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Kids Meal
Available at @genkisushisg in @northpointsg

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Salmon belly topped with flying fish roe topped and spicy cod roe mayo. Definitely a must to order when you’re at ichiban.

Salmon belly topped with tartar sauce, seaweed flakes and flying fish roe. The tartar sauce wasn’t overpowering and went really well with the salmon belly.

Had a wonderful meal over at JinHonten, a brand new concept by the Les Amis Group recently, where I enjoyed their 10-course omakase dinner ($450++; 8-course lunch is $180++) skilfully prepared by Head Chef Issey Araki.

Each course from start to finish was so exquisite! Every dish was so fresh and delicious, and prepared using ingredients airflown mainly from Japan! My favourites were the Steamed Kuro Awabi (tender black abalone, paired with a richly addictive abalone liver sauce!), Nodoguro “Benihitomi” Hand Roll (crispy roasted nori sheets filled with meaty fillets of blackthroat seaperch - yummy!), Charcoal Grilled Hida Beef (perfectly cooked to a nice texture - this is so, so good!), and Kegani Donabe Rice (each grain of rice has been infused with umami flavours of the Hokkaido hairy crab, making the whole dish so flavourful)!

The delectable food, beautifully designed dining interior, great service, plus Chef’s ‘showmanship’ made this a truly memorable dining experience!

[1. Appetiser] - Murasaki Uni | Botan Ebi
[2. Steam] - Kuro Awabi
[3. Hand Roll] - Nodoguro “Benihitomi”
[4. Sashimi] - Menuke
[5. Shabu Shabu] - Kinki
[6. Deep Fried] - Shiro Ebi
[7. Refreshment] - Nasu
[8. Charcoal Grilled] - Hida Beef
[9. Donabe Rice] - Kegani
[10. Dessert] - Musk Melon (not pictured)

[4.8⭐️ on Google Reviews]

You’ve to visit @daiyusansg, a hidden food gem in the industrial area of Tai Seng. Using only premium and unusual ingredients of the freshest quality, they are committed to serving good food at affordable prices. Not only do they’ve an extensive menu of donburi and udon, they also offer sashimi & sushi platters that are completely customisable.

Here’s what we enjoyed…🤤

👉Aged Sushi Nigiri (The Premium Seven) - SGD36.90
Simply trust their chef’s recommendation that can be tailored to your preferences based on availability and seasonality. Note that a precise amount of wasabi is hidden in each piece of sushi.

👉Deluxe Chirashi Zushi - SGD46.90
Assorted fresh sashimi cubes, coupled with luxurious Russian Caviar, Uni, Hotate & Ikura, served on Japanese flavoured (Truffle) sushi rice.

👉Beef Wine Short Ribs - SGD39.90
Meltingly tender Kagoshima Wagyu Short Ribs glazed in a perfectly balanced, glossy wine sauce. Served with Garlic Chips, Wakame, Cherry Tomato & Salad Greens.

👉Chawanmushi of the Day - SGD7.90
Unlike the usual teacup steamed egg, this is an ever changing specialty based on their Chef’s daily mood. Featured here are their Clams & Crab Chawanmushi!

All in all, the food served at @daiyusansg was great and didn’t disappoint at all. I particularly love their delicately sweet hotate, and their robust truffle sushi rice which made every mouthful so SHIOK!😋👍

And guess what? Instead of the generic factory-made shoyu(Soy Sauce), you can elevate everything here with their special aged shoyu.😉

❗️Tap on the link in @daiyusansg bio to reserve a table NOW

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

📍Daiyusan Sushi Bar
Precise Tree
55 Kim Chuan Drive 02-03, S537098
🚚Islandwide Delivery
(FREE if SGD100 & above)
Order on https://daiyusan.com/

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi bowl with a choice of base (green mix / warm sweet potato noodles, furikake white rice / mixed warm brown rice), accompanied by a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed Warm Brown Rice
Main - Teriyaki Chicken (?)
Sauce - Yoozoo Sesame Sauce
Toppings - Fish Flakes, Bonito Furikake
Fillers - Kani Sticks, Roasted 'shrooms (+$0.50), Ebiko

