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One of my all-time favourite handmade fishballs and meatballs are from Ru Ji Kitchen - their fishballs are soft and bouncy, while the meatballs are tender and super substantial. The default bowl doesn’t come with meatballs, but we always top up for them at 2 for $1. These have been my fam’s to-go for our many homemade steamboats for the longest time! Their noodles are not the very best, but we still enjoy it as a whole a lot with its clean tasting soup. Definitely recommend to have the noodles on the spot as they clump up pretty quickly if you do takeaways.

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Feature :
💕KBBQ Prime Set
US Prime Ribeye, Marinated Bone-in Prime Ribs, UK Dingley Dell Pork Tomahawk.
The meat was tender and juicy, especially then marinated bone in prime ribs.
That’s our fav cut 😋.
Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly.
Good for 2-3 pax, the kimchi stew served with tender pork belly and mushrooms.
The stew is tangy, with a hint of spiciness. Its comfort and refreshing.
Tteokbokki with Kimmari.
I like this, the Tteokbokki is soft and chewy served with fish cake and fried seafood roll.

📍Wang Dae Bak Grill.
3 Lorong Liput, Holland Piazza.


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2nd time here. I had pistachio & chocolate stout ice cream with normal waffle during my 1st time and it was pretty good. However, the chocolate mochi waffle that I have ordered this time was too sweet for my liking and it overpowered the gelatos ( Pu er and cookie dough). Still prefer the normal waffle that complements better with the gelatos not so jelak

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Its a really nice ice cream cafe located near buona vista (5-10 mins walk from the MRT station).
They have a really cute vending machine door too 🤣
Tried their seasonal fudgy mochi waffle, which is surprisingly really good - with a well balance of chocolate and mochi!! Love the crispy yet soft texture!
Their 56% dark chocolate sorbet and lychee sorbet were really good too 😋
Will definitely be back again to try other flavours and also their beverages!

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-pancakes are much denser than the regular jp soufflé pancakes and had a spongy and cakey bite to them. reminiscent of macdonalds hotcakes. they’re made with a special organic 7 grain mix so pretty healthy?? ;)
-the vanilla bean flavor of the ice cream pairs well with the not so sweet pancakes
-syrup is a tart strawberry purée blend~

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First time trying the Fudgey Mochi Waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream - Salted caramel cheese and 56% choco.

Definitely yums and definitely coming back again for their mochi waffles and ice cream.

Tried the Aburi Scallop Salmon Don ($18) which was good! - Value for money with Burpple 1 for 1.

I chanced upon this noodle place in 2021 when I was in Holland for lunch, and most other restaurants were closed for lunch service. At a corner of Holland Village, they are barely noticeable but boy am I glad I stumbled upon them! They sure serve a mean bowl of spicy noodles. If you love mala, you will love this too. It's not exactly like the typical mala broth. The tonkotsu broth on its own has its own flavor, and they add chilli to it which has a bit of this mala kick that keeps every mouthful of this dish extremely appetising. I can never get enough of it!

I used to love their prawn + pork ball noodles but it appears that they have altered their menu. The closest substitute I could find was Double Treasure Tonkotsu Broth Noodle ($10.90) which has pork balls and pork dumplings with chive. The noodles are as good as I remember, and the dumplings were super fresh! However, it appears they have changed the way they do their pork balls; the meat is packed so tight that they are extremely hard now and lack texture. That said, I still love their noodles so this won't deter me from returning.

Special mention to their service. The staff is generally polite but I dined here with someone else who already had dinner. But they gave me an extra set of cutlery and bowl without me asking for it, and were extremely courteous about it. Their noodles are so affordable too. Highly recommend to all Burpplers!

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$12 in total for these 4 ice cream cups thanks to burpple 141 WHAT A STEAL! had the pistachio, lychee, cookie dough and salted caramel cheese. the salted caramel cheese was my personal favourite. cookie dough was too sweet for my liking but pistachio is gd too!!


