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There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef ste...

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Broth was extremely solid, it's packed w flavour and remains reasonably clean tasting. Sliced beef was decent, beef shank was full of beefiness, meatballs were good too

This is a hidden gem, even amongst similar hidden gems.

The chili oil is ridiculously hot tho, proceed w extreme caution. It's hot on its own alr but it's absolute fire when you dunk it into hot soup

If only I have a bigger appetite and will not gain weight while eating so much, I could have ordered both for myself. Nonetheless, both noodle dishes are equally delish.
🍴 Long Phung
📍 159 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427436

my friends don’t think maggi is worth $5 but i gotta say this bowl is hUgeee with a lot of ingredients! and it’s p good too

Salad quire OK. Feel not full after eating . Shopback give better deal .1 for 1 with coffee $10+. Burpple I paid $15. 80. Not worth spending.Very small area. Not a good place for gathering.

Fresh vermicelli with grilled pork @ $11.90

Very nice dish, with lots of ingredients (sorry can't see the grilled pork in this picture). Very tasty but not too heavy. The springrolls are very good, the thickness of the skin is perfect, not too thick but still has a good bite to it. And the ingredients in them are generous too!

Beef with banana blossom and starfruit salad @ $9.90

Tbh, we only came here because it was crowded at Co Chung, but we're so glad to try at this place! This salad is super tasty and refreshing and there's so much ingredients in it.

I only wish the plate is larger so that the ingredients don't fall out of the plate while mixing them.

Mrs Pho Pork Belly on Skewers
marinated sliced pork belly on skewer

Stir Fry Crabmeat Noodle
vietnamese-style stir fried fresh crab meat vermicelli

Stir Fry Crabmeat Noodle
vietnamese-style stir fried fresh crab meat vermicelli

Mrs Pho Style Cockles
wok fried with garlic, pork lard and chilli

The shop opens at 10am. I arrived a few minutes before 10am and thought I may be the most kiasu customer. But I was wrong. There were already 4 customers waiting around in the shop!

I got the Chicken Banh Mi ($5)! Initially wanted to get the $6 set (banh mi + drink), but the $6 set doesnt include the fresh soya milk that I wanted (costs $2 by itself). Learnt how to order based on previous customers before me and requested for less chilli for my order.

Packed it for takeaway order and the banh mi was still crispy when I got back! There were raw onions, cilantro, tomatoes, red chilli, cucumbers and lettuce! I especially like the added taste from the cilantro! Read reviews that the chicken was dry and most ppl’s least favourite. But it was alright for me! The shredded chicken was nicely marinated (had some coconuty milk taste to it?) and not overly dry. Good choice if you do not eat beef / pork / pate (pork liver) like me!

Will I come back again? Yes! 10/10

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Grill Pork Vermicelli (S$6)
Topup S$1 for Vietnamese Coffee