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Broth was not too heavy on the porky taste, very creamy with a milky consistency!

Sauce was boasting a fragrant garlicky smokiness, more robust in flavour.

Chicken thigh was meaty and juicy, perfectly fried with a crispy skin and a squeeze of lemon helped to cut the grease ๐Ÿ˜‹

Prices are nett here. I top up $2 for a ramen egg. The soup was quitr strong flavoured so may get jelat after awhile. It is abit too oily for me. The noodles was nice and cooked to al dente. The char siu pieces were thick and tender. It is also well marinated. The chicken was what stood out to me. I initially tot it was a plain chicken breast meat. But it was so soft and the meat was also slightly marinated. One of the best chicken breast meat i tasted. The service here is quite slow so I may come back when i feel like q-ing up.

Possibly the least refined ramen in town, but quite satisfying, After Red and Black Kings, this time I tried Green Queen. With cheese and bacon, itโ€™s a bit like pesto pasta with soup. If youโ€™re afraid to mess up your white T-shirt and donโ€™t mind looking a bit ridiculous, they would give you a bib.

Passing this busy street for so many years, this is actually my first time visiting this Halal Japanese restaurant.

Ordered their beef ramen and felt a bit disappointed. The broth itself was delicious but not strong enough to me for how a ramen broth supposed to be.

Thankfully the beef slices are tender enough to enjoy. But sadly not a decent ramen that would make me want to come back.

soup was not too salty, light but flavourful. noodles were cooked well ๐Ÿ™‚ paid $7.50 for 2 bowls which was quite worth. was told by staff that the shoyu ajitama cannot be ordered from the machine, but that ramen consisted of only corn, egg and bean sprouts...
note that the restaurant is really small and squeezy, and you have to order first before you get your seats.

After being introduced of this place, decided to go again but this time with another friend. Had the 8 times spiciness white ramen with fried karaage chicken ($14.90). Ramen was delicious along with its soup. My favourite would still be the fried karaage chicken

I don't know why the name needs to repeat "prawn" and "shrimp" lol. Anyway this broth is definitely nice, just that I'm gag-sensitive to it zzz.

I tried dry noodles this time because I'm gag-sensitive to their shrimp flavour. This was very good! The meat was okay.

The soup is thick, umami and smooth. Very good, there's actually quite a strong funk. Plus it's a ckn and pork mix so it's much stronger than your normal ckn broths. Toppings were generally quite decent

This is a good bowl of ramen. And for something so innovative, the execution is extremely solid, making it one of the best in our tiny red dot's bare ramen scene

Make no mistake, it's huge without the extra beansprouts.

However it's nice to know that this huge mound is mainly beansprouts, so it's very healthy if you ignore the generous amounts of fats on top. Char siew is also just a block of meat, tender and somewhat fatty but not jelat at all. Very satisfying.

The noodles are a little bit chewy, it's flat but it can have a bit more character. Meanwhile the soup is thick and very good, it's what you expect of a strong style ramen. The miso flavour goes well w the overall profile.

The queue here is quite something. I advice you to reach 530 on a weekday dinner, otherwise I overheard that a late lunch is great in terms of the queue. We reached at 545pm on Monday and they slowly started letting people in by 6pm. By the time we got seated it's close to 620pm and it was 650pm wehn we got the food.

Then again, it's hard to find proper ramen in Singapore. So the speed can be forgiven, and the popularity understandable. Half the queue is Japanese so that should give you some idea of the quality of the food

Must try if you're a ramen lover. Nothing much to complain for the execution, it's generally on point