Was at Omma for my mum’s birthday lunch and I deeply regretted my decision. My mum had suggested to go to another Korean bbq place (Wang Dae Bak at Chinatown to be exact) but I had recommended this place as I remember seeing this restaurant being shared in some food bloggers’ social media and I trusted that it would minimally, be a pleasant/nice place to have a meal at.

However, I did not have a pleasant experience here. Firstly, I made a reservation for 2pm and reached at approx 2.05pm. Headed inside the restaurant and was ignored. One staff was washing something behind the cashier/counter. We stood there and waited for another few mins before another young lady staff came to the area behind the counter to prepare a glass of beer. Waited again. I’m confident I was noticed BUT nobody came to ask/direct us to a table. Waited for another few mins before informing the young lady staff that I have a reservation, before she told the other staff to come and entertain us.

Ordered quite a no of items such as seafood pancake ($25, this was ok), jjajang ramen (for $15, this tasted very ordinary and overpriced), ginseng chicken soup ($25, this is not bad), black pork belly ($25), bbq seafood set ($59, cane with 4 pcs of fresh scallops, 6 pcs of prawn and 1 squid which were not very fresh. For the quality, the price is really really not worth it). Overall, for this price point, I’m confident we can get better kbbq with better service elsewhere. The food served by the young lady staff to us was just dumped on our table without any explanation. I think I was spoilt by the attitude at other restaurants where the servers would at least let you know what is being served when they place the food on your table? To be honest I was a bit shocked at this kind of attitude. I used to work part time at a F&B outlet myself and this, definitely is considered very bad attitude which would not have tolerated by my ex-manager.

Anw, I think the restaurant can do better in terms of the food and grill quality. The grill plate seems to have some issues and the food took very long to cook. Nobody came to check in on us until most of the staff went for their lunch break (this was approx 3pm or so) and this middle aged lady came to ensure that everything is ok. Appreciated that as we took the chance to highlight that 2 out of 3 ordered drinks were not served after an hour, we wanted refills for one of the side dishes and our food is not cooking (issues with the grill plate). She requested for the change in the grill plate and even that took almost 10mins with constant reminders, even though the restaurant is not busy and they have available staff around.

We subsequently ended the meal and requested to takeover our leftover pancake. My brother has to walk to the cashier to get the attention of a staff to pack the food and the young lady took the food, put it on the counter and asked another young guy (who appears to be a n lunch break) to pack it instead. The young guy protested saying that he’s on lunch break but still proceeded with the packing. What alarms me the most is he took the food to another area near the kitchen (but still open area) to do the packing and all these while, did not have his face mask on. I’m not sure if this is acceptable? At this point of time (23 Apr), isn’t it still mandatory to have mask on in indoor area, and whatsmore when handling food items? Isn’t this basic hygiene standards??

Will definitely not recommend or even be back.

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@2ndserving.sg is probably a hidden gem because their Fudgey Mochi Waffle was soooo good I'd love to head back again, and especially because the icecream is 1-1 on @burpple which makes it even more worth it!

Seasonal Waffle w/ 4 Scoops of Icecream
Fudgey Mochi Waffle - what you find inside is mochi and molten dark chocolate and fudgey goodness I wouldn't mind having 1 waffle to myself. Definitely can't expect the fluffy texture, these are softer because of the molten Choc but I'm really not complaining here.

56% Dark Choco
No regrets getting this because it pairs so well with the choc waffle?? It's literally chocolate on chocolate I loved it!

Banana Honey Roasted Nuts
This was pretty good! Quite strong in the banana flavour, albeit being a little too sweet.

I recall this being quite strong, except that my focus shifted on the waffles instead to properly savour this, altho this is usually supposed to be my favourite Icecream flavour 🤭.

Tie Guan Yin
You gotta try this alone first, because it easily gets overpowered by all the other stronger flavours here.

We spent a total of $19.50 which is seriously pretty worth it for the quality, and for a total of 4 good scoops?! Do also head there soon if you want to try these flavours because they tend to change up their seasonal Icecream & Waffles flavours!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

☁️ see full review on ig @nibsandgobs


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