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I forgot how filling a meal at Keisuke Grill can get 😂 Between the two mackerels, the dried atka mackerel is a lot more bony, but also way more flavourful. The set comes with rice, an onsen egg and miso soup, on top of the complimentary free flow salad bar.

Sides that I always go back for more at the salad bar are their hijiki salad with edamame and the potato salad. I probably can leave full just by having these 2 things!

Coffee flavour was quite distinct, very decadent cake. But felt it was a tad too sweet overall. Would very much prefer the Praline Noisette Gateau which we got recently for the contrasting textures and chocolatey nutty goodness.

Came here for dinner and redeemed the Main dish deal. 🍽 Ordered:
- Spiced Roadkill Chicken 🐔 (8/10)
• big portion + cumin yoghurt as a sauce was v unique and complemented the chicken

- Grass-fed Ribeye 🥩 (8/10)
Medium rare was good, could taste the truffle

- Darn Good brownies (9/10)
2 scoops of ice cream and a thick, rich brownie

It's not everyday that you'd order a decaf, but when you're heavily pregnant & really want coffee, this has got to do.

The Brazil Mogiana Decaf is washed naturally, and comes with a medium body & low acidity. Flavour wise, as with all Brazilian beans; it was a balance between nutty & chocolatey notes, making it really easy to drink & enjoyable. Be it iced or hot, both option tastes really good!

I know it looks gud but really 🥹🥹🥹 the food is mediocre and just overall meh! Gotta check back for the brunch menu

Food 1.9/5
Ambience 4/5
Service 3.3/5
Price point 2.2/5

food and drinks were extraordinarily mediocre, but the long service time added to the overall frustrating experience. they're closing at the end of june due to manpower issues, which is apparent in their long wait time (30min for each item). in conclusion, not a store i would recommend.

Built my own bowl which allows me to customise ingredients I wanted. Chose bafo rice which was really yummy and savoury. Fish was also fresh. Portion is just right without feeling too bloated after a meal. Service by the lady boss is attentive as well. Overall an enjoyable meal and I will patronise again!

Got the eggs ben and the fry-up!
Portions were generous!
10/10, would highly recommend!!!!

Healthy and tasty bowl. The prawns were juicy and nicely seasoned. The macaroni salad had a creamy and tangy dressing. The sesame spinach was a little too cold and fibrous. The steamed cabbage was my favourite of the sides.

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi bowl with a choice of base (green mix / warm sweet potato noodles, furikake white rice / mixed warm brown rice), accompanied by a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed Warm Brown Rice
Main - Teriyaki Chicken (?)
Sauce - Yoozoo Sesame Sauce
Toppings - Fish Flakes, Bonito Furikake
Fillers - Kani Sticks, Roasted 'shrooms (+$0.50), Ebiko

I actually ordered warm sweet potato noodles as my base but they gave me mixed warm brown rice instead 😦 The teriyaki chicken didn't taste like teriyaki and I'm unsure if they threw in the cajun chicken breast as these were the only two types of chicken shown on the checklist. Sauce with yuzu sesame was a good choice with a myriad of flavours and the roasted shrooms were something that turned out unexpectedly better as compared to the rest of the items in the bowl 》$7.90 + $0.50 Roasted 'shrooms

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi rolls with a choice of white/mixed brown rice served in nori wrap as a base, accompanied with a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed brown rice
Main - Salmon sashimi (+$2.50)
Sauce - Spicy Mayo
Toppings - Tempura Crunch, Nori Chicken Floss
Fillers - Sliced Avocado, Tamago, Ebiko

Perhaps I was expecting it to be similar to Maki-San since Wooshi was from the same founder but the whole roll that I ordered lacks flavour. Unlike sushi rice which usually comes with vinegar and a sticky texture, the brown rice was merely loose plain brown rice that couldn't hold well. The amount of sauce given was too little for us to even savour it and the only flavours I can taste was some saltiness from the chicken floss and sweetness from tamago and ebiko 》$7.90 + $2.50 Salmon Sashimi