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Ikigai J
Ikigai J

6 Apr’21, Tue🌧
📍Menya Kokoro (Plaza Sing)
- Zenbu All-in Ramen (Red) 全部のせ豚骨ラーメン (Regular)🍜

Decent tonkotsu soup base, not too heavy, but couldn’t really taste the spiciness given that this supposed to be the “red” ramen, other than that, the soup base was fine.

As for the cha shu, well marinated, quite decent. The ajitsuke tamago, aburi babycorn and bamboo shoot were not bad too, but nothing to be surprised of.

Quite disappointed with the ramen noodle, thin noodle (like mee gia), but wasn’t expecting them to be lumpy, and this kinda spoiled the whole bowl of ramen in my opinion.

Doubt will be back for their soup ramen again...

Damage: $18 (inclusive of svc charge & GST)

23 Jun’19, Sun⛅️⁣
📍Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen (South Bridge Rd)⁣
- Hokkai Jigoku Ramen北海地獄ラーメン🍜⁣

How should I put it, it’s decent (thick noodles, vege, tamago, the broth and everything) but like not wow wow...

If you are around the vicinity and really craving for a bowl of ramen, can lah, you can try this, but not really worth travelling for, there are better ones out there tbh...

And given the price, actually quite value for $, just that I would rather pay more for a better bowl of ramen...just saying...

Damage: $16.36

22 Jun’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Marutama Ramen (The Central)⁣
- Karashi Ramen からしらーめん🍜⁣
- Ajitsuke Tamago 味付けたまご🥚⁣
- Yaki Gyoza 焼肉餃子🥟⁣
- Yaki Char Siew 焼きチャーシュー🥓⁣

Prefer thick hard noodle to those thin noodle, decent but not really to my likings...😜⁣

The gyoza fillings are well marinated, thinly skinned and juicy, the char siew are not too fatty, come with that chargrilled taste, yummy~ Good for sharing!

Damage: $20 - $40

27 May’19, Mon⛅️⁣
📍Tokusei Souper Ramen🍜⁣
- King Crab Leg Ramen蟹王ラーメン🦀⁣

Disappointing meal, it’s very salty, and the crab meat is like rubber, it feels like I’m eating a salty piece of plastic...

A waste of my calories...

#tokuseisouperramen #kingcrablegramen #蟹王ラーメン #ramen #instafood #sgfood #japanesefood #japanesefoodsg #cbdlunch #lunch #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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31 Mar’19, Sun🌤⁣
📍Ramen Champion⁣
- Spicy Shoyu Chicken Ramen🍜⁣

A disappointing meal...
There are just better ones out there...

Damage: $16.60

7 Jan’19, Mon🌥
📍Manichi Bistro 満一
- Spicy Dry Ramen🍜

Quite disappointed, not exactly the Japanese kind of dry ramen I expected...

The minced meat somehow tasted like mild spicy dark soya sauce bak chor but with sesame, the noodles are like so-so, for the price at CBD area, ok...

Damage: $6.80

5 Jan’19, Sat🌥
📍 Nantsuttei Ramen
- Dragon-Ramen (ドラゴンらーめん)🍜
- Add-on Ajitsuke Tamago🥚

3 types of noodles texture for you to choose from and I went for the hard one and the noodle is pretty springy...

Like the pork garlic oil soup base, the soup is kinda rich and it feels like your lips are sticky after finishing it, but it’s tasty!

Fret not, the spiciness is acceptable, but for ppl who can’t take spicy stuff, suggest to just go for their non-spicy ramen...

Not the first time here, and also won’t be the last time here, decent ramen to-go place...

Damage: $18.01

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27 Oct’18, Sat⛅️
📍Ramen Nagi 凪
- Butao King🍜
- Black King🍜
- Red King🍜
- Gyoza🥟
Didn’t expect the gyoza to be those mini bite size one, don’t really recommend that cos eat like nvr eat like tt...

