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sorry for the bad picture i was too caught up in conversation🥰
nachos ($10.80)
truffle fries ($10.80)
margherita pizza ($17.80)

this was so bad please get the other cocktails. i think my friends got a berry one(?) which tasted much better

Quench your thirst with @cococane !

Coconut water + sugarcane = Cococane! The combination of coconut water + sugarcane juice was pretty unique, the first in Singapore!

Their drinks are made from fresh coconut water and fresh sugarcane juice. 100% natural, no sugar and no preservatives are added! Their sugarcanes are harvested daily to ensure freshness! 💦

Here is what I tried:
💫Lychee Sugar Cane ($3.10)
💫Mango Cococane ($4.40)
💫Mango Coconut Avocado ($7)
💫Cococane bottled ($4.30)
💫Sugarcane bottled ($2.50)

I love all the drinks above, very thirst quenching! 👍🏻

For the bottled drinks, they will be packed with no ice so you wont get diluted drinks. Do note that the bottled drinks must be consumed within 24 hours!

Chance upon this salted egg rice ($7.90). The sauce is buttermilk which is runny which is good so that the rice wouldn't be dry.

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The spice was just right for me. Quite generous in the ingredients but thought could have a bit more maggi. Overall quite decent and would come back to eat it again when i crave for an army stew.

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The final member of the divine trio of mains we sampled at @fukudonsg is the Wagyu Onigiri Don. For $16.50 a serving, you get a (approximately) hundred & fifty gram wagyu flank steak all over a bed of that dressed & seasoned onigiri rice, and flanked by ajitsuke tamago (ramen egg) and some pickled cucumbers.⠀

I’m not sure if this is the normal presentation for the steak, but I found it excessively cut up. Sure, it’s a superb steak, but if it gets cut up too much the texture will be marred. However, there was no denying that the impeccably medium rare steak was seasoned spectacularly. It’s salty and seductively smoky from being kissed by the blowtorch. Beefy, salty, smoky and tremendously tender, the wagyu in this Wagyu Onigiri Don was exquisite.⠀

As for the accoutrements, the Onigiri rice was mixed with just the right amounts of mirin, salt and other secret seasonings, resulting in a rice that didn’t need the aid of any sauce to be polished off in short order. Their soy seasoned ramen eggs were boiled just right, retaining that liquid gold yolk that’s mandatory of any proper soft boiled egg. The soy sauce that the eggs had marinated in had seeped into every molecule of egg, producing a savoury, redolent ramen egg.⠀

Sixteen dollars and fifty cents isn’t too bad for a hundred & fifty grams of wagyu flank steak on a bed of redolent rice. Plus, everything in this bowl is downright delish and will satiate most appetites. Thank you for hosting us, @fukudonsg!⠀

And now we get to what is undoubtedly the runaway favourite of the tasting at @fukudonsg: the breathtaking Beef Udon with Charred Baby Corn & Fried Beancurd Skin ($9.60 nett a portion). Yes, it’s one heck of a mouthful, just like this unctuous udon.⠀

This bowl is deeper than your average conspiracy rabbit hole, and it is chock full of dummy thicc udon, thin slices of beef shabu shabu, fried beancurd skin and charred baby corn, all drifting along lazily in a beefy broth. That clear broth is what makes this bowl of udon an undisputed winner, and there ain’t no doubt about it. The clear broth, which is built upon the dashi, mirin and soya sauce base, becomes scintillatingly sweet & savoury when the beef is stewed in it. It’s a clear bodied soup, but it’s so full salty & sweet flavours that’ll fulfil that craving for soul satisfying food that you didn’t even know you had. If this was a role playing game, this beef udon broth would restore you to full hitpoints.⠀

The rest of the ingredients were fitting companions for the stellar soup. The charred baby corn added more sweetness broth and uplifted the entire bowl with its smoky aromas, while the sliced beef delivered the satisfying meatiness every dish demands, and the beancurd skin was the textural wildcard with it’s charming crunchiness. As for the udon noodles, well, they were perfectly simmered, boasting a ideal amount of bounce, chewiness, and tenderness. Truly perfect carbs for the perfect beef broth.⠀

Lemme keep it real with y’all: you will probably never find a more soul satisfying bowl of noodles than Fukudon’s incredible Beef Udon for a tenner or less. Fukudon’s Punggol outlet is pretty far out in the wild, but it’s well worth the expedition out here. Go on, get yourself a bowl of these noods and revolutionise your life.⠀

Once again, thank you for inviting us to sample your stellar food @fukudonsg!⠀

Catering to all rice bowl lovers, young & old, @fukudonsg have a plethora of choices for you to choose from, all made with passion and love in the open kitchen!😍

