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It looks so good but one must appreciate coconut to like this dessert. I liked it!

This platter was awesome for 4 of us! We added hummus and huge balloon bread to go with. Unforgettable! Just go again!

This is probably one of the nicest Middle Eastern cuisines that I have tried, and I really love their complimentary starter when you order their set lunch menu.

It includes homemade hummus and baba ganoush with pita bread. I love their pita bread, which is so soft, and dipping it in the hummus, which is smooth like butter, absolutely won my palate.

I went for a safer option this time, which was their Arabic Grilled Chicken Set. I have to say, it will suit anyone’s palate, as the grilled chicken is tender and pairs perfectly with the saffron rice.

🤤: 4.5/5
💰: ~$30/pax
📍: @kazbarsg

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Artichoke will be moving into a new home soon, and the last day of operations in the current Middle Road restaurant will be on 22 March. If you have a reservation from now till then, good on you! If not, shame on you but they will continue slaying with the New Bahru community from May. Till then, peace out and see you on the other side of Singapore!

Second Time Back
Calamari Adom 3/5
Hraime 2/5

And at the mention of their bread ($4.80/ Bag of Bread), the Green Harissa Prawns ($38) were wonderfully seasoned. That tantalising green harissa enriched sauce/oil with split cream and burnt onions packed a nice heated punch so you would really need that extra warm dough to wipe it all up~ The prawns are also plump and sweet.

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As good as I remembered them to be, Artichoke’s hummus is a must so I got their Mezze Platter ($28) for lunch. Plated with miso hummus with pomegranate, beetroot hummus with sesame seeds, Greek chickpea salad, refreshing greens, tangy pickles and bread; the 3 mezzes of the day were great to share for two. Smooth and creamy, the savoury miso hummus was bomb diggity but the vibrant beetroot dip was an absolute delight - both perfectly moreish and bangin’ when paired with their pillowy-doughy bread.

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Experience Lebanese dining at Beirut Grill, nestled along Bussorah Street with the iconic Sultan Mosque as your backdrop.

Burpple Beyond members, relish a 1-for-1 treat on our exquisite 3-course set menu, choosing from a delightful array of starters, mains, and desserts!

Photo by Burppler Blanche Tan

I didn't manage to try them at Bedok Corner and they seem super popular now. The plate arrived very dramatic so 10/10 for presentation. The best element was the chicken leg, which was top-notch in flavour and execution. That however isn't the best compliment, because the rice and the lamb underperformed. The lamb wasn't bad, but lamb shank has to blow you away. Cafe Mariam's mandi was much better. This place has good variety though, and I want to try their kabsa and maqluba.

A berries drink apparently popular in Middle East. It tasted very basic and I didn't enjoy it.