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The portion was greater than what we have thought. It was very worth it to come for their lunch set and even more worth it with Burpple 1-for-1. The sashimi was very fresh and there was a tinge of truffle taste which was not too strong. Indoor seating was quite packed considering it was a Friday afternoon. Recommended to try their lunch set!

Tsukimi Hamburg’s hamburgs follow the golden ratio of US beef, pork and Miyazaki wagyu beef. The hamburg is paired with hitomebore rice and premium egg yolk airflown from Japan for the ultimate hamburg steak don.


Seems to be my favourite because of the delectable seasoning that pairs perfectly with Japanese rice. There’s thin bones so gotta be careful with every bite. Great 1-for -1 Burpple deal!

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Came back with my son to eat this amazing looking Wagyu Don again. His eyes lited up at first bite. It was worth it! Pretty amazing with esp with 1-for-1 Burpple deal! Tasty, unique and a beauty to your eyes!


They were all overcooked but it's still not bad at all as the meat quality is decent. The way it's served makes it seem like your normal Japanese stall stir fry but the quality is what sets it apart, including the sauce and the rice. The seaweed soup was good too

Normally it's 10nett if you eat there, basically mookata style. Their concept is really weird cos they serve 100g wagyu at 30bucks but it's at a hawker centre, idk if they're gonna last long man. I mean the vibes at this hawker is better after they reno'ed it but I still can't imagine forking out 30bucks at a hawker

However their kimchi is terrible, it's probably made in house because the fermentation tastes like beer, it's so weird

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No wonder it's a popular chain. Very good katsu for a kopitiam stall.

Basically ramen with the broth separated. Their standard can't go very wrong. But the USP is still the free extra noodles, that's why mine looks big. The shaved chashu was quite bad.

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This was not cheap but I really wanted to try it! The beef skewers were freshly grilled upon order, served warm and fresh. The beef was nicely seasoned with salt and really complemented to beef flavor that this wagyu beef had. Very savory and flavourful. Texture wise, it was very soft and easy to pull apart. It was layered on the skewer which actually was a unique experience. Worth a try but only will buy again if I’m feeling rich.

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Need I say more? SUPER WORTH IT WITH THE BURPPLE DEAL! saved so much for a whole lotta food + drinks! staff was very nice and helpful!! thank you and please visit 😚😚

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The giant pork belly instead of chashu. It's okay but could be more tender lah. Black soup is garlic soup. Like most places, it's strong, therefore yummy.

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A very interesting and good match between matcha and yuzu. There were so many layers in this cake, from the top the yuzu jelly layer which had jelly texture but really thick and strong yuzu flavor. There the matcha cheesecake layer, which was very rich in matcha flavour, not so much on cheese taste, and was not overly sweetened so the matcha flavor could still be tasted. There was some almond biscuits with white chocolate as the base, which was really the sweetener of the cake. The almond biscuits part was really fragrant and so familiar in taste. White chocolate was crunchy and sweet. A good balance for those who wants some sugar in their cake but I felt it was slightly too sweet.