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The dinner I had at Paradise Pizza was amazing!! We were served by Jo who was incredibly attentive to all of our requests. She recommended us to get the Fried Burrata, Mentaiko Butter Lemon Pasta and Assam Pizza.

Fried burrata was very delicious, not too heavy on the oil and cheese was very oozy. Mentaiko pasta was super unexpected, tangy, salty, and very rich with umami flavours. Assam pizza was just the right amount of spice, with Asian favourites like the tastes of ginger, lemongrass etc. We had tiramisu dessert to end the night, very indulgent and sinful :)

tucked away in a quiet corner of Singapore, this place is perfect if you wish to enjoy a quiet evening with your loved ones. my friend and i ordered the deep fried burrata for starters, hot assam sourdough pizza, mentaiko lemon butter pasta, and the tiramisu for dessert. the flavours were quite innovative and the portions were generous! the deep fried burrata had a lovely golden crust, and the flavours of the cheese, tomato sauce and greens complimented well. i would recommend the mentaiko lemon butter pasta for fishroe lovers, and if you do make a trip there, definitely get the tiramisu - it was brilliant! the overall atmosphere was cosy and the staff were very attentive and sweet so i would recommend going here! the price point per pax would amount to around 30-40!

Got a friend group with some craving Japanese and others wanting Western? Fret not! Corner Bar L'Operetta has both.

Try their Kaisen Barachirashi Don, which features a combination of raw and cooked fish, tamago, and more! Their pastas are also excellent, like the super creamy and flavourful Smoked Duck Pasta. What’s even better is their Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal on pasta, pizzas, and donburis, making it a great value for everyone!

Photo by Burppler Serene Goh

Had the Unique Handroll Experience of them making each Handroll in front of you and they will only make the other once we have finish one.

We ordered the Rappu 6 Tengo ($42) and the sashimi, seafood wise is ok, but is the flavour of the rice & the cunchyness seaweed then got me the most. Quite unique experience.

Lotus chips wise ok although I think would be good with more flavour

Ordered their lunch menu and had the tuna dontoburi ($19.80++) which include free sides such as chicken & broccoli + minced chicken.

Really good deal and generous sides offering

Staff were really friendly and accommodating when asked for recommendations!

Had the Deep-fried Burratta starter, Mentaiko Lemon Pasta, and Bismark Blanc Pizza.
Starter and pasta were fine, but the star of the show was definitely the pizza. Nice balanced smoky flavour with a touch of creaminess from the egg yolk while maintaining a crispy crust yet fluffy on the inside, must try for sure.

Finished it off with a rich tiramisu dessert, was lowkey the highlight of the entire meal. Will be back!

Service was fast and friendly. The staff member was able to explain the different types of pizza and pasta and provided recommendations.

I started with the deep-fried burrata as my starter. It came with pomodoro, arugula rocket, and balsamic caviar. It had just the right amount of savoury and sweetness. If I’m not wrong, Paradise Pizza is the first ever in Singapore to have fried burrata!

I had the Bismarck Blanc pizza, a sourdough pizza topped with Parma ham and a sous vide egg. This was my favourite; it had just the right amount of chewiness and texture.

It was my first time trying mentaiko lemon pasta, and I didn’t regret ordering it. They were very generous with the tobiko and selected the right type of pasta for this dish.

I got the tiramisu to end my meal on a good note. Even though I was full, I couldn’t help myself from finishing the entire dessert.

Had dinner at Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Bar on a weekend night. The place is located along Stanley Street, an area packed with plenty of popular eateries.

The first dish I had was the Crab Gratin with Mentaiko, creatively served in a crab head. The potato was cooked perfectlyβ€”soft but not crumbling when eatenβ€”with notable chunks of crab within, all topped with a generous amount of torched mentaiko. Another mentaiko dish that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Rosti Mentai, which featured a plentiful amount of torched mentaiko paired perfectly with shredded rosti potatoes that had crisp edges and a soft, steamy interior.

I also ordered several Kushiyaki, namely the Tontoro Black Pork Collar, Bacon with Asparagus, and my personal favorite, Tsukune Meatballs. The meatballs were superbly well glazed, and the meat was juicy and flavorful.

Last but definitely not least, for drinks, I decided to try the Sawanotsuru Aged Umeshu. It was sweet with hints of sourness and a pleasant plum aroma, and I will most certainly be getting an entire bottle to enjoy at home.

I highly recommend Shukuu Izakaya to anyone looking for a great night out with friends and family while enjoying good Japanese izakaya cuisine and drinks.

Karanga 4/5
Bidibado 3/5
Nakupenda 3/5 (Purple Taro)