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In this very quiet area of Ang Mo Kio, a short walk distance away from the MRT station, you would find this cafe that open from late afternoon till late night. Offering ice cream and drink here, suitable for group gathering or just chill.

They are proud to serve vegan ice cream here, and the taste don’t compromise at all. Especially for their Corny Cornflake, you get a very strong corn flavour here with lots of cornflake.

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Mushroom udon ($6.90)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Comforting and healthy udon that’s not like any other with its chunky mushroom soup. Despite being vegan and allium-free, the soup was still enjoyably rich, flavourful, and earthy. Served with 2 chunky and juicy mock meatballs that were a mushroom-soy mix, broccoli, tomato, and mushrooms which left us sufficiently satisfied.

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But if you want something refreshing and cold, then go with their mango dessert to complete your meal here.


Don’t finish your meal here without trying some of their desserts as well. And their yam paste really worth getting it.


A dish of vegetable on the table is definitely a must especially coming to a vegetarian restaurant. And we went for their sambal sweet potato leaves. Really enjoy the spicy taste of it but not too overwhelming.


Recommend to get this with group of people on table. The yam basket is filled with assorted vegetables to share among.

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Most of the mocked meat dishes here used the mushroom, and available in a few different style of cooking that you can choose from. Either going with sweet & sour or you prefer something spicy.

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They served pretty decent mapo tofu here for the excellent execution of taste. With the tofu accompanying with lots of ingredients.


This vegetarian restaurant could be easily missed out as they are located on second floor at the corner, which the entrance is right just beside facing the Buddha Tooth Temple.

Very suitable for big group of dining here and offering tze char style of vegetarian foods on the menu.

One of the recommendations would be this wasabi vegetarian prawn. You would immediately get the spicy feel of wasabi as you eat it.


Went to Daehwa a few weeks back and tried their ttukbaegi bulgogi stew, kimchi stew, kimbap, and kimchi jeon!😇 Really interesting concept of vegetarian-korean food and price was pretty affordable too (about $15/pax)😄

Overall ratings 7/10! I did like the food but maybe i'm not very used to eating korean food without meat? Felt like it would be tastier without the meat but this is a good try and its relatively healthy too🤣

Sri Lanka bowl - the Jaffna by Damian D'Silva was filled with colours, aromas and flavours. It had spinach dahl, daikon curry and snake gourd curry atop a base of basmatic brown rice, and topped with beetroot pachadi, mint chutney and roasted cashew bits. The blend of aromatic spices, tender spiced masala chicken and creamy, spicy curry were delicious and tentalising to the tastebuds that I devoured the bowl clean.

Super rich & strong black sesame taste, live up to its name of intense!💯 It's triple black sesame with black sesame oatmilk, black sesame powder & black sesame seed topping, a must try for black sesame lovers😋