Recommended lists for Breakfast & Brunch

Recommended lists of Best Breakfast & Brunch in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch 20 Best Cafes 2017 Tasty food, good drinks (brownie points for coffee) and a return visit all planned before actually leaving the cafe — all these are signs that a cafe deserve a mention in our guide to the 20 Best Cafes in Singapore 2017! Whether it's revisiting old gems in Arab Street, uncovering new digs along Neil Road or waking up early to get your hands on the best breads in Bukit Timah, it's time to pack your appetite and embark on this year's cafe-hopping journey!
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch 18 Best Places for Toast in Singapore We've sifted through all the options to roll out this list, and it's everything you knead to know. Whether soaked in custard then fried, or warmed then slathered with butter, these toasts will no dough-t satisfy at any time of the day.
Desserts, Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch Brunch Places To Hop! All day breakfast, egg Benedict, anything that can satisfy your brunch fix! 🍴
Local Delights, Cheap & Good, Hawker Food, Breakfast & Brunch Chinatown: Cantonese Breakfast Delights After all the cafe hopping, I always go back to where my roots are, Cantonese breakfast delights.

Top 10 Places for Breakfast & Brunch

Top 10 places for Breakfast & Brunch

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Breakfast & Brunch

No more chinese food please, give me my #oceantrout i so love the #mushrooms in the #soba #tillthenextcny #sgcafe #sgeats #burpple #yeonaeats #psiloveyou

Confit mushrooms on sourdough bread makes for a wholesome hearty meal. Loved the huge plump juicy mushrooms and the hummus on the side that’s topped with sesame. This place isn’t officially opened yet so they are going on a tipping basis (cash only). Be generous because the food’s good and call to check if the kitchen’s still open (:

“Slow cooked pork jowls on baguette with green hollandaise and pickled daikon”. A dish that I wasn’t exactly fond of from it’s aesthetics — not sure if the Green Hollandaise appeals to some visually but it’s probably the element that sits the least well with me in this case. That aside, the bearded eggs is a poached egg dish with a slight meaty twist; the pork jowl being crisp, yet melt-in-the-mouth but free from any porky stench, whilst maintaining quite a bit of fattiness within — thought the pork jowl could have fared a little better with some salt for better flavour. The baguette was relatively crisp, while coming with a bit of tension with every bite; the eggs being perfectly poached with flows egg yolks within. Wasn’t quite a fan of the Green Hollandaise however; whilst coming with a slight tang and creaminess of the usual hollandaise, there seems to be a lime-ish flavour infused with it that provides a zingy taste that did not sit quite well with the creaminess for my taste buds especially given how the pork felt particularly bland — didn’t quite cut through the meatiness as it seems to be included for. The pickled daikons also particularly lacked any tangy notes that refreshes the tastebuds, being particularly plain whilst carrying crunch.

Not sure if was this a one-off, but the rave reviews of the coffee here doesn’t seem to quite match the cuppa I had. Bearded Bella roasts their own beans; the blend comprises of 70% Ethiopian and 30% Honduras beans — while most others seem to claim to enjoy a fruity cuppa, the one I had was pretty acidic; could not really finish more than half the cup here (which is rare; I usually finish my cuppa however bad it can be). Oh well ...

Beef rendang nasi lemak ($9.90 nett).
Spicy and tender enough for me!
For that price point, good cuppa to go with, clean, spacious outdoor space for my kiddos to blow bubbles, there’s nothing to complain about at all👍🏻!

For very decent nasi lemak and great cuppa ($5nett). Free wifi!
Spacious covered outdoor seating that’s great for kids 😀😀😀

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Squeeze some lemon and you’re set!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #mercimarcel #handsinframe #foodinhands

😉 Okay, lame jokes aside, this Strawberry Shortcake really impressed me with its fluffy and moist vanilla cake and fresh sweet strawberries, causing me to slice off a bite, one after another till it disappears like *poof*! Themed cafes in Singapore really are not the most ideal places to go to for satisfying food, but Enchanted Cafes manages to prove otherwise; even their gimmicky sounding drinks prove to be at the very least better than average, and I suppose it will be safe to say that I would see myself considering to return here if I am at Rangoon Road.


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: Staying true to it’s French roots, the sweet crepes served here are not those crispy kind you might encounter occasionally. It has a soft, mochi like texture and bite to it. The homemade salted caramel sauce isn’t too thick and sweet so you can keep that leg if yours. 🥞
Ô Comptoir pride themselves in serving authentic French Galettes (which is more properly called Breton galette, is also the name given in most French crêperies to savoury buckwheat flour pancakes)
And Crêpes (which are smaller in size made from wheat flour, mostly served with a sweet filling) It’s rare to see places that specialise in authentic French Crêpes here in SG. 🔖
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