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Very generous portions were given and the food tasted great! Was surprised to see the shop fairly empty on a Saturday night, but it’s definitely worth visiting especially with Burpple. The highballs were also well balanced, not too diluted nor too much.

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Recently open, and currently having 10% opening promo discount.

Decided to try their Chicken Dum Briyani which cost around $8. The chicken was easy on the palate but the basmati rice really exceeded my expectations and was very fragrant with all the herbs and spices.

Will definitely return for their briyani for sure.

Seems very popular stall here at brain, with lots of people ordering their briyani.

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One of the best fried oyster I had, Lim's Fried oyster is so good, u don't have to dip it into the chilli.

The fried oyster was actually already fried with chilli in it, so the egg was crisp & spicy.

The oysters were good, it wasn't stale but u can't say its as fresh as those raw ones u eat at restaurants.

It's so good, I da pao 1 packet back for the Mrs.

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Incredible staff, amazing pastries, coffee and mint Tea :)
We got the burpple 1 for 1 so it sweetened the deal, since we are in a inflationary environment.
JK & L

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I'm not the type who would write bad reviews, however the meal at cafe monochrome really cmi. We ordered the Lobster and Unagi Burger. Sorry we didn't take photos.

The lobster burger filling is something you can probably get at delifrance. The filling was so salty, I only managed to get through half the burger. I was so thirsty from the amount of salt that I had to drink 3litres of water when I reached home (I'm not exaggerating).

The unagi burger feels like something you can do at home, just buy the unagi from NTUC and just place it in between brioche buns.

Concept is interesting, but food standard is really really lacking..

(17 SGD) takeaway from Black Fairy’s all day brunch menu. Poached eggs on crispy Canadian bacon and a buttered toasted brioche bun. Just what you’d expect from an eggs benny and it carried well with the hollandaise sauce in a separate container. Came with lettuce, purple cabbage salad garnished with what seemed like bits of crushed cheesecake crust.

(22 SGD) with crispy skin and flaky interior, the snapper mains was delightful. Placed on a bed of stir fried shimeji mushrooms and onions not visible in the pic. The peas purée and tomato condiments complimented the fillet well. Plating makes the dish look small but it was quite substantial. Only gripe about Fyr is that it’s location is not ideal, it’s on a busy road.

$9.80 for croissant, a scoop of ice cream, a cookie, and whipped cream/choc sauce. Nice presentation but can't say it's worth it in terms of flavour.

This was the mainstay of our dinner, a yuzu coconut hotpot with a huge variety of ingredients, including red dates, peach gum, white fungus, mushrooms, lotus roots and goji berries! It felt like a pretty healthy dish and we really liked the yuzu broth, which was only slightly sour and yet it felt very refreshing at the same time. The taste of coconut in the broth wasn't very pronounced and it might have been a good thing, as the soup might have been too gelat if it went too heavy on the coconut. This was the $40++ version, which was larger and had more ingredients; we think this is just right for 4 pax if the hotpot is meant to be the main dish for your meal!

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When we saw an item selling crispy roast park in New Fut Kai's menu, we were taken by surprise as we thought that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Upon greater inspection, however, we found that the "roast pork" was actually made using lion mane mushrooms rather than using pork! The skin was really crispy but it wasn made using pig skin and instead, it was made using a soy-based mixture. Although it certainly doesn't taste like your usual roast pork, it does taste pretty good especially when you pair it with the sweet sauce served on the sides! If you want to eat the vegetables, we suggest that you use them to wrap the "pork" first as the vegetables tasted pretty bitter when we tried them on their own.

Pretty decent serving for around $20++ and we would want to try their other creative vegetarian dishes in future, including the vegetarian roast duck.

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We chanced upon a really popular vegetarian restaurant in the Jalan Besar area - New Fut Kai! Do note that the restaurant was almost fully reserved when we arrived, and we were thankful to get a table only because we reached really early.

For our appetisers, we ordered the charcoal tofu, which comprised of 6 chunks of minced tofu each battered with flour mixed with sesame, to give each piece of tofu a crispy and black exterior. The tofu were immersed in a pumpkin-based sauce, which gave a slight sweetness to the tofu. Although we like the texture of the tofu, we thought the sweet sauce made the dish a little strange for an appetiser.

The dish costs $15++, which is fairly reasonable and comparable to most tze char prices!

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A mix of milo, ovaltine and butter
The consistency of the ice-cream is really thick, which indicates a good ice-cream
I got a rich intense malty flavour; probably the combination of milo + ovaltine

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