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unlike other einspanners i’ve had, the cream used here became greasy after a while…wasn’t a fan

fragrant rice, grains seperated perfectly. garlic chilli had a spicy kick w a lil sourness; my fam honestly goes to tian tian mainly for the chilli. & that silky chicken lol i hate white chicken but i’d eat this. and paired with that sweet sauce wow yumz👌🏼👌🏼 i cant type properly because i can’t put into words how much i love this

I ordered their Set C - Ayam Bakar Betutu
Balinese style grilled chicken, served with a unique earthy ‘Sambal Matah’, a mixture of different raw spices in special chili Oil.
The chicken was juicy and tasty, the rice was fragrant, prefer the chilli more spicy.
Beside that we also tried the perkedel n bakwan goreng, it’s also good. Can skip the gado gado.

Thank you guys for the bday treat.
📍Bara Food.
16 Enggor Street #01-10.

Though there is no lack of shops to satisfy one’s caffeine needs in the Tanjong Pagar district, the takeaway cafe, KYŌ Kohee serves a really nice cup of Matcha. Not saccharine, milky, overwhelmingly bitter, or grassy; their signature Okumidori Matcha Latte ($6.90) was a lovely balance. The sweet vegetal flavour was mixed perfectly with a delicate umami touch and a lingering savoury aftertaste. The smooth concoction (no powdery or grainy mouthfeel) had a surprisingly light and palatable consistency as well.

Seeing that I haven’t had my breakfast, I got their Croffles ($3.90) too. My first time having the croissant-waffle hybrid, I could see what the hype was all about. Their rendition came covered with a layer of syrup, a little intimidating at first, but it really wasn’t all that sweet or cloying. The slightly sticky coat also didn’t take the limelight away from the crispy and flakey texture of the dough. There was a pleasant buttery aroma as well.

first time trying the iced hojicha latte with oat milk from Oatside ($9.30 nett) and it tastes even better than before!! i’m really Oatside’s biggest fan…

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Found one cafe to escape from the hot sweltering weather and the coffee here are pretty good! We had the Dirty Matcha ($7) and Dirty Houjicha ($7). The Dirty Matcha was rather sweet and not too milky, but we felt like we couldn't taste much of the coffee within. The Dirty Houjicha had the wonderful roasted aroma which really complemented the coffee notes very well. However, it was a little grainy. Overall we were pretty happy with the coffee, but we wished that the cup was bigger 🥺

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If you're craving an authentic carbonara without the cream, this is a great modestly-priced option to satisfy your cravings. Tossed in a traditional egg emulsion, each strand of tagiatelle was perfectly coated with a gooey sauce. That said, I docked a point because I thought the dish could use a bit more salt. The only pops of flavour I was getting was from the guanciale bits!

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Back at @lamensa.sg to try their pastas in person! I really can't believe I can get such delicious pastas in the price range of $10-15 right next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

I've raved about their affordable yet quality pastas before but I had them to go. I can say with confidence that their pastas are much better fresh out of their kitchen!

As usual, this was simply delightful for a meat lover like me. Always a safe choice, though it gets a little oily sometimes.

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Nice ambience, good crowd, good for coffee one on ones or small group catch ups. $6.47 includes service charge

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The usual is orange but they are having yuzu this season. Very very fragrant osmanthus with the citrusy taste sealed in. Too much ice imo and a bigger cup will make me happier since it's $8+.

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The waffles is super crispy and fluffy, can disintegrate quite easily though.

Both ice cream flavours were thick, creamy and doesn't melt easily. Not a fan of Dark Choc but this was not too bitter nor sour, with a very light tinge of French Rose. Creamy Vanilla with sweet kumquat, very lightly sourish. Overall, I think they were delicious.

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