kinako Walnut Madeleine ($4.90)

got strong roasted tea w nutty aftertaste.

Matcha & Yuzu Madeleine w Roku Gin Glaze ($4.90)

got strong yuzu taste w matcha but I didn't really taste alcoholic taste.

Matcha Madeleine w Ceremonial Grade Matcha Ganache ($4.90)

got strong matcha taste ever that I have tried tbh for most of the desserts.

Hojicha "Gao" Madeleine ($4.70)

got stronger roasted tea taste.

I felt that she really use fresh ingredients to bake madeleine tbh but you cannot keep too longer for madeleine.

What a visual feast! 🤩 Shoestring fries tossed in truffle oil with a vivacious sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese 🧀.

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I wasn’t a huge fan when we first tried Bao Fa’s Claypot Rice, but it really grew on me over time and now I will have random cravings for this hearty bowl 😂

Chicken drumstick chunks are tender albeit a bit bony, with lap cheong, salted fish and spring onions in well-cooked rice. The queue can get quite long during meal times - but call them 20 min in advance (both takeaway and dine-in) and you won’t have to wait long when you arrive!

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Sweet treat! Enjoying something sweet in-between meals [even though I’m full ‘cause I’m deprived over the past two months 🤢]. ❤️ this freshly made waffle with perfectly crispy edge topped with 2 scoops of ice cream.

P.S. Woefully, my mum’s all-time favourite rum & raisin ice cream has an abundance of dark rum that overwhelm her palate and created an unpleasant harsh, bitter aftertaste. 😞

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Managed to get reservation and ordered few dishes such as pizza ($10), fried rice ball ($9), porchetta ($10), parmigiana ($15) & tiramisu ($16).

For the quality, I would say the price is reasonable and really worth it

Pasta too soft but what do you expect from a western hawker stall. More importantly while it's flavourful enough it's way too oily

Lamb chop had too much bite, but flavour was good. Black pepper sauce was very salty

Everything was pretty decent, noteworthy were the gongbao ckn and the ckn which both carried a nice bit of heat

Not v Vietnam but strong coffee aroma and pudding texture was fine. Quite sweet

Overall quite decent