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No wonder it's a popular chain. Very good katsu for a kopitiam stall.

End your meal on a sweet note with their Traditional Homemade Yam Puree with Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts ($6++) 🍠 - love the earthiness & smooth texture! 👍🏻

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For veggie lovers like me, I'm sure you will like their Braised Luffa Gourd with Poached Egg White in Conpoy Sauce 💚🤍. Pretty light-tasting but flavourful - the way I like it! 😋

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You can also feast on their signatures such as Cod Fish Steamed with Homemade Ginger Sauce & Hua-Diao Wine ($42++) 🐟, comprising steamed buttery-fleshed cod fillet atop silky smooth egg white 🍳! I really like the texture & flavours - yummy! 😋

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Featuring sauteed succulent chicken chunks 🐔, shiitake mushrooms 🍄, abalone, spring onions & carrots 🥕 sauteed in a luscious sauce, their Braised Chicken & Abalone with Ginger and Spring Onion ($36++) certainly pairs well with rice 🍚!

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Jumping on the bandwagon of trending paofan 😎, their Abalone & Seafood Rice in Superior Broth ($32++) is the perfect comfort food! 💯 Indulge in the umami of the flavourful seafood broth made with cuttlefish strips, clams 🦪 & abalone. My favourite! ❤

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Their Abalone Braised with Oyster Mushroom in San-Bei Sauce ($36++) is a delightful savoury dish with abalone & 4 kinds of mushrooms - oyster, abalone, shimeji & shiitake 🍄! Like the chew & the thick herbaceous gravy with aromatic garlic & Thai basil leaves. 😋

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hands down the best prawn mee in singapore!!! I’ll rate it a 11/10!!!!! prices range from $8/$12/$16/$20!!

the broth is super thick & flavorful, prawns are huge and very fresh!!! The bowl of prawn mee comes with pork ribs which are also super good (according to my friends) but I always request for no pork ribs in my order so i get extra prawns instead!

There is always a pretty long queue when i’m here for dinner but this prawn mee is definitely worth the queue and worth the money paid!! Highly recommended!

Had a 1 for 1 deal for the pork chop prime iberico pork sausage and a cream of mushroom soup! Portion is very fulfilling, the pasta and salad sides were good. Pork chop a bit dry but the black pepper sauce compliments it. Topped the deal with 2 drinks to get a complete meal. Very worth meal and would definitely come back again !

Had the 1 for 1 Deal of The Pork Chop and Prime Iberico Pork Sausage with Cream of Mushroom Soup. Portion was very very fulfilling. Soup was fantastic, just that the pork chop was rather dry but overall it’s a very satisfying meal. Topped them with two drinks to get a complete meal. Great saver and good deal! The pasta was good, will come back again !

We redeemed the 1 for 1 deal, you are able to choose between s’mores w ice cream and brownie w ice cream. Either two of the same option or 1 of each! We recommend to stick with the default selection as it’s pairs really well with the s’mores and brownie respectively. Overall staff service was also very good !!! In addition, we order a waffles w 2 scoops of ice cream we chose pistachio and sea salt for this dessert dish. This is our first time trying at this dessert spot, definitely a spot whereby even non chocolate lover will love. The chocolate ice creams here are rich but not so jelat. Great quality and would come back again !!

End off your meal on a sweet note 💗 with their desserts like their Sago & Pomelo in Mango Puree ($5++) 🥭! Can't go wrong with this classic dessert, bursting with rich tropical flavours of sweet mango!

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