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I had the Hamburg with cheese! Portions are generous - Hamburg was moist and well cooked, free flow salad bar and eggs, and the set came with rice and miso soup too. Love their tamago and scrambled eggs 😋

Honestly right, all their oden taste the same. Mild, some bite, not super super tender

Really not my kind of thing, and they're very very pricey. I know a lot of people like it, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you know you like strong flavours and textures then this really isn't the place to be splurging, splurge on the grilled stuff instead. I know I'm coming back for anything koji marinated

PSA they require everyone to buy a drink. But at least can be just nonalcoholic, e.g. oolong at 5++ which is reasonable for an izakaya. However this is for good reason, most of the food needs something to accompany, e.g. cheese would go better w drinks rather than on its own

Quite decent, with small bits of very chewy ham. But damn ex

They literally take the oden piece out and make a dish w it

Cold oden

Very soft, it's a very clean flavour. But for 7++? Nah lol

Tbh it's slightly different, more firm than usual but the yolk is still gooey. Quite mild otherwisr

With fishcakes and taupok. The fishcakes were really cloudlike but I prefer the good handmade singaporean ones with more flavour and bite. What stunned was the taupok strips, they did have good bite. Udon was thin and slurpy, but surprisingly there's not a single piece of wagyu

That's quite disappointing

I quite liked this. Very mild, but very tender and enjoyable

Juicy but firm. The bonito is all tangled up tho very difficult to split into 4 portions(since the radish is quartered) to eat

Dive into a slice of seafood heaven at Ya Ge, where decadent delights await in their newly launched Seafood Hotpot featuring Australian Live Lobster & South African Abalone, Live Mud Crab, and Tiger Garoupa! 🦞🦀🐟

Choose from two tantalizing soup bases – the sweet and cooling Sugarcane with Bai Mao Gen or the enticing Lemongrass and White Pepper. Each hotpot set, designed for 3 to 4 persons, comes with carefully selected live prawns, abalone, mussels, scallops, live lala, assorted fish pastes, and vegetables.

Tiger Garoupa Hotpot: $168++
Live Mud Crab Hotpot: $188++
Australian Live Lobster (500g) and South African Abalone Hotpot: $218++

As the year winds down, celebrate with friends and family at Ya Ge, savoring these hotpot sets that promise to warm hearts and fill bellies. Don't miss out on this seafood extravaganza, as they will only be availabile till 31 December 2023!


Incredibly tender, it's unbelievable. There's this almost homogenous soft texture, you can't even distinguish fat and muscle. Mad umami from the koji, but ofc there's the accompanying funk(which I'm completely fine with but maybe not everyone is). The funk is quite mild alr, relative to the umami

Must try, it's mad.

The crab was somewhat sweet, not super strong but mixed w the egg yolk it's gooey umami

Pretty good