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Jimoto Ya - Ebi Shio Ramen エビ塩ラーメン (A-la Carte 💵S$16.50, Ramen Set 💵S$19.50) Signature Japanese Sweet Prawn & Pork Bone Broth Ramen with Salt Seasoning.


The complexity that Jimoto-Ya gets out of their shrimp shio ramen is pretty amazing. Shio, which means flavoured with salt not soy sauce. So that's nothing to hide behind. 🏵
It's a real test of agility & precision for a ramen cook.
But their bowls are inarguably delicious that's packed with Umami. 🤤
The layer of shrimp fat on top of that bowl of ramen is the most delicious shrimp fat eating experience I've ever had & I do love shellfish. 🦐

ACAMASTIPS & GTK💮: Not all ramen joints does great shio, is like finding a partner that ticks all your requirements categories (rare but always treasured) The flavour of the shio is the lightest of all the ramen Jimoto Ya offers & it's a good start to wet your palette before venturing into the richer broths. 😋

Coconut Soft Serve.

What's better than a cooling dessert to cool down your day??? Totally love this! And the serving is big enough for a dessert monster like me!

Will Dine There Again

We ordered the following items
Baccala cakes with sea urchin sabayon -> delicious

Wagyu beef ravioli-> not bad. Portion is a little small

Cod fish-> do not order, it tasted quite fishy

Mango and calamansi cheese cake-> interesting combination; refreshing!

A glass of sparkling red wine -> easy to drink, taste like moscato!

Price point is acceptable
Service is quite good

Ravioli With Wagyu.

Don't wait too long to consume this! It is definitely best when it arrives at the table, the extra bits of cheese are a bonus :).

The standout for &SONS is their focaccia, 4 long pieces at $5. It is baked with EVO, making it really fragrant and comes with a side of balsamic and (more) EVO.

Dreaming of this cute, creamy, nutty swirls.

Qoolco's Super Bowl ($5.90) provides a healthier alternative with Fresh Berries, Banana and Granola in the mix.

One of the most reasonable platters in town.

Personally love the rillette and the terrine to bits; the cheeses were wonderful and the bread...oh the warm and comforting. Good food, great company!

Hokkaido Corn Croquette 🌽($6.50)

Saw Veronica's recommendation on Burpple and knew we had to get this. NO. REGRETS. 😂

Ridiculously smooth, you'd wonder how it's possible that it's potato in there. Coupled with a good amount of those corn kernels and the ultra light, crisp shell, it gave this inconspicuous side dish a really awesome texture and bite.

Ebi Shoyu Ramen Set

Ebi Shoyu Ramen Set ($19.50)

The sets @jimotayasg are very value for $ since the ala-carte ramen already costs $16.50. The deef-fried chicken is a must! 2 pieces of fragrant and juicy chicken coated with a delicious seasoning. They were especially crispy and I suspect it is cos cereal was added to the batter.

The ramen's shoyu broth was lovely. I just wish it could be a tad less oily though I figured it helped to keep the noodles warm.

Ebi Shio Ramen

Ebi Shio Ramen ($16.50)

Japanese sweet prawn and pork bone broth ramen with salt seasoning @jimotayasg . Prawn based soups are my all time favourite! Loving that sweet umami broth. I preferred this shio to the shoyu version as I rather taste the soup broth unadulterated.

Hokkaido Corn Croquette

Hokkaido Corn Croquette ($6.50)

This unassuming side dish @jimotayasg was ordered thanks to the recommendation from @veronicaphua . No regrets at all! Crispy on the outside and smooth and creamy inside. Perfect accompaniment to the ramen.

Sashimi Don


Chose brown rice for this. The brown rice was actually sticky (half expected normal brown rice that has not been seasoned with vinegar so this was a nice touch). No shoyu will be given as the rice & sashimi cubes were already seasoned. Asking for shoyu would result in the service staff giving you the side-eye & a slight condescending tone of which-part-of-already-seasoned-do-you-not-get (yes, tried & tested). For that price you get a small plate of salad tossed in kewpie sesame dressing & miso soup. Decently priced but service was a bit of a letdown.

Green Curry Set ($10.90)

Pretty normal thai food. Lunch set at $10.90 includes egg omelette. Green curry serving is quite small.