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Serving wasn't very big, both were quite mild. Hummus was not too acidic.

On a side note glad to be back after 5+ years?

Thanks @burpple for the invite and Mavi restaurant for hosting!

K: pizza was thin crusted and J liked it alot yay! Usual price a bit pricey for the amount of ingredients on the pizza but with burpple its pretty worth it! Tastes just like how you’d expect a hawaiian pizza to taste like πŸ•


Apple Cranberry juice
J: diluted power berries


Lime Mango juice
K: could be sweeter


J: very cheesy and is quite worth for the price with burpple 6.5/10

Kinda sick of the icy acaii bowl. Can be a substitute for dinner if you are on a diet. Very filling

It's like a yoghurt drink with fruits. I recommend to use a straw to suck up the goodness of the yoghurt.

Did not use the burpple deal as I want to try the blue yoghurt πŸ˜…. Very nice, Worth it!

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The portion was greater than what we have thought. It was very worth it to come for their lunch set and even more worth it with Burpple 1-for-1. The sashimi was very fresh and there was a tinge of truffle taste which was not too strong. Indoor seating was quite packed considering it was a Friday afternoon. Recommended to try their lunch set!

2nd visit since 3 months ago and things have definitely changed!

1. It used to be no service charge where you have to collect the food by yourself, right now they will bring the food to you (with service charge + gst) so abit more ex!

2. The Ben and Jerry Ice Cream booth is new too! Not sure if it is just temporary though. Now you can enjoy the waffles with B&J scoop. Current available flavours are: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Berry Sorbet, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Garcia. Seems like the flavours may change and they pasted labels over some flavours.
Current promo is $1 waffles with any ice cream.

3. Also a new drink added to the menu: Milkshake! For the milkshake, you can choose any of the flavours available from the Ben and Jerry selection.

Like the other Friday night I went, the place has low footfall (50% capacity) But it’s a good place to work/study with free wifi available, or an impromptu date night at a quiet place without having to reserve!

- BBQ Jumbo Beef Burger
The burger is great! Thick juicy patty with bacons.
It comes with potato chips (yes, just the potato chips out of the bag) and vegetables (tomato, lettuce, pickles )

- Teriyaki Chicken Pasta
Have never heard of a combo of pasta with teriyaki sauce, but it does not disappoint, surprisingly good.

- Milkshake
Got the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour, a classic flavour to choose for a milkshake. Love the milkshake as it is not too sweet!

- Iced Lychee Fiesta
The drink comes with 2 lychees on a stick. Lychee is sweet, however the drink itself has really light lychee and floral taste like all teas so don’t expect much

Super generous portion and sumptuously done! The herbs seasoning of the lamb meat masks the lamb taste and lamb meat was tender too. Worth every penny! Will come back again :)

The coffee place never disappoints. PPP is well known for their beans where they supply from Chye Seng Huat to other cafes as well. This cuppa is well balanced with good ratio of chocolate (not drinking milo) and coffee.

$5.90 141
red bean tangerine peel, 0% sugar $5.90
purple rice yogurt, 0% sugar $5.60

red bean tangerine peel was surprisingly good, and it’s sweet enough without additional sugar thanks to the red bean! the tangerine taste is not immediate but kicks in a bit later but ya the tangerine and red bean taste goes q well tgt so q shiok

purple rice yogurt not as nice. the rice not very chewy (as compared to yomies) and felt undercooked (??)
the yogurt is q watery (less thick than yomies) and without solids like red bean it makes the drink less enjoyable too. thats why they say u can compare which brand u like better by drinking the same signature drinks

Seems to be my favourite because of the delectable seasoning that pairs perfectly with Japanese rice. There’s thin bones so gotta be careful with every bite. Great 1-for -1 Burpple deal!

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Came back with my son to eat this amazing looking Wagyu Don again. His eyes lited up at first bite. It was worth it! Pretty amazing with esp with 1-for-1 Burpple deal! Tasty, unique and a beauty to your eyes!


First time eating at a proper Turkish restaurant so not sure if the taste of the food is considered authentic. For those intending to use Burpple, take note that you shouldn't make a reservation on google - had a strange experience of being made to call on the spot to cancel the reservation before we were allowed to redeem the deal. Food was alright, nothing to shout about personally. Portion was ok, but for the quality/quantity probably wouldn't be worth it without the 1 for 1. Best dish of the day was ghe kunefe - be warned that it takes quite long to prepare (more like 20mins instead of the 10mins mentioned). Did expect it to be bigger for the price when I first saw it, but as it is quite cheesey on the inside, the portion is enough as it can get quite jelak even when sharing. Total bill was around $90.

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