I actually ordered warm sweet potato noodles as my base but they gave me mixed warm brown rice instead 😦 The teriyaki chicken didn't taste like teriyaki and I'm unsure if they threw in the cajun chicken breast as these were the only two types of chicken shown on the checklist. Sauce with yuzu sesame was a good choice with a myriad of flavours and the roasted shrooms were something that turned out unexpectedly better as compared to the rest of the items in the bowl 》$7.90 + $0.50 Roasted 'shrooms

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi rolls with a choice of white/mixed brown rice served in nori wrap as a base, accompanied with a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed brown rice
Main - Salmon sashimi (+$2.50)
Sauce - Spicy Mayo
Toppings - Tempura Crunch, Nori Chicken Floss
Fillers - Sliced Avocado, Tamago, Ebiko

Perhaps I was expecting it to be similar to Maki-San since Wooshi was from the same founder but the whole roll that I ordered lacks flavour. Unlike sushi rice which usually comes with vinegar and a sticky texture, the brown rice was merely loose plain brown rice that couldn't hold well. The amount of sauce given was too little for us to even savour it and the only flavours I can taste was some saltiness from the chicken floss and sweetness from tamago and ebiko 》$7.90 + $2.50 Salmon Sashimi

Decided to check Mitsu out given the great promo value of 50% off all alacarte items on @eatigo_sg. The food was of high quality but of tiny portions and even after the discount, we found it hard to justify the prices, let alone paying full price.

Went with two chirashi dons - 𝐊𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐧 𝐃𝐨𝐧 ($38) and 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐤𝐮 𝐃𝐨𝐧 ($58). The former had perfectly creamy uni, juicy ikura, and average fatty tuna belly. The latter featured stingy thin cuts of four sashimi, fresh raw prawn, and a tiny scoop of uni. The rice itself was enjoyably firm but personally found it a tad too heavy in vinegar seasoning. Decent but expected more for the price point.

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💰 / $18.80
My first visit to the highly raved Omote! I was surprised at how spacious the restaurant was, and how far the queue stretched. Their chirashi dressing is slightly sweet, thus the taste profile can get quite boring after awhile. Although their bowls are small, the serving is generous so a normal bowl is more than enough. The upsized order is pretty worth in value as the difference is only about a dollar.

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Head down to Shinkai by Gary's restaurant that is known for elevating your dining experience to new heights! Helmed by founder and executive chef Gary, the restaurant offers the soul of authentic Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine and does not use any artificial flavor enhancers in their dishes, bringing forth nothing but the freshest ingredients. At Gary’s Restaurant, you can be assured of top quality food and service at affordable prices. With Burpple Beyond, you can try out the 1-for-1 7 Kinds Sashimi ($98) which features different variety of fresh sashimi such as Akami, Tai, Salmon, Mekajiki, Hamachi, Hotate Scallop, Ama Ebi.

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Nice n affordable, but serving a bit small

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@jidai_restaurant got you covered with their delectable Japanese lunch menu, starting from SGD8.90 onwards! This 30-seat restaurant has a stylish interior that creates the perfect ambience for diners to enjoy bespoke creations from its stunning open kitchen.😍

Here’s what we tasted from their lunch menu…

👉Homemade XO Udon with Crispy Calamari - SGD12.90
👉Black Pepper Shimeiji with Soft Shell Crab - SGD13.90
👉Yaki Udon with Crispy Ebi Fry - SGD12.90

👉Set B - SGD10.90
2 Iberico Pork, 1 Chicken Thigh, 1 Shitake Mushroom

👉Shrimp Gyoza - SGD6.90
👉Miso Clam Soup - SGD4.90
👉Edamame - SGD3.90
👉Ebi Fry - SGD8.90

Overall, their mains were well-executed and tasty. For me, I particularly like their Homemade XO Udon with Crispy Calamari. Actually in fact, you won’t be disappointed if you order any of the 3 udon dishes…😉

[Media Invite] @laoniangagency

9 Circular Rd, S049365

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Impressive execution. Commendable coffee jelly, it's intense enough but not too bitter. Not sure what the sauce is exactly but it tastes like very concentrated milk. very creamy and magical milky taste too. They come tgt so well no less. Not very sweet too.

You won't particularly love it if you're not already a fan of coffee jelly but if you are, you're in for a treat

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