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Food are acceptable but the service is disappointing. Already informed them 3 times that we are using Burpple and also confirmed with them what dishes not in the Burpple. End up was told that this dish not included after the food is served.

Hakka Yong Tau Foo - $16
The dish comes selection of vegetables stuffed hakka-style with fish and pork, and served with savoury dip. Pairs well with their Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun ($12). The silky Ipoh-made Cheong Fun is served with fried beancurd skin and Ipoh Curry. Great place for catching up over food
Small Tables

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This place was bomb. The prawn broth was full of flavour and their ngoh hiang was so damn good. I got the dry noodle with shabu shabu sliced pork prawn noodle and the broth was so good. The noodles were al dente and the sauce is bomb as well. Would go again with more company.

before, i wasn’t a big fan of rice dumplings. after trying joo chiat kim choo’s, i am. got 5 flavours to try over the weekend and they really made my weekend! my and my family’s favourite was the nonya rice dumpling. the minced meat marinated and cooked to sweet perfection really made the dumpling. as for the pulut hitam nonya rice dumpling, the black glutinous rice added a delightful extra bite to the dumpling! i was also pleasantly surprised by the variety of ingredients in the emperor’s rice dumpling, as well as the hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables. even the hokkien rice dumpling was filled with meat aside from the eponymous salted egg yolk. i always thought rice dumplings were a seasonal or occasional food, but i find myself still thinking about the nonya rice dumpling—can’t wait to eat it again!

The Butter Sauce Prawn 湿奶油虾 is fried till crispy, drizzled with creamy butter sauce. Great place around Clementi / West Coast area for Vegetarian food.

Location: Zi Zai Vegetarian @ Jalan Mas Puteh, 9 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128615

Their broth is light, really flavourful and addictive, would recommend to order noodles with soup so as to get more of the delicious broth😍tried their sharing platter too which had the usual favourite ngoh hiang which complemented the prawn soup 👍

really love joo chiat kim choo's rice dumplings. perfectly balanced flavours and generous fillings! i really liked the pulut hitam nonya rice dumpling, the filling was really tasty and the black rice added an extra layer of texture that i rlly appreciate. earned a fan!

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A well know name across many hawker centre and of course it always come to your mind whenever you come to Bedok for some foods.

The queue always formed here even before the usual dinner time in the afternoon, and you could easily see people getting a few packages of it.

They no longer selling at lesser portion, now selling with either 3 or 4 pieces. As always, they added lots of cai po on top of it. The chwee kueh remain very soft. Perfect match with the chili paste.

Best prawn noodles I have ever eaten! Prawn noodles were cooked well and the broth was amazing. The prawns were also huge and juicy.

Interesting to have LaLa as the star of a noodle soup - ordered the Drunken Lala Beehoon and Clear Lala Tanghoon (both $7.90) and the whole bowl was literally just Lala +Soup + Noodles + some strands of vegetables. The Lalas were fresh and I only felt a smattering of grits. Drunken soup was so much better than the clear soup, but take care that the chilli is very spicy. Will be back to try their other LaLa dishes.

This Bao (Bun) shop really amazed me with so many types of Baos & Siew Mais (Meat Dumplings). All look so fresh & yummy too 😋

This has always been our comfort food when we desire something to soothe our cravings. When the covid measures eased and when we were able to finally dine out again, we went back to have this. Also, after Heightened Alert and the various measures, with more people able to dine out, we always come back to this. Simmering hot congee in 2 flavours, gong bao frog porridge and the ginger spring onion. I personally prefer the gong bao flavoured one. I foresee myself returning very soon. 😋😋😋