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This is so refreshing! My favourite fruits - mango n grapefruit with yoghurt. It wasn’t sweet at all so could drink it all up!

Sometimes the most expensive item on the menu may not be the best. This was definitely the case at Saketoshi as every #burppler at the #Eatup preferred their signature beef don.

Yes, like the premium seafood don, it suffered from the problem of wet mushy rice. The beef though was simply superb. It was tender, juicy and literally melt in the mouth.

I find myself hard pressed to think of another place which serves a steak bowl this good at the price. What's better is that it is also part of #BURPPLEBEYOND 1-for-1 deal!

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If you’re on a low carb diet, Kazoku also has your dietary needs catered for with the Kazoku Salad ($13.90 nett). The same felicitously fresh octopus, salmon, swordfish & tuna from the delicious chirashi don is cubed up instead of sliced, and the rice is subbed off for a massive mound of mixed lettuce and cherry tomatoes, dressed in what tastes like a balsamic vinegar dressing. The sour notes of the vinegar are an excellent foil to the briny seafood, and the crunch of the fresh veg contrast the soft chunks of seafood excellently.⠀

Thanks for the invite, Burpple & Kazoku!


ToGather Kitchen & Bar is really more like an upscale foodcourt, and one of the tenants there is @kazoku_japanese_cuisine. This Japanese food merchant prides itself upon its plethora of donburis, and the crown jewel is the eponymous Kazoku Chirashi Don ($29.90 nett). A bed of vinegar’d sushi rice is adorned with thick slices of fine & fresh octopus, salmon, scallops, swordfish and tuna, and garnished with a decent dollop of ikura.⠀

Everything in this captivating chirashi don was satisfactory. All the seafood was sliced thick enough for an optimally satisfying chew, and were free of any fishy odours, proving just how fresh all the seafood were. The rice is an underrated star, with its distinct but delicate vinegar notes, and the perfect cook on it. A little rice, a little wasabi & soy sauce, and a slice of fish, and this chirashi don is ready to rock your tastebuds.⠀

Oh and before I forget, all the donburis & bentos are covered by #burpplebeyond one-for-one deals! So grab a friend or three and go savour some amazingly affordable & decent Japanese cuisine!⠀

Thanks for the invite, @burpple & Kazoku!


Beef Bolognese and Beef and Pepperoni Pizza. Only paid $32 for this delicious combo. 🙌🏼

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This one was well executed too, quite balanced but not particularly inspired either

Their tart shells are thin and hard, like Cheryl koh's

The mango and passsionfruit flavours mix very well. Safe and good execution, as expected of keong saik

Crowd pleaser, but not particularly unique

Ordered large one for one acai. For one of the cups I only ordered 3 toppings (maple pumpkin granola, chia seeds, mango) to my surprise I received 70% granola 30% acai. Quite disappointed.

kohito $7
dark mocha $7 (i think the online menu states $7.50 for both drinks, probably not updated)

i think these drinks were okayyyy nthg to shout about. kohito was an interesting mix of ice black + milk + mint, which takes a few mouths to get used to the taste. defo not for everyone but interesting combination nonetheless. dark mocha’s cocoa taste kinda overpowered the coffee taste

have to take escalator up and it’s located in the middle (on the left after coming up)

The chickpeas was flavourful but sauce was too buttery for me (if u like butter, can go for it). Portion was good. For the beyond voucher, they will only take the lowest 2 dishes (including sides) hence we did not get 1 for 1 for our mains.