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Sambal grouper with cilantro rice and mangosteen salsa $44

This is a very tasty dish with firm grouper flesh paired with a tantalising sambal sauce. Mangosteen salsa is a first for me and I like it.

In search of a family-friendly spot with delicious and hearty meals? Kei Kaisendon at Great World City has you covered with their Burpple Beyond Set for 2.

Delight in two main dishes of your choice, four sticks of yakitori, two bowls of comforting clam miso soup, and two cups of refreshing green tea. For the mains, try their Kei Signature Kaisendon—rice crowned with fresh sashimi and ikura.

What are you waiting for? Feast with your family for half the price today!

Enjoy a tranquil tea time break at The Dark Gallery's Great World outlet, and settle into its cosy ambience.

With Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal, treat yourself to their Single Origin Chocolate Platter, Sliced Cakes, Hot Single Origin Dark Chocolate Drink, or Chocolate Banana Graham Ice Cream Bar to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

Deal was applicable for all pizza and pasta, except for pasta containing seafood. Was informed that we had to place our order before 7pm. Luckily we went early as the wait for the food was a little long especially with many customers coming in around 7pm on the weekend

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Grab a bite of Southern Italy right here in SG at Mondo Mio!

With Burpple Beyond's 1-For-1: Pizza or Pasta deal, try out yummy classics like Spaghetti Carbonara or expand your taste horizon with Trofie Alle Zucchini E Frutti Di Mare! End off with their highly rated Tiramisu for a quality meal by Robertson Quay.

Since March 2016, Madam Yang's rendition has drawn a good queue during peak meal times, stretching up to nearly an hour at most.
The star is the flavourful soup / broth, simmered with soy, herbs, and duck bones for over 2 hours. The slippery smooth wide flat kway teow / rice noodles complements with mild grainy sweet flavour.
The pig offals are thoroughly cleaned, and likewise simmered in the same delicious broth till tender, absorbing the sweet salty savoury earthy herbal flavour.
Selected a mix of small intestines, large intestines, dried tofu puffs, braised chicken egg, and braised duck meat.
Kway Chap
Boon Tong Kee Kway Chap Braised Duck
@ Zion Riverside Food Centre, 70 Zion Road #01-24
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One of my favourite bakeries in SG, pullman is a Japanese bakery with a few outlets around Singapore.

Their breads have always been of good quality for me, and each trip here will always end up with me buying lots of bread. They all look so good and taste so good.

Some of the breads I like here are:

1) Kaya Milk stick
2) Choco Chip Melon
3) Caramel Crossiant
4) Cream Donut
5) Twist Donut

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It's basically a donut, that isn't very crispy outside. Really nothing special, and very expensive

Overall, the place has some hits and misses. For a place that's actually 70bucks per pax (we alr applied the UOB 15% discount), you better order carefully to make your money worth

The fact that these dishes that aren't mains like 抄手,葱油饼, 锅贴 are available only for lunch bothers me greatly.

Shanghainese don't have a dimsum culture. These things are generally eaten for breakfast but they're available throughout the day. So there's no reason why they're not available for dinner if you're a proper Shanghainese place.

Somehow there's still shengjian leftover from lunch, that's why we managed to have this

The bottom is well crisped up. However the filling is meh. Overall fail.

The name is actl 菜饭 but this isn't it, it's more fried rice and that's why I call it as it is.

It's ok, quite mild, nothing special. Definitely not what Shanghainese call 菜饭

Comes w the crispy duck. The hoisin sauce is decent, but the bun sucks. Way too dense