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A creamy cup of caffeine.

Smooth and rich in flavour and aroma

Was expecting something overly sweet, but with the first sip, this was the perfect level of chocolatetyness

You can taste the cacao which is sweetened by the milk.

Giving it a refreshing and not too overpowering taste.

No patty, but the onion rings were more than enough to give this burger such a magnificent flavour and mouth feel

A crispy chicken patty with tender juicy boneless chicken thigh.

The salted egg creame accentuates the flavor of the chicken


Purchase any 2 xxxl fried chicken and get 2 free drinks!

What a deal! Thanks Burpple beyond!

Hotel is very grand and it feels like I’m in a palace! Great service and atmosphere. Would definitely come back again


Hotel even has a swimming pool and sun beds! Love the ambience!


I think they're using Burpple as an advertising platform, because the restaurant seems to have an all day buffet at 30++(?), which would still be a lot cheaper for a family of 4 compared to using burpple 1-1 same item, depends on whether you prefer to select the premium meats or go for quantity! In my view, there's greater cost savings visiting without the use of burpple than using burpple for ala carte. Overall, staff are doing their best but still quite absent minded (forgot our extra bowls, mixed up other people's orders, another table's buffet spread didn't have sotong available but the restaurant didn't inform them). Overall the food was pleasant, but the deal on Burpple is a worthless one, their buffet offers better cost savings.