Here’s what my family and I enjoyed…🤤
👉Wagyu Onigiri Don - SGD16.50
soy marinated wagyu flank steak (150g), pickled cucumber, ajitsuke tamago
👉Satay Pork Collar Onigiri Don - SGD8.40
satay marinated pork collar, homemade achar, onsen egg, golden egg floss
👉Asian Garlic Purée Salmon Onigiri Don - SGD8.40
norwegian salmon filet, tomato salad, ajitsuke tamago, special garlic homemade purée
👉Beef Udon - SGD9.80
beef short plate slices, onsen egg, fried beancurd skin, charred baby corn
👉Katsu Platter - SGD7.30
aburi mentaiko breaded pork belly, breaded chicken breast, served with homemade curry sauce
👉Homemade Chicken Karaage - SGD4.90
served with homemade curry sauce
👉Homemade Potato Salad - SGD2.50
👉Crunchy Fries - SGD4.20
served with homemade curry sauce

A hidden hawker gem indeed that won’t disappoint both you and your tummy! Came in pretty generous portions, the donburis we tasted were all well-executed. 👍

Highly recommended to order their Katsu Platter for sharing since you can get the best of both worlds - Aburi Mentaiko & Curry Sauce. WARNING! The pork belly katsu might actually give you a pork-gasm…😉

❗️For Islandwide Delivery, drop them a WhatsApp msg at 96350148

💌Thank you @fukudonsg for the warm hospitality!☺️

1️⃣660A Edgedale Plains 02-01, S821660
2️⃣84 Marine Parade Central 01-48, S440084
🚇#widPunggol #widMarineParade
🚚GrabFood, Foodpanda

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@fukudonsg has branded itself as an Asian fusion donburi specialist, and their Satay Pork Collar Onigiri Don ($8.40 nett a serve)is their magnum opus of Asian fusion. A mishmash of Singaporean & Japanese cuisine, this donburi sees the Japanese staple of pork shabu don get a revamp by marinating the thin slices of pork collar in a complex satay spice mix.⠀

This sweet, aromatic spice blend screams lemongrass upon first contact with your nose. When it lands on your palate, you get sweet, spicy, a bit of turmeric and other spices, before the richness of the fatty meat takes over. I would’ve preferred that the satay mix be more salty to withstand & complement the fatty pork slices better, but the satay mix used here is still pretty decent.⠀

The element here that sealed the deal for me are those pickled cucumbers & onions. They were supremely sharp, tangy and refreshing, holding the pork collar back from being surfeiting. Plus, they were an incredibly welcome, crunchy change from all the texturally soft elements in the bowl.⠀

I’m not sure why Fukudon calls it onigiri rice. I know that they’ve seasoned the rice with mirin and a couple of other things, but that’s more like sushi rice than onigiri rice. Nevertheless, the fact that they pay close attention to the foundation of their ricebowl puts their rice levels above most of their competitors. The only real problem with this dish is that the onsen egg was overcooked and the yolk was set, but that’s more of a consistency problem than a quality problem.⠀

For modern day hawker donburi that won’t break the bank, Fukudon is pretty much the standard to match. Just gotta figure out how to get them to set up shop where I live. Thank you for the invite, @fukudonsg!

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@fukudonsg has set up shop in the very back end of Punggol, so it’s pretty inaccessible. However, the quality of their spread is well worth the day trip out to the end of Singapore, and I’m glad I got the pleasure of sampling it.⠀

Starting off with appetisers first as you do (swipe left), the Homemade Chicken Karaage ($4.90) is a simple yet satisfying dish of marinated chicken thigh strips coated in a thin layer of flour and deep fried until cooked through. Now, it isn’t visually striking, but when you dip it into the accompanying curry sauce, it’s a super starter.⠀

Using a light dusting of flour instead of the typical batter to coat the chicken is a genius idea. This keeps every chicken chunk moist & tender inside while the exterior gets all craggy & crunchy. Plus, it’s mostly guilt free as the chicken doesn’t absorb that much oil. The curry dip admittedly tastes a lot like a certain clown’s curry sauce, but with the flavours turned up to eleven. It’s slightly sweet & sour, kinda salty and pretty thick. Come to think of it, it’s probably just a Japanese curry that’s been repurposed as a fried chicken dip.⠀

As for the potato salad, it’s an alright rendition for $2.50. The slightly Japanese twist comes in the form of the heavy sprinkling of furikake over it, which gives it much needed umami from the dried fish flakes in it. I liked that potato was mixed with Japanese cucumber, carrot & white onions, but I felt that the salad would be improved by having the potatoes be cut into larger chunks than the rest of the vegetables for a better mouthfeel.⠀

We’re off to a decent start, but oh boy oh boy the mains are a true showstopper. Thanks for having me, @fukudonsg!⠀

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this is the Pandan Taro Shibuya toast in a large it’s $8.9 so kinda expensive but it’s good as the toast is quite crisp outside and soft inside and yes that’s Oreo and lotus biscoff cookies ;)

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