Strongly recommend u all to add-on the tamago (Egg), omg, it’s jus so nice it sold out quite fast!
Damage: Abt $27

#ramennagi #ramennagi凪 #凪 #ramennagisingapore #butaoking #blackking #redking #gyoza #ramen #japanesefood #japanesefoodsg #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

5 Apr’18, Thu⛅️
Ladies Set (Petit) レディーズセット at Jimoto-ya 地元家...🦐
- Ebi Miso Ramen 海老味噌らーめん🍜
- Tori Kara-age 鳥唐揚げ🍖
- Renkon Age レンコン揚げ

Went there on a weekday lunch...

They have ala cart, petit set (less noodle) and normal lunch set to choose from, the lunch set consists of one ramen, two sides and one dessert (that day was oranges, can upgrade to change to cheesecake or something else)...

Like the ebi miso soup, imagine prawn mee soup taste with miso, and not as salty as I expected, I also like the ramen noodle texture (harder kind)...

But since it’s a ebi ramen, I would expect it to come with maybe one or two pcs of ebi? A bit disappointed on that part...

I like the crispy tori kara-age (the surface covered with something crispy and it’s like cornflakes if I’m not wrong), tender and juicy chicken meat...

As for the renkon age (lotus root), I wish it can be crunchier and thinner...it’s a little hard and greasy...

Damage: $18 (petit set), $23 (normal set) the difference is just the noodle portion
#jimotoyasg #jimotoya #地元家 ##bychefofmichelinstarredrestaurant #ladiesset #レディーズセット #ebimisoramen #海老味噌らーめん #ramen #torikaraage #鳥唐揚げ #renkonage #レンコン揚げ #instafood #japanesefoodsg #japanesefood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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24 Mar’18, Sat🌧
Spicy Miso Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen (Special) at Keisuke Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime けいすけ銀座鴨そば九代目...🍜

Acquired taste I would say, while it’s something different from the normal tonkotsu broth ramen, I think trying once is enough, or maybe it’s just me, well...

Standard Keisuke outlet (with polite service crews), expect free flow beansprouts, hard boiled egg and water...

I ordered the Spicy Miso Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen, for those who can’t take spicy stuff, trust me, this is not that spicy, you can try it...

I went for the hard ramen noodle, as expected from Keisuke, I like how the noodle is done, just on point, ‘nuff said.

The meatballs are yum but I wish it can be more firm and for people who doesn’t like spring onions, u gotta be disappointed cos it’s full of spring onions, unless u want to dig them out, u might probably skip it...

The duck slices are really tender, not like ur usual duck meat, the texture is really very well done I must say...on top of tt, it’s like being marinated in sake, I can taste the alcohol (somehow) but I would expect it to be more/at least thicker? (just 2 thin slices)...

Although I got the light spicy miso soup base (super thick soup base like any other keisuke outlet’s) with less oil, I find the duck taste a bit overpowering, and as I ate, I find the ramen soup got saltier (maybe it’s just my problem)...

Overall, for a change, you may want to try, but unless you are those hardcore duck meat lover, I think try once is enough...

Damage: $25.30
#spicymisohybridduckbrothramen #ramen_keisuke #keisukeginzakamosobakyudaime #けいすけ銀座鴨そば九代目 #keisuke #duckramen #ramen #sgfood #instafood #japanesefood #japanesefoodsg #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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21 Jan’18, Sun
Red King Ramen 赤王ラーメン at Nagi Ramen 凪...🍜
#nagiramen #ramen #ramennagisingapore #redking #赤王ラーメン #凪 #sgfood #instafood #japfood #japanesefood #japanesefoodsg #burpple #burpplesg #singapore


15 Dec’17, Fri
Dragon Ramen at Nantsuttei...🍜
#ドラゴンらーめん #なんつツ亭 #nantsuttei #nantsutteii_singapore #sgfood #instafood #japanesefoodsg #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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