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Ashamed to say that prior to this experience, I’ve only had Three Buns via delivery, and it has always been a delightful experience despite having it after it arrives. However, it seems like the burgers delivered have a higher standard than what I had recently dining in at the Quayside branch. The cheeky chic had a confusing combination of sauces - bbq ketchup and miso mayo, which the bbq ketchup obviously overpowered. The burger was slathered with cold coleslaw, which resulted in the burger being at a very odd temperature when consumed. To top it off, the coleslaw was so watery, which kept dripping out and made the whole bun soggy. Hoping that it was just a bad day for Three Buns but I doubt I’ll give up on them just yet, will go for my usual Baby Huey next time!

(We gave feedback about the coleslaw and the staff were very receptive about it😀)


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My partner, on the other hand, tried the Bacon & Egg Rosti ($18). This time round, the rosti came slathered with Tomato Jam, almost like a sweetened bolognaise sauce, which threw her off a little. While I didn't mind it, she quickly asked to switch with my leftover plain rosti so I guess it's not to everyone's tastes. The house-cured bacon though, was delicious. Two whole slabs of thick, crisp, sweet-savoury bacon. I don't know what they glazed them with but I wish I could have more.

Overall, their rostis deserve all the hype and more, though do try their plain ones first! Can be a little pricey but I think it's worth a visit or two.

Nestled within the cosy Old Hen Kitchen was Poonsti, our brunch choice for the weekend. Heard lots of good things about their rosti, so this was what we zeroed in on when we made our orders.

I went with the Sour Cream & Chives Rosti ($12) so I could taste the OG rosti quality. Boy, was this good. Decently thick with crisp edges, the potato shreds were seasoned well and still with a firm bite - none of that mushy business. I almost wolfed everything down before I realised there was still the sour cream. Spreading a dollop atop the rosti, the tangy creaminess lent a fresh taste to the potatoes and the enjoyment factor went up even more. This quickly became my favourite rosti in Singapore, no kidding.

If you are looking for some quality Western fare, this is one cafe to go to. I find their dinner menu much better than their brunch/lunch options and decided to try more! They seemed to have refreshed their menu recently and here are the dishes I've had:

1️⃣ Chicken Parmigiana ($24) - the huge piece of chicken cutlet was tender yet succulent and wasn't too salty. The thick layer of cheese just made it even better, due to its added richness. Definitely one dish you ought to share!

2️⃣ Grilled Salmon Pasta ($23) - I loved the thick meaty piece of salmon given. It was fresh, flaky and the salmon skin was done well due to its crispiness! The al dente pasta is drenched in a thick creamy sauce which had the right consistency to cling on the pasta well.

3️⃣ Angus Beef Stew ($26) - the beef was very soft and I loved how it wasn't too gamey! They won us over with their mashed potatoes actually, as it was incredibly smooth and buttery. Wished we had a bowl of this 😍

Best part is that their food items are applicable for 30% discount using #burpplebeyond ! Sad they didn't have their brussel sprouts, as they were hella addictive. Will come back again!

as usual, the soft serve was rich in sightly salty cheese flavour!! the little cubes of red velvet cake topped w lemon custard were also a nice topping. would always recommend sunday folks for ice cream, but a little stingy with their waffles, can skip and get cones/cups instead

Welcome to the perfect place to unwind and connect with your loved ones while indulging in brilliant bakes! Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar delights in serving daily fresh, scratch-made pastries crafted with top-notch ingredients like French Elle et Vire butter.

Don't miss out on their incredibly popular Brioche Donut, a heavenly treat that's airy and dusted with icing sugar. Experience for yourself why their bakes are an absolute hit!

📸: Photo by Siming T

Cali is a nice and cosy place to share a meal, even on a Saturday night, as it’s not crowded. We had the pepperoni pizza, which was standard fare, and the smoked duck carbonara, which wasn’t overly creamy and gelat. The truffle fries were really good (my fave) and topped off the whole meal.

It was worth it as we had the Entertainer 1-for-1 deal, if not it might be a little pricey. Good to pay a visit if there are promos on!

(To note, the Entertainer 1-for-1 deals are on the pasta, burgers, fajitas and pizza.)

If you are looking for a place with decent food and drinks, Cali Bar is one place to consider! We ordered a couple of dishes and here are some of my favourites:

Kurobuta Pork Loin Fajitas ($30) - this was the crowd favourite, due to the flavourful and rather tender meat, the smoky onion slices and guacamole that you can assemble in a wrap! Definitely 1 good fajitas that is good to share!

Baby Back Ribs ($36) - the ribs itself may be rather small, but it was tender and flavourful. The fries were even better. Light, crispy and fluffy, I think I can eat a whole bowl without a problem!

Baked Cheesy Nachos ($18) - this is one addictive snack. Crispy nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa and jalapeno, this is one sharing dish that is great with beers!

If you are working around the area, this is one place to consider for after work drinks. Do note that it can be rather expensive, but I guess it's how it is in the Rochester area! Thank you @scalemicroinfluencers for the invite and @cali.singapore for the food!

($8) I opt out for one single shot for the drink. But then its not bad coffee taste as it's quite not acidic aftertaste. But chocolate and coffee taste combined 2 in 1 and didn't covered up each flavour and taste.

Omgosh! My GM blessed us with a whole bunch of Plain Vanilla muffins! Awesome day! Sugar high! Get more work done of coz!

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[Burpple Eat Up]

Lastly we got this platter full with lots of seafood items. There’s grilled salmon, fish fillet, king prawn, squid and mussel. They all are served with tartar sauce, chimichurri sauce, lemon wedge, baby potato and corn.

Good for sharing and I really like the soft texture of the salmon and fish fillet.

Do check what’s deal available here with your Burpple Beyond.

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