Singapore's Best Omakase

Singapore's Best Omakase

We all love a good surprise, whether that’s uncovering a hidden kopitiam-turned-Japanese speakeasy or being spoon-fed entrees over the kitchen counter. For menu surprises, leave your selection in the hands of skilled chefs to create killer omakase experiences to remember. Here are 12 of the best restaurants where your time and money will be well spent.
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Looking for an omakase spot that is light-hearted, engaging and serves up fresh Jap nosh? Come by this lively sushi joint in Tanjong Pagar for an upclose and personal omasake experience (from $80). Expect a fun-loving crew that goes the extra mile, even spoon-feeding you a couple of courses! The menu includes uni, sashimi, salt-baked wagyu, cod dish, otoro (aka the fattiest part of the tuna) and even snow crab! If it's available, be sure to get the flavourful Uni Fried Rice with juicy slabs of Wagyu beef that melts in the mouth.
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Hidden within Hotel Clover is a restaurant that imports seafood and produce straight from Japan thrice a week to ensure that each dish is the best of what the season can offer. Choose from three different menus: 5-course (from $80), 7-course (from $100) and 8-course (from $150) that includes the beautifully-plated Fukusen Appetizer Platter that stars an uber fresh mini crab. If it's in season, keep an eye out for their Anago Tempura Don with succulent saltwater eel and the tender Slow Cooked Beef Cheek with Aka Miso!
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Kopitiam by day, snazzy omakase bar by night— locate this hidden joint for great yakitori and tapas plates (hint: the ‘entrance’ can be found at the back of the restaurant, near the carpark, under the aircon vent). If you're lucky, the Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Platter with bamboo shoot, radish, yam and boiled broad bean (soramame), served with housemade miso sauce, may be in season. f you're in the mood to indulge, go for the full works with the Bincho Tasting Set (from $180). Alternatively, the Bincho Express Set (from $68) will suffice. Be sure to accompany your meal with a glass of Japanese whisky or sake from their extensive collection.
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Make full use of your lunch hour and pop by this omakase spot in Tanjong Pagar. Burppler Justin Teo recommends the 4-Course Lunch (from $40), which includes eggplant with ponzu jelly, duck dumpling in foie gras sauce, pork jowl with pickled endives and sesame, and lemon pie. If available, be sure to try their flavourful Amaebi Risotto or the creamy Cold Capellini Pasta with Sakura Ebi and Uni. Amp up the experience and add on an amuse bouche, dessert and petit fours (from $98- with 4-Course Lunch).
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Perched on the 24th floor of Shangri-La Hotel is a Japanese restaurant where you can expect innovative omakase menus paired with a killer view. For lunch, try their Lunch Mini Course (from $120), which includes an appetiser, soup, a platter of assorted sashimi, a main (choice of meat or fish) and dessert. For dinner, go for their rendition of a gyudon— Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef Sirloin A4, Sea Urchin, Rice, and Seasonal Truffle ($75). Photo by Burppler Casey Tan


Nestled on Stevens Road, near the entrance of Mercure Hotel, is a 35-seater yakiniku restaurant that offers an omakase menu centred around premium cuts of Japanese beef. The chef even goes to the extent of showcasing their fresh meat to the diners before sending them to the grill. Go for the 6-Course Lunch Menu (from $68) or splurge on the 10-Course Dinner Menu (from $138) for special occasions. Expect to taste five different cuts of melt-in-your-mouth beef and pork.
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Make a mental note of this sushi joint for unique takes on Jap cuisine in an intimate setting along Tras Street. Get the Shoju Omakase Set (from $300) that includes the Hokkaido shrimp, Botan Ebi, done three ways — sashimi, torched and tempura. Other stunners include the mini rice bowl topped with a delicious concoction of Japanese Ebi and Red Uni. Running low on funds? Opt for the Sushi Set Lunch (from $60) instead that comes with an appetiser, an eight-piece nigiri set, makimono, and even dessert!
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Surprise your loved one with an authentic Japanese omakase experience at this luxe sushi institution in Carlton Hotel. Available only during lunch are the Setsugetsuka Sushi Course Sets: 9-Piece (from $75), the 12-Piece (from $125) or the 15-Piece (from $180). If available, be sure to try their sweet and juicy Kuruma-Ebi that features fresh and tender Japanese prawns, as well as the Maguro Zuke, which is shoyu-marinated tuna that boasts of creamy minced tuna paired perfectly with chives. Otherwise, there's always Dinner that consists of the seasonal Omakase Wa (from $300) and a premium Omakase Shin (from $450).
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"Plan ahead if you wish to snag a spot at the tiny 12-seater counter here or book one of their private rooms. Choose between three menus for lunch— Karatsu (from $120), Haji (from $180) and Raku (from $250) or go hard with the Dinner Menu — Enshu (from $280), Oribe (from $330) or Rikyu (from $400). Go for the Haji to get a taste of their to-die-for Signature Rice Bowl with all that uni, ikura, negitoro and molten onsen egg goodness over pearl-like warm rice.
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Note this one down for when pay day has yet to arrive but you still wish to give yourself that well-earned omakase treat! There is a 15-course menu at only $38, but most Burpplers go for the 18-course menu at $68 ($98, with uni). While the menu is seasonal, look out for the chūtoro, an indulgent slice of medium fatty tuna topped with a yummy shoyu foam. Nothing this good comes easy, so Burppler Kenneth Lee recommends making a reservation well in advance to score seats!
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Save this spot for special occasions with a loved one! This cosy 10-seater sushi bar hidden along Scotts Road is a culinary experience worth breaking the bank for. Before Ki-sho, Chef Hamamoto trained under Chef Tetsuya Wakuda at his two Michelin-starred restaurant Waku Ghin, so trust that he has the skills to deliver. Choose between two omakase dinner set menus — the 8-Course AOI (from $300) or the 10-Course KAI (from $450). Dishes to try, if in season, include the succulent Char-grilled Hokkaido King Crab, the visually stunning Signature Uni with Caviar, as well as the flavourful Ohmi Wagyu with Uni, Black Truffles and Truffle Oil. Pair your meal with their house-bottled sake for the ultimate omakase experience.
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With Head Chef Shigeru at the helm translating 14 years of French culinary experience into his cooking, be well assured that your omakase experience will be one for the books. This elegant, intimate space in Orchard sits just eight at its counter and is perfect if you're craving stellar beef and seafood Omakase (from $180) for dinner. If it's in season, a must-try is the Wagyu Tataki, which is seasoned with sea salt and stars a cured shoyu marinated egg yolk that adds a rich, creamy texture. This place also serves up a mean sea bream soup and super fresh appetisers (think uni with ikura and beancurd skin, Irish oysters and miso gindara).
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