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Popcorn Latte (6++) and Smooth Latte Hot (6++). Nice place to have a cup of coffee. Has lots of interesting drinks as well.

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I have always wanted to try Sushiro but I keep putting it aside because of the long waiting time😅 Finally got down to trying it in Suntec City recently and it did not disappoint.

We ordered a variety of sushi and it totalled up to $47 for 2 pax, which is pretty reasonable. The sashimi is very fresh and the sushi are generally good. Fatty Mackerel Oshisushi is a leaf-wrapped pressed sushi with marinated fatty mackerel - it looks a little odd but it turned out to be flavourful and not fishy. What a pleasant surprise!

The non-sushi items such as the Crab Cream Croquette and Matsutake Chawanmushi are delicious too. The creamy crab filling literally squirt out from the crispy croquette when you bite into it. The autumn-special chawanmushi is silky and savoury too.

Did I have to queue for this? Yes, but thankfully the food was good and made up for it👍🏻

Another option from the rather huge and decent selection of value lunch sets, the raw fish here were fresh and delightful. Nothing exceptionally ‘wow’ tho. This was served with salad, miso soup and fruits on the side. The fruits were unfortunately not freshly cut - they came right out of a can. Ie. canned syrup-y fruits that I’d rather do without.

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Chuka offers a selection of delightfully plated dishes and value-for-money lunch sets. Those who enjoy posting their food adventures on IG must order the sushi rice balls served in a bird cage. The bird-cage presentation reminds me of W’s afternoon tea set. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able enjoy this from the menu - I visited during lunch hour and only a limited portion of the menu was available. On a brighter note, the lunch sets were extremely value-for-money. Featured here is the sushi sashimi lunch set that was served alongside miso soup and side salad too. Fresh and decent lunch, nothing so much of a ‘wow’ factor. There were fruits served on the side too - unfortunately, they came right out of a can. Ie. canned syrup-y fruits that I’d rather do without.

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Good news to share! WAKUDA Singapore at Marina Bay Sands is now open for lunch, exclusively on Thur and Fri only!

WAKUDA has been using Okinawan produce such as the mozuku (seaweed), sodeika (giant squid), maguro (tuna), and umibudo (sea grapes) since April opening. You can look forward to savouring for the first time over lunch and dinner, precious Okinawan produce such as the brown sugar, okra, shikuwasa (lime), tiger prawns, and yakogai (giant sea snail).

Location: WAKUDA Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2, Singapore 018972

This restaurant really overturns my previous impression that Teppanyaki is oily, and too heavy on taste due to use of thick salty sauces or too bland due to too little salt added. The food here is expertly grilled to perfection, clear taste, light on palates yet fill of subtle flavours.

Live Scallop Cook with Soy Sauce and Butter is carefully and lightly grilled to perfection, having the light char for smoky flavour while retaining the moisture of the scallop. The scallop is so plump and juicy. soaked in the light clear sauce and paired with the umami laden creaminess of sweet uni, this is oh-so-good. And the sauce is so good and clean in taste that I start to drink it like it is soup until it is finished.

Avocado with Herbs and Cheese is a very interesting dish. The chef sprinkled the cheese on the hot plate to form a mini cheese pancake. After both sides are nicely browned, grilled avocado, herbs, sakura ebi and sauce are added on them. When served, I rolled this up and take bites off it. I like it that there lots of different textures and subtle flavours at work here. A hearty treat.

Japanese Lobster from Mie Prefecture (Isejingu Hono) is so unbelievably good.

As I had said before umpteen of times in my previous posts, lobster is particularly hard to prepared well as compared to its cousin, The Prawn. I had been to countless restaurants where the lobster just simply falls short: meat too tough, too bland or too stinky.

BUT the first bite of the Japanese Lobster here has me swooning in delight. You know the anime scene where flowers and sparkles appear when the character had taken the first bite of some awesome food? Yes, this is what happened to me ... in my mind. The lobster meat is incredibly soft with a bit of bounce in the texture. Simply perfect. The flavours are harmonized layers of the nuanced briny sweetness of the lobster, the light char, light clear sauce, creaminess plus umami of the uni, and the intense flavours of roe and tomalley–guts of the lobster to be precise. It works, it works so beautifully. A must-try at this place.
Queen Crab is seasonal item. I like it that the crab meat and roe was nicely scooped out and cooked before packing them back into the crab shell for my enjoyment, so I do not have to get my hands dirty. The nice oceanic flavours of the crab meat is zested up by the slightly sweet and sour clear starchy sauce. A nice dish to enjoy.

