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Feature :
Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake, Peanut Butter Mascarpone.
Three of us only can finish half of it, it’s very huge , balance between dense chocolate cake and peanut butter mascarpone.
💕Pasta from main set lunch.
Linguine, wild mushrooms,truffle oil.
💰$48 for 3 course
💕 PENNE CARBONARA fr a la carte.
Prosciutto, Bacon, Onion, Romano Cheese
💕Grilled Cod from main from set lunch.
Squid ink risotto, fried oyster.
💰$48 for 3 courses.

10 Bayfront Avenue.

Next was the New Zealand Whole Lemon Sole ($68) cooked with locally famed lala clams and sea asparagus in a rich yuzu cream sauce. The kitchen team has nailed the flavours here, balancing the savouriness with a touch of tanginess and the firm meat texture of the fish is able to latch onto the sauce well. To complement the mains, we got the Avocado & Gem Lettuce Salad ($15) and Miso Mashed Potato ($18), the latter a unique rendition of mashed potato with a pronounced miso flavour, accompanied by the scallion oil and crispy garlic topping.

We ended the meal with the Sinfully Chocolate ($26), a rich and decadent dessert of hazelnut brownie, chocolate dome made up of 55% cocoa mousse and salted caramel, and Ecuadorian chocolate ice cream.
✨ CÉ LA VI Singapore
📍 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tower 3, Singapore 018971
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With newly appointed Executive Chef Maksim Chukanov comes refreshed menus across the Sky Bar, Sky Lounge and Restaurant, and with over 16 years of refining his craft in Michelin restaurants worldwide, Chef Maksim aims to bring to the table his take on contemporary Asian dishes.

From the new menu dishes, diners will get to experience different layers of flavours and textures starting with the Foie Gras Hibiscus Lolli ($30 for 5 pcs) that is shaped as a lollipop which contains duck liver mousse and hibiscus soy, a unique combination that is not found elsewhere. It was followed by three vegetarian-friendly dishes of Thai Baby Corn ($25) that is coated with puffed quinoa, Tempura Zucchini Flower ($35) that comes with a wasabi mayo furikake dip and Genting Highlands Cherry Tomato ($25) paired with whipped burrata and wakame oil. The zucchini flower and cherry tomato were perhaps my favourites as one has the addictive crunch and killer dip while the other gives an appetising opener to the meal.

The other two starters that we have gotten are the New Zealand Beef Tenderloin Tartare ($30) served with toasted bread and Hokkaido Scallop ($28), a refreshing take on chopped scallops with diced green apples and yuzu kosho.
✨ CÉ LA VI Singapore
📍 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tower 3, Singapore 018971
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While most people would go for their signature pastry from the menu, I personally much prefer to go with my own favourite of pistachio.

Made with multi levels of pistachio mousse and chocolate biscuit, topped with pistachio icing and cocoa crisp.

Although the price could be much higher, but the taste is strong especially the pistachio.

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Feature :
💕Cookies and Cream Supreme crazy shake is loaded with vanilla frosted rim crushed Oreo topped with cookies and cream sandwich. Swipe to see the video
💕The Carolina Burger.
Soft brioche bun served with tender juicy medium rare prime beef, pulled pork, American cheese, buttermilk slaw, special sauce and bbq sauce.
💕The Old Fashion.
Soft brioche bun served with tender juicy medium rare prime beef, shiitake mushroom, Swiss cheese,caramelised onion and horseradish sauce.
📍Black Tap Singapore.
10 Bayfront Ave, #L1-80

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Chicken tenders fried in special batter and served alongside house butter dill, Korean bbq sauce & lime honey mustard. The chicken tenders resembled the fresh chicken fillets that you would find from supermarkets. Taste-wise, it’s unfortunately pretty much similar - a lil’ too dry and un-flavourful for my liking. If you think the batter might be a redemption, unfortunately it was nothing much to shout about. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t ‘wow’ either. As odd as it sounds, what blew me away were the in-house dips. They were unique and were definitely the saving grace to the otherwise mundane - tasting chicken tenders!

