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I was surprised by this. The fish was of good quality and fried very well. Support this social enterprise!

It's okay, just a bit small. Fyi they've closed this outlet and expanded to multiple branches.

This lets you try three Malaysian noodles - curry mee, Penang prawn mee, meatball mee. Variety aside, they didn't add up to be filling enough. Taste-wise also ordinary. Fyi they've closed this outlet and expanded to multiple branches.

The old-school charm faked us. Food was basic. Eat for fun. This bun for example was nothing like Hong Kong's.

National Day is around the corner! 🇸🇬 To commemorate SG59, Mr Bean has launched a new range of pancakes to Go Local and feature some local flavours. Here’s what we got to try from their selection ❤️🤍

Just look at the flowing orh nee and that mochi pull 🤩, Mr Bean’s mochi is the perfect amount of sweet and chewy and we really liked there were taro bits and chunks to give the filling some texture! However, with the whole pancake consisting of starch and flour-based ingredients, the orh nee could have used a stronger flavour profile

The pandan aroma was fragrant but not overpowering, and paired nicely with the gooey cheese to coat the pancake. We loved the vibrant pandan green and just wish we had more of that filling!

Fans of eggwich now have a fiery option to spice up their day. The combination of otah, egg and pancake was delicious, and is a great addition to their line of savoury eggwiches!

If you haven't heard already, @suukeecoffeesg is known for their delicious taro orh nee toasts, and we went back for their other variations, as well as their lunch fare 😍

Among the many variations, the one with coconut flakes ($3.80) and with pork floss ($4.20) appealed to me the most, as not only you get a good creamy orh nee flavour, you get more rich coconut flavour from the fresh shavings, and savouriness from the pork floss respectively! Loved the added texture too!

For their lunch fare, the Curry Chicken ($8.50) is one comforting bowl to get. The curry itself is rich yet homely, and the chicken was tender! The potato was well cooked as well. Definitely a meal to give you the needed energy to power through your afternoon. As for their Char Siew Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl ($9.50), it was a good alternative as well, especially with its fluffy egg and tender char siew.

To complement your meal, you must get their Orh Nee Iced Coffee ($4.80), as it was so delicious! The orh nee complemented the strong coffee well, and you can taste both flavours well. It comes with several toppings as well, including taro balls!

Can't wait for my next time to Suu Kee 😍 they do have limited space so do come early if you are here for lunch! Thank you @suukeecoffeesg for the wonderful meal!

($3.50) It's my second time at here as dine in waffles after work but then it was quite crunchy but dry aftertaste for their waffles. The biscoff filling was melted off due to hot waffles and also taste like warm and sweet caramel.