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It's more like three cups chicken due to the amount of alcohol. Weird that they named it wrongly

Quite tender but otherwise it's rather flat, ingredients were pretty stingy

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It's supremely eggy I don't know why, otherwise all aspects were decent. It's very heavily seasoned tho, I needed rice to go along w it

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Frigging delicious. The rice had spices which made it addictive, and the chicken was unbelievably marinated, with a lot of clean spices and it's mad juicy too

I will come back again and ascertain if it's a must try, but it seems hella promising rn

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Quite competent, the soup was strong w pepper and the pork ribs were reasonably tender.

Not bad

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Haven’t had PastaMania in a long time and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of offerings they have now. We enjoyed the slightly creamy and tangy Tom Yum sauce that had a touch of heat. The seafood are not the most fresh, but pretty decent for this price tag!

This nameless stall does not have a signboard and it operates out of a rojak stall.
They begin business daily (except Mondays) at the ungodly hour of 4.30am till 9am.
A plate of char bee hoon with a fried chicken wing and a fried fish fillet costs $3.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2021/06/nameless-economical-fried-bee-hoon-blk.html?m=0

A very very light soup pork portion was alright, there's a lot of steamed-till-soft cartilage which I really liked but maybe not everyone does

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This was delicious, the sauce was light but full of umami. I was quite surprised by how good it was.

If you're in the area it's worth trying

Tender and well executed. Pretty worth for this price, the herbal taste was strong enough too

We ordered the salmon with asparagus in mushcroom cream sauce, squid ink pasta in tomato sauce, truffle fries and 3 pints of craft beer. I liked the lychee lassie, my friend liked the vanilla cream. Food is amazing as usual, and the place has excellent music and a quiet atmosphere. They use some kind of fragrance that reminds me of a luxury hotel lobby. I used the burple beyond premium and my meal was quite reasonably priced at about 50 bucks per person including alcohol. Food was prepared very fast. I cannot wait for my 3rd visit already.

Their spice blend is really unique, it's not particularly good but worth a try in the area. Out of the ingredients they were all okay, the meatball was not bad

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I don't like it, their char siew tastes different, hard to describe

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