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Prime burger (served medium rare), aged cheese, crispy onion ring, bacon, sweet baby rays bbq, mayo, served with a generous portion of freshly sliced fries fried to golden brown! The beef patty was exceptionally juicy and yummy - as one would have expected from a famed burger place. The portion size was huge! We love how the onion rings came in a massive size as well. It was evidently fried from fresh, 100% true onions (just take a look at what’s underneath the golden brown batter if you’re in doubt.) The same freshness can be said for the fries as well - they’re pretty much made from 100% potato (you can see potato skin on them!)

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Prime burger (served medium rare), American cheese, smoky pulled pork, special sauce, carolina bbq sauce - all served in a stack. Served with buttermilk slaw on top and huge portion of fries on the side. The ’special sauce’ resembled thousand island due to its orange hue and tasted somewhat similar too. Can’t quite put a description to it but nope - not tangy nor spicy but just.. creamy like thousand island. To be honest, I would have preferred a plain toasted bun as the protein, cheese and slaw provided much needed flavour in this dish! As for the massive portion of fries - they were pretty awesome! I appreciate how the fries were made from freshly sliced potatoes, with potato skin intact!

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Vanilla icing frost on the rims with cinnamon toast crunch topped with a Choco taco, two churros, tons of whipped cream and dulce de Leche drizzle

10000 calories in a cup which well, is worth the gram but not too sure about the calories. The vanilla icing frost was extremely sweet - not advisable to lick it off your fork. It’s the glue that sticks the cinnamon toast crunch on the sides and hence, can only be removed if you poke/pierce it with a fork. As a result of prolonged exposure to the air + moisture from the icing, the cinnamon toast crunch was well, un-crunchy. Not the best way I would like to enjoy my cereal. Cereal should be enjoyed either fully soaked in milk or exceptionally crunchy, no? The chocolate taco is basically wafer ice cream. Unfortunately it was cheap-tasting vanilla ice cream that resembled mass produced supermarket vanilla tubs. The wafers turned soggy due to the prolonged contact with the ice cream too. The churros were rather stiff and hard. Not too sure how they managed to keep the churros solid but it’s genius! Cos that means the churros wouldn’t be soft and lumpy despite a good, long soak in the shake. The shake was pleasant-tasting. All in all, it’s worth the gram but worth only a try - just one in a lifetime for the gram. It’s a rather costly gram ($24++). Wouldn’t give any credit to the drink in overall as the individual components - ice cream, whipped cream, churros etc are all supplier-sourced and cinnamon crunch comes from repute brand too! They would have tasted nice when eaten on their own too!


Branded under Mummy’s Pastry 妈妈饼 ($52.80 for 8 pcs), these bite-sized goodies pay homage to the traditional local tau sar piah and are handmade with premium ingredients into unique flavour combinations such as the sweet Kyoto Yuzu Bird’s Nest and Red Dates with Bulgaria Rose and savouries of Iberico Ham with Shallot Oil and Black Truffle Salted Egg.

These flaky pastries are made with premium low-gluten Japanese flour and pork lard and sold in a set of eight individually packaged pieces of the same flavour or four assorted flavours, all packed in a pastel pink box lined with floral motifs. For the sweets, the Kyoto Yuzu Bird’s Nest is the luxurious bite that contains the citrusy yuzu zest and puree, sweet winter melon strips, desiccated coconut, and bird’s nest. As for the savouries, the Black Truffle Salted Egg contains black truffle paste and white truffle oil in the white lotus paste with a salted egg yolk in the middle.

Mummy’s Pastry are available at the Old Seng Choong’s website (link below) and retail stores in Clarke Quay Central and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Online purchases start from 28 April to 8 May, and walk-in purchases are available from 28 April, while stocks last.
✨ Old Seng Choong
📍 2 Bayfront Ave, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Unit L1-72, Singapore 018972
🌐 www.oldsengchoong.com
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Ended my meal with the Love Potion which tastes as good as it looked! It’s a sweet floral drink that was refreshing and invigorating 👅✨


The Crab Cake Benedict was pretty tantalising as well, where the sweet-savoury flavours of the deshelled crab meat were packed together, giving it a slightly chewy texture. The bacon perched upon it was thin and crispy, providing an element of crunch to cut on the monotony.

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