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Not too bad, the olive oil caviar could have been more generous and the ratio is abit off(there's too much chocolate), but otherwise the smooth and thick chocolate was good.

Best thing we had here, overall no need to visit

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First ever crispy paella I had, and I've had a lot of paellas. However their crisp is the kind that's like claypot rice, and while it's strong enough at some parts it's not particularly good

Everything else was average. Clams were alright, mussels weren't fresh, very oily overall to produce the crisp, octopus was tough, and the stock lacked depth

Overall barely serviceable

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Very creamy and u taste potatoes, plus it's not as jelat as it seems. Their aioli is damn weak you can't taste anything but overall, the mild taste didn't impress me.

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Decently seasoned but somewhat flat, it's serviceable overall. The prawns were the normal meaty kind

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The bread was very airy and crispy but the crust was a little hard. Tomato was real but not prominent enough at all, and olive oil was way too generous.
Quite average

Tender, melt-in-the-mouth beef with rich savory flavour from the fried garlic chips and truffle caviar, and creamy goodness from an onsen egg.

Super worth it with the 1-1 mains!

Insta: cafehoppingkids


Super juicy and fresh oysters, breaded in panko and deep fried to a perfect crunch

P.S get 30% off your bill with beyond!


contains scallops unagi and foie gras! my first time eating foie gras erm! do not see the appeal. anw it's pretty but looks nicer than it taste tbh๐Ÿฅธ not too worth for the price. the rice is kinda........
I WOULD recommend coming here for their sides though! we were full from the sides alr... and also the beef bowl was good and damn worth especially with 1 for 1 yas


Common Man Fluffy Pancakes ($24)
I was honestly really excited for the pancakes, considering these were thick! The pancakes came with caramelised bananas and walnuts, salted caramel sauce, nutty crumble & berry coulis. Ngl this didn't taste like a pancake, but more like a cakey texture, which was dense and slightly dry esp at parts without the sauce. It also got jelak so you gotta share this.

Kinda expected more for the price, and I'd defo prefer some fluffy pancakes for brunch! Their other dishes might be better tho!

Overall Rating: 6/10

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It was extremely crowded during brunch on weekends, but since it was near the area we decided to give their food a try.

Croissant Croque Monsieur ($18)
Look at that cheese! This croissant was filled with Ham, Bechamel & aged cheddar cheese. Certainly a hearty option for brunch, and it's a combination of flavours and texture that can't really go wrong. The portion might not be enough for some though!

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Three Buns SG x Mandai Wildlife Group
Inspired by Asian Black Bear ๐Ÿป; one of the โ€œvulnerable to extinctionโ€ animals
This plant-based burger is based on its fav food (carrot, coconut, guava and watermelon), along with TINDLE plant-based chicken patty and lettuce
10% of proceeds from the sale of this burger will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Groupโ€™s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to support the endangered Asian Black Bear ๐Ÿป as they help our forests flourish through seed dispersal
Come and save our furry friend