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Finally visited Coexist Coffee Co. at Hillview!

Took so long for us to visit this cafe outlet till they have changed out from the iconic red white layout! Now it is a grey industrial theme vibes already!

Here is what we ordered:
-Squid Ink Fried Rice ($26++): Super unique dish! Served in a claypot! There is tiger prawns, baby squid, and topped with lots of ikura! Very unique taste!
-Chilli Crab Shakshuka ($18++): Comes with a huge tempura soft shell crab, chilli crab tomato dip, fried mantou and a sous vide egg!
-Satay Quesadilla ($18++): Pulled pork satay with mozzarella and comes with peanut sauce!

My favourite is per the above order ranking! We ordered 3 dishes as we were famished after 3+ hours of discussing reno stuff prior! Say hi to the new neighbouring neighbourhood!

Sip into bliss at Cha Yu Fan Hou (茶余饭后) in Le Quest Mall! Enjoy the best of bubble tea and fruit tea with our irresistible 1-for-1 drink deals. Don’t miss out on the crowd favourite, the popular Premium Pearl Milk Tea with Brown Sugar. A refreshing treat awaits!

We thought that this place was slightly overrated. The porchetta was nice but the pasta was so so. Service was good though!

restaurant eluted warm and rustic vibes with beautiful tall windows which gave great photos thanks to the sunlight ☺️ Burrata was fresh and stringy but would probably give the risotto a miss as it wasn’t as creamy and rich as I expected.

Pigtail was incredibly tender, this was quite lovely(light tho)

Pig trotters really was quite good, texture was fine and everything was reasonably tender, with the marination penetrating deeply

The rest were fine, except the French beans had a raw smel even tho it's cooked alr

Finally visited iO Italian Osteria!

Funny story behind this visit. My colleague recommended me to check out this place more than 4 years ago! I have been bookmarking this restaurant for the LONGEST time! Have made many chope reservations and then cancelling it because the location was kinda out of the way! Finally after so many years of procrastination, FINALLY visited this place! Luckily we made a chope booking reservation before heading down, because it was so crowded, even on a weekday lunch timing!

Here is what we ordered, most are the best seller recommended dishes:
-Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciatta with truffle ($10 for small size) - This was the highly anticipated food item! While it was good, it did not blow my mind
-Orecchiette Pork sausage with saffron sauce ($19) - We were puzzled when this dish was served as the minced pork was not very visible. But quite a nice dish as it is pretty unique
-Home made Tagliolini with Prawns, Asparagus, Lemon and Aromatic Breadcrumbs ($22): Opps, this was our least liked dish. The small portion size served caught us by surprise. LOL
-Pistachio Tiramisu ($14): I am not typically a tiramisu lover, but PISTACHIO lover I am, hence we got it to try! It was good!

Location: 4 Hillview Rise, #02 - 01, Singapore 667979

The pork balls were quite firm, it's alright
Fishballs were the high quality factory ones

Soup was surprisingly decent

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Ingredients were average, their usual unique spice blend for the noodle sauce, but the mee sua clumps tgt a lot, it's very difficult to eat and is not particularly good

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Waited for about 15-20mins in the queue. We ordered the signature and it was $11.90 instead of $10.90 as per their menu. Even though there was 3 meat cut options (lean, mixed cut, fatty), there was no real mixed cut. The waitress mention that they will provide a mixed of lean and fatty pieces. I picked the lean cut and it wasn't too dry. I can also taste the smokiness of the char siew. The noodles were perfectly done. The fried wanton was really crispy. The normal wanton was abit bland for me. The soup wasnt too oily despite being pork bone broth.

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Ann Chin Popiah's Sin Ming outlet is now consolidated at #01-20 of block behind Sin Ming Plaza, 6 Sin Ming Road. It is for takeaway only. Took two Popiah and 4 Kueh Pie Tee for $7.50 only. Really good and cheap.

A drool-worthy treat! — Freshly made waffle that’s perfectly crispy on the outside yet fluffy and airy on the inside; topped with a scoop of ice cream swirled with tart blueberry jam.

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