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I tried their PITA CHIPS ($3.50) which was 1.5 pitas cut into thin strips & deep-fried till crunchy💥💥 They were then dusted with cajun & za’atar, and served with tahini and harissa. super addictive but pls share bcoz i finished it and the oil was swimming in my stomach HAHA

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it was soo crispy and the mozza inside was super stretchy! paid extra for Goat Milk Ice Cream ($4) which was interestingly chewy. tbh i preferred eating the kunafe with Nabulsi Cream rather than the ice cream as it helped neutralise the sweetness

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A generous mixture of everything served with Turkish bread

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This pudding is slow cooked and then baked till the surface is caramelised. Good for sharing, not too sweet.

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Platter of eggplant kebab, Shish kebab and Yaprak Doner. Perfect for 2-3 people.

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guys i tell you, their pita bread is SOOO soft. softer than your pillow. and best news is that it’s FREE FLOW. good for those with huge appetites. green chill and the tahini sauce also free flow. tahini sauce is a Middle Eastern condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame.

highly raved by my colleagues, i decided to go for the falafel burger this time round. tbh it’s my first time eating chickpeas so it was surprising that i could accept the taste. actually taste similar to mashed peas??? the patty had a thin layer of crisp and was rather thick that i couldn’t finish it.

previously had the candy brisket burger which was good too.

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Great for Meatless Mondays, the Falafel Burger Pita ($14) was more light-handed on the seasoning in my opinion. Loaded in the pita were a falafel patty, tomato steak, sour cream, chili, onion, pickles, and aioli. The combination had nice contrasting textures as the tomato was juicy, the pickles were crunchy, and the tender patty had a bit of crisp on the outside. Thankfully, the fried patty wasn’t as herbaceous as I thought but I would have enjoyed more oomph.

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A carb lover through and through, I was pleasantly surprised by Miznon’s Mushroom Pita ($18). Plump and juicy, the portobello, oyster, shitake mushroom combo was so meaty, savoury, and earthy. Mixed in with chives, aioli chili, and sour crème, the pita itself was fluffy, warm, and chewy. Not forgetting, the heat from the sauce which was mild and distinct. Really flavourful (though pricey)!

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Not a big fan of mutton but friends said that the lamb ribs and Peshawari Mutton Karahi was very tender and flavourful.

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For desserts, we enjoyed the kunefe which was salty, cheesy and sweet!

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First time trying Pakistani food and we enjoyed it. Must order the BBQ Platter, BBQ prawn was smoky and sweet, so yummy. The fish tikka was very tender too! I don't mind having more of it!
All the items were well seasoned without being overwhelming.

Naan, butter chicken were all good as well.

For drinks, can try the mint lemonade, looks very green but it's very refreshing!

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