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Not the best picture but a pretty decent burger. I visited the branch at Novena and it was completely empty at 6.30pm on a weekday.

Ordered and food arrived quickly. It was surprisingly still pretty good and juicy despite a 1 hour train ride home. It was a little messy, bun was a little squashed but otherwise I do feel like the patty was done well and pretty well seasoned. The condiments was also in a good balance.

Not the most wow but it’s decent!

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After school treat for Little Miss W
Chocolate icecream with Freshly made waffle
Super delicious! I had a yuzu sorbet, a bit sweet but very refreshing. If i think it’s sweet, i think normal people may think it is very sweet, but I enjoyed it!

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A family run restaurant, a hidden gem in Novena area. All the pasta was made in house, they are absolutely heart warming comfort food for me. This porcini risotto is my favourite, so ozzy, favourable but not heavy. We also had the spaghetti vongole and i forgot to take a photo. Nothing fancy but just gave me that happy satisfying feeling.

The Octopus was from special menu, we usually stick to regular menu unless it was a special night.

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Ordered one from the All day breakfast list. Portion just right. Will come again to try other dishes

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Come by to have a cuppa coffee. Delighted at the cafe interiors and the view facing more greenery

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It’s been two years since I last ate this. The dish has been retitled from “shrimps” to “tiger prawns” without any noticeable change in the size of the prawns, the price has increased by $4, the corn has been replaced by greens, and the size of the bread has shrunk. It’s not as satisfying as it used to be, but I still enjoyed the well-seasoned prawns, the creamy scrambled eggs, and the tangy sourdough.

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If you like your lunch/dinner at weird hours, Tipo is perfect for you, 'cuz their peak hour seating is always booked out at least 3 weeks in advance. Strada at Novena is somehow even tinier than their Bugis outlet, but the food lives up to the same standard nonetheless! P.S. Do NOT get the arugula; it does not work with anything on the DIY menu.

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Ordered the beef don ($10.90) with the addition of miso soup, mini salad and chawamushi (+$2).

Miso soup was not bad. Mini salad was refreshing with the roasted sesame dressing. Chawamushi could use more dashi flavour. But for the price paid it was ok.

Beef don was not bad. The portion size was ok. The beef was quite tender but could use more salty-ness.

Overall not too bad.

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These are crispy pan-fried dumplings and are soupy on the inside. Very satisfying to eat even when I had it as a takeaway. The pork dumplings are juicier and the pork & prawn dumplings are tender and fresh, but less soupy within.

For dine-in experience, the eatery is super warm. The AC doesn't really work and there are spotlights everywhere.


Had a awesome curry day with fellow curry lover.🥘♥ We can really have curry all day every day. Yayyyy!
To enter the restaurant, first you need to order your food from the kiosk outside. The steps were simple and straightforward. Not to worry, there will be a staff guiding you about it.
I had the Hamburg Cheese Curry Set(Medium)($18.30++) and add-on quite a few more items for my ever hungry belly.😅
> Vegetable(+$4) - Great portion. Smokey charry taste, crunchy and natural. Every vegetable flavours was fully brought out to its full potential.
> Omelette(+$2) - Pure plain creamy egg, you need the curry to elevate the taste.
> Cream Croquette(+$1.50)😋 - Definitely a winner here. Dangerously piping hot crab cream within breaded crispy crust awaits you. With flavours bursting upon a bite of it, let your mouth filled with oozing pleasure of the cream.
The set came with a choice of drink and a small salad. Had a refillable chilled green tea. Mini salad was refreshing. They had free flow of fried shallot and onion pickles too.
There are 3 level of spiciness for the curry rice. I had the most extreme spiciness but sadly to say, it wasn't spicy at all to me.😅 The thick curry served over pearl rice tasted moderate savoury with mild sweetness. It was nice and tasty but lacking a kick to it.
The additional cheese sauce(gouda, cheddar and mozzarella) that tasted very much like mashed potato 🤡 for reasons I don't know why didn't really make a difference to the dish. It's for the gram.
As for the hamburg steak, it was juicy, mixed & marinated beautifully, and pretty meaty but it lacks texture.
All in all, still a good plate of curry rice.
🚩Maji Curry, Square 2, 10 Sinaran Dr, 02-07, Singapore 307506
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Initially when I saw all the bad reviews about this place in Google and all the good reviews in Xiao Hong Shu, I thought this must be a case of non Chinese nationals disliking authentic Shanghainese flavours. So I decided to give it a try. I was wrong.

First there was the long wait, which is expected for a new restaurant offering Shanghainese food. We were a group of 3 and when it was our turn, we were seated at a table meant for two only. Just make do, we were told. If and when a table frees up, the waiter promised to shift us. Never did, even after more than one table frees up.

Food wise, we ordered the Sheng Jian Bao, Beef Guo Tie, Scallion oil Noodles, Chilli Oil Dumplings, Crab meat dumpling soup and Drunken Chicken. The dumplings, Sheng Jian Bao all tasted sweet without the umami of meat juice coming from steamed fresh meat. Someone in the kitchen took the idea of adding a little sugar, to elevate the taste of the dumpling filling, too far. The scallion oil noodles had too little scallion taste as the noodles was a disproportionately large serving. Only the beef potstickers and drunken chicken impressed, the former because it is a rarity and the latter because it tasted genuinely good. And I should know because I lived in Shanghai for almost 20 years.

Service was polite but inadequate. We were left sitting there to twiddle our thumbs for 10 mins without menu nor means to order using their QR code.

Not coming back anytime soon.

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Celine’s has moved to a new shopfront with seats - so happy for them and all of us around the Novena MRT area. Go for the pistachio gelato! The other flavours are good but you “die die must try” the pistachio.

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