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First time at Sarnies to celebrate a special occasion :) Angus Beef Stew was really hardly and super delicious!! (Super tasty and flavorful gravy and nice portion of beef and sides). Glad the place feels super casual, cozy and has great ambience. Highly recommend the Breadcrumbed Fried Portobello mushrooms. Staff Haziq, Kim and Navi are super friendly. Can't wait to come back!

@thesoupspoonsg has a new promotion item on the menu now - daily saver $7.9 set!

For the price of $7.90, you get a small soup (choose from 3 diff soup choices - roasted pumpkin / tangy tomato with basil / meatless minestrone), a side (ham and cheese sandwich or salad) and a drink (3 choices)!

Very value for money! And great if you want more variety for a meal! (Otherwise an ala carte normal soup portion will cost at least $9+.)

($8.90) I wanted to try for a long time under acai journey. I felt puzzled that half serving portion size was quite so less and compared to full serving ($12.90). The portion size filled like two third of bowl only. They served seasonal fruit such as kiwi, blueberries, strawberry and banana. I opt out for dragonfruit as personal perferences :")

A taste of Thai-inspired goodness
This Thai-style salad wrap comes with roasted chicken, fresh mango, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, mixed lettuce, red onions, shredded cucumber, crispy bits and finished off with a sweet Thai mayonnaise
Overall, the combination of sweet, tangy, and savoury flavours transported my taste buds to the vibrant streets of Thailand

A modern twist on Sesame Oil Chicken
This modern and innovative Singaporean-style wrap classic combines roasted chicken, mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, shredded cucumbers, crispy bits, and a creamy white sesame sauce
Overall, the flavours meld together harmoniously, creating a unique and satisfying taste experience.

I have been to @sarnies.sg consistently for a couple of years for their dinner fare and I must say that it's been consistently good all these while. One should not judge their cook just by their afternoon brunch fare, as the quality of their dinner items are just so much better.

Their Angus Beef Stew ($26) came in a big plate, with loads of braised beef cubes in a comforting savoury sauce and a huge dollop of mash. I love how tender the beef was, and it was rich with spices. Mash was creamy and buttery!

Next up, their Chicken Parmigiana ($24) is one sharing plate worth ordering. Just look at the amount of cheese on that huge chicken cutlet! It was fried to perfection while keeping the meat tender and juicy inside.

Their Grilled Seabass ($25) is decent. Although the skin wasn't crispy, the meat was still rich, fresh and sweet. Love the char on the brussel sprouts!

They have a promotion where 2 drinks gives you free truffle fries 😍 With that, good food and 1 for 1 dinner mains we got with #burpplebeyond, it's a place you have to go!

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- Beef was braised till soft with no tendons or fatty parts which I appreciated.
- Enjoyed the brioche which soaked up the flavourful sauce, yet maintaining its integrity and surprisingly not soggy!
- Sunny up was well-cooked with a slightly creamy yolk and tender whites 🍳 [8/10]

- Honey glazed and black forest ham could be more moist with more cheese as some bites were quite dry with the brioche 🍞
- Onion jam gave a burst of sweet savouriness.
- Hashbrown was a bit over-fried and crunchy hard at the edges, would prefer it thicker. [7/10]

I didn't know this brand has customisable salads. I liked it.

Classic cakes are still as good!
- carrot walnut cake
-ondeh ondeh cake

I normally love Korean ginseng chicken but I didn't recognise this haha. Aiya Soup Spoon's soups are all a bit off. Anyway this was quite oily.

Healthy food can taste great too!

Try Nature's Nutrition’s simple but tasty meals with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1: Bowls. Available on weekdays 5:30pm-8:00pm, drop by their Millenia Walk outlet on the way home to enjoy a health-conscious but still yummy dinner!