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Not only is this place kosher, halal, and vegan, but it also shows that vegan food can be tasty too <3 I love the fill free sandwich. I also recommend the pita chips and the babaghanoush ๐Ÿคฉ

Nah. Idk if it's authentic but even if it is, I'm sorry it just doesn't cut it. It's literally baked soggy pastry, tastes very far off from bread pudding we are used to. We left half the dessert untouched

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Their chicken is really done marvelously. I mean it could have been a bit more crispy but otherwise it's very well charred and tender.

I liked the rice too, it's well separated and has a bite. On top of that there's a spice permeating the rice but my partner didn't like the spice. It's not too strong though

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Tbh I ordered it for the moussaka

The lamb was overcooked and somewhat tough, but passable. Their moussaka is really good tho, very creamy and full of spiced aroma, without being jelak. The tastes of the various veggies come through nicely too

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Portion isn't very big, barely fed 2 of us. It's thick and creamy though, quite a good execution for hummus. There's barely any sourness tho, which was fine by me

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It's passable, the flavours are very mild and not very seasoned so it's meant to go with dips. Not very crispy either

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Would not recommend this place. The restaurant is cramped, crowded and hot (the aircon wasnโ€™t working), the staff were rude and the food isnโ€™t great. The hummus tasted one-dimensional and the babaganoush was stale. The Shish Kebab was perhaps the only thing we liked. Lastly, do not make an online booking as they will not allow you to use burpple.


First time eating at a proper Turkish restaurant so not sure if the taste of the food is considered authentic. For those intending to use Burpple, take note that you shouldn't make a reservation on google - had a strange experience of being made to call on the spot to cancel the reservation before we were allowed to redeem the deal. Food was alright, nothing to shout about personally. Portion was ok, but for the quality/quantity probably wouldn't be worth it without the 1 for 1. Best dish of the day was ghe kunefe - be warned that it takes quite long to prepare (more like 20mins instead of the 10mins mentioned). Did expect it to be bigger for the price when I first saw it, but as it is quite cheesey on the inside, the portion is enough as it can get quite jelak even when sharing. Total bill was around $90.


A bustling spot to enjoy some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine!

Kunafe is freshly baked shredded filo pastry with butter and cheese, served hot with sugar syrup and whipped cream - $13.90

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Meats were tender, juicy and flavourful. Pilaf rice complemented well the meats. Makes for a hearty meal


i think was some 2pax meat sharing platter? menu be lyin cos this is clearly for more than 2pax. it was ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿผdelicious๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿผ especially if you enjoy lamb/mutton! anyway overall this place was not bad not extremely amazing but the vibes and ambience was good!

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