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Gukbap 3/5 (very light)
Nakji Bimbimbap 3/5 (sweet)
Ban Chan 4/5

($8.50) I get a sniff of strong and sweet strawberry smell after opening the cake box. But I felt that matcha cream got light but thick texture after eating finish. The taste for matcha cake got mild sweet and bitter. As the sliced strawberry was quite fresh inside the cake, the strawberry puree complemented with the cake well.

(6 Inch - $65.40) I decided to try their best selling cake as I wanted something light after half month celebrating other's birthday cake. It's quite refreshing, sweet and sour taste for summer period especially you want something light and refreshing cake. But my sister told me that she could not find the cake shop location for woodleigh mall after I passed address to her lol.

($2.10) it's quite weird taste tbh for matcha and got dark green colour for filling.

If you stay in the west, you will be happy to know that DAN LAO has opened a new outlet at Tengah Plantation Plaza!

I have visited the original Maxwell outlet years ago to try it! Tried the Char Siew Rice the previous time. But as I was ordering, we noticed so many customers infront of us getting the luncheon meat / chicken cutlet bowl, so we decided to try the chicken cutlet bowl this time round!

I love the silky scrambled eggs! Best to dine in, else the eggs will become cooked eggs if you take it away. Will be better if more sauce is given for the whie rice! Super love their chilli though, very savoury and got kick one! Fried chicken cutlet was nicely marinated. But if you are trying to avoid fried food in your diet, may be better to try their char siew or prawn bowl instead!


The spicy miso egg soup and bibimbap was delicious but the beef was top quality .

The omakase restaurant in a boutique hotel is interesting. Worth a visit.

this was the bomb. the skin was super crispy and the fats melts. meat was also tender and this was one of the star dish of the night

also upsized the pasta for this at $5!! shape of the pasta was pretty cute and suits the beef sauce

upsized the portion by adding $5 more which i think it’s a good choice especially for sharing. this dish is still my fave because the crab and the bisque tasted very umami to me

fried mozerella with a tinge of honey! cheese was super stretchy and the honey complemented the cheese well

scrambled eggs with luncheon meat on a bed of rice with some sauce!! comfort food!