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The Hungry Fatty
The Hungry Fatty

I know I mentioned in a previous post that I preferred the dry to the soup version.

But don't be mistaken, I really enjoyed their pork based broth which was both rich and tasty with a surprising tinge of wok hey.

Started by an ex-Masterchef Asia finalist, Jiak Song Mee Hoon Kway has since branched out to several locations around Singapore including Toa Payoh.

I don't usually order mee hoon kway because they are usually hard and chunky, and unappetising starchy. However, at Jiak Song, the mee hoon kway is rolled and sliced to order with strict standards for form and shape. You therefore get soft and translucent yet incredibly chewy pieces of noodles coated in a slightly smokey sauce (dry) or sitting in a rich bowl of pork based broth.

I am usually team soup but jiak song's dry version has me craving for more!

Given a choice, both Miss K and I would choose Kei's mentaiyaki kaisendon.

Besides being of better value (i.e. more expensive on the ala carte menu), there was none of the slightly fishy aftertaste with the mentaiko mayonnaise sauce and the aburi process.

It may look visually less appetising but it definitely tasted much better!

Kei Kaisendon is a chain of Japanese restaurants around Singapore known for its affordable donburis.

With #BurppleBeyond, you get to enjoy their $32.90++ Burpple Set Menu for 2. You get to choose your mains out of 9 of their more popular donburis, 2 sticks of yakitori, salad, clam miso soup and green tea. That's pretty good value considering that the donburis range between $14 to $19 though I am not sure how it compares to their in-house promos (which is a tad confusing tbh).

We had their Kei Signature Kaisendon for our 1st main. The kaisendon comes topped with marinated salmon, tuna, yellowtail and tako sashimi, diced cucumber, wakame and ikura. Portions are generous considering the price but do temper your expectations as to quality. There is a slightly fishy aftertaste with the sashimi even though a sweet soy sauce marinade was used.

That said, I think you will be hard pressed to find a kaisendon with this quality and quantity at this price point!

I have been meaning to check out Ajumma's at Funan but their queues are constantly long.

Like me, most were attracted by the promise of crispy pork belly laid over creamy scrambled eggs, caramelised onions and rice, with a flavoursome in-house yuja (yuzu) soy sauce created specially by Ajumma's over white rice.

The reality however was disappointing. The pork belly was well marinated but suffered from the cardinal sin of a rubbery and almost leathery crackling. The eggs were fluffy and rich, and I enjoyed the sweet yet tangy yuja sauce. The rice was however a tad mushy.

I may have caught a bad break on that day and I do acknowledge that takeaways (albeit a fast one) may have an impact on the taste of the food but I cant help but feel flat that Ajumma's did not live up to the promise.


I am sure most people are familiar with chaotah (or burnt) bee boon how much chaotah hor fun?

At Famous Treasure, they pan fry flat rice noodles with pickled radish (chye poh) and kailan to create a dish that is both savoury and yet crispy at the same time. It's kinda like crispy carrot cake but with all of your kueh being crispy!

Chinchalok is a traditional Malay condiment made of fermented small shrimps or krill. It is bright pinkish in colour, has a pungent fermented smell (which can turn some people off) and a salty and mildly sour taste.

It is not common used in Singapore cuisine save with bbq seafood at hawker stalls as a savoury, spicy and tangy dip.

It was therefore rather surprising to see that Famous Treasures has incorporated this into their deep fried fish dishes. I was expecting a rather strong tasting sauce but their chinchalok was surprisingly mild with a very subtle savoury and tangy twist. The marble goby or soon hock was fresh, flaky and succulent.

Overall, this was a highly enjoyable dish.

This was Miss K's and my favourite dish of the day.

The soft, tender and juicy pork belly is surrounded by a crispy crust. Before deep drying, it was marinated with fermented beancurd, giving it a salty, subtly sweet and slightly rich flavour. It goes well with the green chilli sauce served on the side but even better when you chase it with the sweet nutty roasted garlic cloves served with it.

This dish is strangely addictive and is a must order for us!

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To be honest, I have never heard of Famous Treasure until a couple of months ago when I visited it for a company lunch.

Famous Treasure prides itself for serving for "Nanyang" cuisine. I am not too sure what that exactly means but it probably means Singapore tzi char style Chinese food which is a mish-mash of various regional Chinese cuisine. Do not underestimate them though because I was thoroughly impressed by all of their dishes.

The volcano chicken is one of their signature dishes. The entire chicken on spit is first slow-cooked by pouring hot boiling oil over it to lock in its juices and keep the skin crispy. It is then finished at the table side by dousing it with alcohol and set alit in a visual spectacle.

I really enjoyed this dish. The skin is shattering crisp and the meat juicy and tender. It's a tad expensive indeed but they do run frequent promos when you can get their signature dishes at a significant discount!


Consisting of marinated grilled chicken, lamb cutlets, sliced beef, fried chicken wings, corn on cob and a huge heap of curly fries, Alter Ego's grilled meat platter is generous enough to feed 4 or more!

As with the seafood grilled platter, the meat platter is kinda hit and miss. The lamb was (unsurprisingly) meeeeh. The chicken was fairly decent. I was kinda worried about the beef which was slightly thin but turned out to be the best amongst all.

Alter Ego is IMHO a great place for big groups. The food is decent and they have a couple of large long tables. I do suggest though that they try to downsize the menu to make it more manageable and easier for quality control.

P.S. This is the last post for Alter Ego's #Eatup. As always, a big thank you to Burpple and Alter Ego for hosting us!


For me, a cheeseburger is the quintessential definition of pub grub. There is nothing better than a greasy and sloppy cheese burger to layer your tummy for a night of drinks.

Alter Ego serves a decent double cheeseburger featuring a double beef patty with bacon ketchup, melted cheese, tomato, green coral lettuce and gherkins with a side of curly fries. Most of us enjoyed the burger and felt that it was one of the better dishes of the night.

For those with #burpplebeyond, do note that the 1-for-1 mains only covers the cheese burger and not the double cheeseburger!


Alter Ego's seafood grillled platter is honestly just perfect for sharing.

Each platter is served on a wooden board and comes with a mix of marinated grilled salmon fillet, fish fillet, green mussels, squid rings, king prawns, corn on cob and a huge heap of curly fries!

The seafood was a little hit and miss. The marinated salmon and fish fillet were flaky and juicy. However, the squid rings and king prawns were slightly overcooked and dry. I think that's a common problem when it comes to platters like this because it is really tough to manage the cooking time when they are so many items to be prepared.

Nonetheless I think Alter Ego's seafood grillled platter is excellent value for sharing if you are there for drinks with big groups!

P.S. I suspect the sharing platters aren't covered in the 1-for-1 mains under #burpplebeyond but they may be included for the 15% off bill promo. Do check with your servers before ordering!


Forever hungry and always a fatty.

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