The interior is nice, having wood frames and panels juxtaposed with bricks to create a kind of Japanese yet rustic ambience. And I love it that the Teppanyaki hot plate is clean and shiny–yes, I'm fussy about this kind of thing, that's just me. The Japanese lady in charge of service is very friendly, helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic. And I appreciate it that when I want seasonal fruits, she actually tells me the fruits available so that I can make an informed choice on whether I really want it. The other staff are pretty new at their jobs, at least they are trying their best.

If I want to enjoy Teppanyaki again, this is definitely the place I will go to. Oh yes, I saw the thinly sliced pork being grilled in front of me, it looks delicious, I want to try that next time.

Thoughts: The ultimate place to enjoy Teppanyaki.

For the first time, diners can look forward to savouring over lunch and dinner Okinawan product such as brown sugar, okra, Shikuwasa , tiger prawn and Yakogai.

Feature :
💕Poached Shirako and Tofu yo.
Creamy poached served with tofu yo (fermented tofu from Okinawa) and Chrysanthemum Leaves.
💕Marinated Canadian Lobster in Shikwasa and asparagus.
Marinated fresh Canadian lobster in Okinawan Lime and served with asparagus.
💕 Salad of Sea Grape and Onagadai, with Okinawa Vinaigrette.
Refreshing salad consisting of Umibudo (give light crunch with pops of umami) with fresh Onagadai.
💕Big Eye Tuna.
Marinated loin of Tuna set on Toasted bread with Wasabi and Umibudo for extra crunch.
💕Braised Beef Cheek
Melt in mouth braised beef cheek served with Handama and Okra.

Beside these 5 dishes, Chef Tetsuya will be expanding Wakuda Singapore’s current selection of Okinawan ingredients.

📍Wakuda Singapore.
MBS hotel Bayfront Ave, tower 2.

Tuna = those kind of canned, minced mayo tuna, not the red pieces of tuna.
Truffle smell was detectable, but taste wise wasn’t strong
✔️ Tuna Mentaiko was a nice mix for the rice, and the salmon was smooth and thickness was acceptable (could be slightly thicker, but still acceptable!) 😋

$4.90++ !!
Generous amount of mentaiko & crispy fries!
Torched mentaiko also gave a visual appeal to the dish.
Please keep this quality and quantity up, One Sushi !!
Thank you 🙏🏻

They offer a wide variety of novel sushi here.
The Hokkaido Sardine Tempura Sushi (SGD $2.90) is unique, with medium thin sardine fish, coated in tempura batter. With a crisp crunch to the exterior and a soft gentle bite to the interior, this carries addictive savoury sweet salty fishy flavour.
Very happy with the Fatty Mackerel Pressed Sushi (SGD $2.90), which has thick juicy soft cuts of fatty mackerel fish wrapped with pliant beefsteak plant leaf. It has a luxurious meaty oily fishy herbal savoury sweet flavour, nice.
A novel idea with the Wasabi Marinated Octopus Sushi (SGD $2.30). This has wasabi marinated raw octopus, crunchy juicy slippery in texture, generously piled on top of the sushi. Carries sharp spicy vegetal salty sweet herbal flavour, awakens the palate.
Loved the premium Young Yellowtail Sushi (SGD $3.90), which has a thick slice of fresh Japanese amberjack fish / yellowtail fish, dense and firm with a bouncy soft chew and addictive meaty oily sweet savoury flavour.
Loved the Cuttlefish Tempura Sushi (SGD $2.90), which has slippery crunchy squid, coated in a light and crisp tempura batter. Carries lovely grainy savoury sweet flavour, rather addictive.
The Broiled Iberico Pork Belly Sushi (SGD $3.90) features a thick succulent slab of Iberico pork belly, with a good ratio of fat to lean meat, torched quickly. With a juicy crunchy texture and bold smoky meaty savoury salty flavour, this was satisfying.
The Premium Roast Beef Sushi (SGD $3.90) features a thick slab of premium roast beef flank, glazed with a ponzu sauce. With a tender moist chewy texture and pleasant meaty savoury salty flavour, nice.
The Energy Boost Sushi (SGD $2.30) is a modern fusion dish. This has juicy spongy soft twice-fried tofu beancurd skin, stuffed with vinegared rice, topped with tender boiled beef strips, soft caramelised white onions, bouncy soft-boiled ramen egg, and crisp spring onions. Supposed to sate hunger and grant energy, this has lovely vegetal meaty grainy sweet savoury eggy salty herbal flavour.
More details:

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