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I loved that I could try both kimchi & seafood pancakes at once. There’s a lot of batter but it’s loaded with ingredients so it wasn’t too starchy!

the Pear Onion Marinated Pork Collar was alright but you know the Boneless Prime Ribs is good when the waiter orders it FOR youπŸ˜‚ we just wished the portion was more than 200g

After being introduced of this place, decided to go again but this time with another friend. Had the 8 times spiciness white ramen with fried karaage chicken ($14.90). Ramen was delicious along with its soup. My favourite would still be the fried karaage chicken

Recommended by my friend who worked nearby and she brought me to this place where the ramen is kind of reasonable.

I ordered the braised pork ramen ($15.80) and I like how the seperate the meat from the ramen to prevent diluting the meat.

I would like to go back again for it

Terrible. The pancake's texture is worse than frozen ones. Sauce is decent but tastes Chinese, like those η…Žι₯Όζžœε­ kind


Asked for less noodles but again, the noodles were more than generous. Plus it has no bite at all, basically mush.

The soup sucks even more. It's sour. Why is it sour? Taste like it's spoilt, not like vinegar added to a good soup

Beef was surprisingly decent. There's a little bit of heat and it's tender enough too

Terrible. The flavour combination is completely wrong, there's way too much sugar and it doesn't taste anything like it's supposed to

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A decent Singaporean style luroufan. On the sweet side. Pork was tender

We asked for less rice but this didn't seem like less rice at all, unless their usual rice portion is immense.

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A lovely adaptation of an eggs royale.🍳πŸ₯ž Warmly spiced with cinnamon, the addition of pumpkin into the batter gave it a texture that is less fluffy but more moist!

Many places do their hollandaise overly sour or heavy, but this had the right amount of cream, with its brightness peeping from pops of tobiko✨

纒烧牛肉麡ε₯—逐 Braised Beef Noodle Set (S$19.90)
The meat was tender, accompanied with light flavourful broth.
Choice of a side - Fried King Oyster Mushroom 炸杏鲍菇 (small)
Light and crispy
Choice of a drink - Winter Melon ε†¬η“œθŒΆ (small)

WANt Food Taiwanese Delights 恋恋湾味
Address πŸ›– : 22 Cross Street, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 048421
Open πŸ•°οΈ :
Mon - Fri : 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 9pm
Sat : 11am - 3pm
Note πŸ“ : last order is 1 hour before closing

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Guo Fu hotpot reopened at Guoco tower with a very nice dining experience but higher prices. Lunch is $33.90++, weekday dinner is $36.90++ and weekend dinner is $39.90++ for classic buffet which does not include individual pot soup base (+$6.90++ or $9.90++ for yuanyang) and drinks. This can easily add up to more than 50 or 60 bucks per pax. Even though variety and xiaolongbao are good, it is a bit pricey and can be more ex than eating at HDL or BIAP. Can try once for experience

Bun is soft & fluffy, served warm; pork belly slices are quite lean & well-braised to tender with no gamey taste; came with crushed peanuts & fresh coriander..

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