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Looks like a messy plate, but this Dry Beef Hor Fun ($5.50) is probably the best I've had. This plate came generous with beef slices and I'm so pleasantly surprised that I am able to taste the strong wok hei flavours within this dish! The hor fun slices were also very silky smooth and definitely not overcooked. Beef slices are tender and flavourful as well. This is one really wholesome meal!

Asian Wok

First time having plant based meats and I have to be honest, it's mushy lol.

With the sauce and wtv I guess it's hard to tell that it's not meat but it's clearly a lot worse than proper beef. Though dining partner said he's had better plant based meats elsewhere

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And gold it was. Patty was pretty good on its own, but the highlight was the intertwining of the sweet jammy brisket and the overall smokiness. The smokiness is their secret, somehow they infuse it into various components and its really nice, not the obnoxiously intense ones that make you feel like you're getting cancer.

Could have been a tad crispier and a bit less oily but otherwise a damn good burger. I'll be back for their butterburger

Take note they have moved to the other mall. Also they damn popz, try to avoid peak hours even tho the wait is not too long


"150g New Zealand premium grassfed beef, freshly baked & toasted potato buns, cheddar cheese, charred onions, red onions, tomatoes, house-made crisp pickles, OFC special sauce."

Not gonna lie, but I just have to say, this OFC CheeseBurger is probably one of the best cheese burgers I had in a while.
So sinful, so oily but so worth it. The potato buns were so soft and fluffy; the beef patty was tender, flavourful and juicy; even the other ingredients used complimented the whole burger perfectly (think of caramelised onions, refreshing pickles - perf!).

Priced at $15 (ala-carte) and $19.90 (set - comes with their OFC fries and drinks).
Their fries are awesome too, thick cuts, crispy, and nicely salty!

Not the cheapest burger out there, but probably one of the best and definitely worth a try!

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Really enjoyed both dishes that we got! They've also got quite a simple menu so it wasn't that difficult to choose

The downside is that it might get sickening to have one dish to yourself given the quantity (and price) so better to check this place out if you're sharing with a friend rather than a meal for yourself

1) Pulled pork benedict (14)
- the pork was good and generous
- surprisingly the dish was not salty even after it was cold
- the egg was runnyyyy
- the peri Perry sauce was a mix of tangy and sweet but didn't really use it

2) Mushroom Alfredo ($16)
- this had a light truffle smell and lots of mushrooms
- they could have given a little more bacon
- quite liked the sauce and pasta!


Flavourful dish with lots of vegs n mushroom. My first time here and lovin it

Always been a fan of the food here, and tried something new! The steak sandwich ($14, 20% with #burpplebeyond) was pretty well filled with steak cuts, cheese and mushrooms which was very well cooked! The steak cuts were flavourful and very tender. Together with the creaminess of the cheese and umami from the mushrooms, it was a wholesome sandwich! Even the homemade bread useful was good and can be eaten on its own. The sandwich comes with a soup, and it was a homemade tomato soup that was alright. Pretty good lunch option if you work nearby!

some food here were super good and some were js average. the beef looked better in the picture but it still tasted rlly soft and juicy! their white beehoon was rlly good tho!! everyth else we tried were q meh

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Tucked away within the many medical / office buildings of Biopolis, Runes serves up the much needed boost that you require & simple toasts for the working crowd in the area.

Opening daily from 8am to 4pm, except on weekends, this spot seems like a good space to work-from-cafe if home is not suitable as they have comfortable seats, wifi, power plugs (although limited) & coffee to fuel you through the day.

I ordered the Ham & Cheese toasties for my morning meet up & albeit simple, this was pretty satisfying. It reminds me of breakfast I used to have on the go when I was heading to school back in the day--perfectly crispy toasted bread, gooey cheese, salty ham; simple yet nostalgic.

Pair it with your choice of coffee & you've got your day sorted!

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict
Price: $14

Generous amounts of pulled pork. Bread was very soft, egg yolk was very runny! Flavour was very delicious, great serving of salad as well. Will definitely order again on the next visit!

Overall: 8/10

Matcha & Passionfruit Croffin
Box of 2: $10.50

Crispy crust and fluffy with loads of filling. Matcha filling is not too sweet, just nice! Passion fruit filling is sour and tangy. Balanced between sweet and sour. Great filling to bread proportions. Will definitely try the others flavour in the future. But have to go early to get other flavours…

Matcha Croffin: 8/10
Passionfruit Croffin: 7.5/10

Wasn't expecting the beef to not be cooked in a tomato sauce. Alright but could have been more tender had they used a fattier cut. The saffron risotto was on the softer side.

Overall the place is pretty okay for this location, it's almost fully booked during lunch due to the office crowd so make reservations early