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Regina Xie
Regina Xie

I usually don’t order idlis because as a non Indian who didn’t grow up eating idlis for breakfast , I find it bland n tasteless. But these idlis with their inhouse blend of podi seasoning really revolutionised my concept of what the humble idli can achieve . Every week they add in a special secret ingredient into their podi mix n ask diners for a taste test , which I failed miserably at identifying . The chutneys were delicious ( tomatoe , eggplant & coconut ) . The food here is “clean” tasting , quality ingredients like home made cooking done lovingly by ur grandmama . Totally opposite from the heavy ,oily ,overly spiced up Indian food u encounter in typical Indian restaurants. I loved everything we ordered.

How wonderful is this dish ? The colours and flavours all come together for such a delight in the mouth . Gluten free , diary free , vegetarian . Wow 🤩

This tindle burger is so good I am stupefied . I was not expecting that whole miso garlic parsley butter oozing out of the tindle Kiev to be so delish ! The brioche bun is just my kind of bread .
Everything works . Love it !

These mushroom scallops are so incredibly tasty , and with the sweet potatoe purée it’s really a fantastic side dish

Kimchi Soup but so very tasty u can’t imagine that it’s pure vegetarian .

This place has the best Dosa becoz the chutneys are outstanding . They give you 4 delicious chutneys and the podi ( masala powder ) is so good .

Portion is huge with thick cuts of lotus root , pumpkin , okra , eggplant , Enoki & seaweed . Really gd, like I wld choose this over Tenjin good ...

Simple Breakie at @WoodlandsSD with
Hot Chocolate 🍫 (S$6)
Nut 🥜 Butter + Honey 🍯 + Sea 🌊 Salt Toast (S$3.50)
Sage Cream Cheese 🧀 + Berry Compote (S$4) ~
The cream cheese gave the crusty chewy toast a savoury taste instead of the sweet and sour taste which I'm expecting from the berry.
The sea salt enhanced the nut butter taste.
Can't help wishing that the hot chocolate could be richer.
The Bakery
Address 🏠 : 10 Jalan Serena, # 01-05 Serena Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 258 748
Open 💈 : Wed - Sun : 8.30am - 6pm
MRT 🚇 : Botanic Gardens (CC19/ DT9)
Note 📝 : Pizza 🍕 night : Sunday 5 - 9pm
Cash & NETS only

OK, I have to be honest. I am not into healthy food especially those that are "hard core" if you know what I mean. But because August was my birthday month, I'd spoiled myself with far too many rich meals. Inevitably, guilt set in. So I wanted to "eat clean" to balance out those indulgences but had trouble locating a place to go. As fate would have it, I was invited by Word Of Mouth P.R. to a tasting at Wholesome Savour - a vegan and gluten-free eatery in Palais Renaissance. It seemed like the universe was trying to tell me something 😆
Admittedly, I was a tad worried because I generally like my food unhealthily delicious ("more pork lard please"). Hence, my secret fear was their food would bore me. However, the dishes I had, turned out to be actually much tastier than I'd anticipated. What a pleasant shocker!
It helped that while waiting, I learned from the friendly owner Jason Fong, so much about the company's approach and philosophy to food, as well as their on-site high-tech preparation methods.
Only ingredients with the highest amount of nuitrients make the cut and they use alkaline water in everything too. What's more, nothing, and I mean nothing, is "cooked" at temperatures above 46 degrees celsius. So the benefits of everything, from vegetable to nut, and spice to grain, are retained at their maximum.
You would think that prices would be exorbitant with all that effort but nope. The Smoothie Bowls pictured above were listed as $10++ each (I especially loved the one with housemade almond milk, bananas, berries and crunchy "green-ola"), while "The Savour BLT" with avocado, an ingenious "bacon" made from coconut, fresh vegetables and lemon cream sandwiched between onion and sunflower seed "bread", cost only $15++.
The strawberries-covered Hangover "Bread" (also $15++) reminded me of a dense alcohol-free fruitcake. Accompanying it were the most amazing cinnamon coconut almond butter, fermented cashew macadamia yogurt and berry-chia jelly - all made in-house naturally.
I also realised how filling these ultra healthy dishes were as the hungry pangs didn't strike till many hours later.

Haven't had many thunder tea rice(s?) so I'm not the best judge but I think this was balanced both in taste and texture. The small is pretty big already so idk how big the 'normal' ($7) would be 😂

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