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Located at 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-71, Galleria Level The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972. Another 1 Michelin ⭐️Fine Dining Restaurant by 3 Michelin ⭐️⭐️⭐️ chef Wolfgang Puck! We were recommended one of their Signature Main: American Wagyu, Snake River Farms, Idaho - New York Sirloin 230g ($160) Medium Rare. We haven’t had such a good Beef for a Long time! Although the price is steep, it is definitely one of the best steak we ever had! It is well grilled and the juice in the beef is well retained. When the steak is placed in your mouth, you can feel the juicy steak oozing it’s juice! It is just so delicious! @cutbywolfgangpucksg #hungryunicornsg #cutbywolfgangpuck #cutbywolfgangpucksg #3michelinchef #1michelinstar

Located at 2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-71, Galleria Level The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972. Another 1⭐️ Michelin Fine Dining Restaurant! We tried one of their Signature Starters - Maple Glazed Pork Belly, Fuji Apple-Yali Pear Salad, Sesame-Orange Dressing ($33). Maple Glazed Pork Belly is perfectly cut at the size for one’s mouth. The Pork Belly is well-infused and glazed with maple. The thinly sliced Fuji Apple & pear salad just adds more flavors to it! It is so mouth-watering, we wanted more but we had to save the stomach for the Mains! @cutbywolfgangpucksg #hungryunicornsg #cutbywolfgangpuck #mapleglazedporkbelly #porkbelly #cutbywolfgangpucksg

[Newly Published #BurppleHot100 2017, Winner for "Worth the Splurge"] The Burpple Hot 100 list was just published this morning, and Spago won the top spot for the Splurge category. Good news is there's an affordable way to dine here - Spago offers a 3 Course Express Prix Fixe at $45++, and it's available on weekends as well.
What's pictured is the dessert of my set lunch, but I've posted my other courses here earlier in May 2017. You can scroll all the way down on my IG feed to find my post buried down below, but it's easier to go to my @Burpple page, filed under a category I named as "Multi Course Lunch Set Deals".
Enjoy your meal without breaking the bank. Then decide if you want to go for the full tasting experience during dinner.
Pictured: Pistachio Panna Cotta, containing orange gelee, pistachio brittle and orange gelato.

I believe it is a dollar more expensive at the MBS outlet. But loving this dish. Pork ribs are so tender and crisp. (8/10)

Took advantage of their 1-for-1 frappe promotion which I must say, is EXTREMELY worth it! The vanilla and hazelnut frappuchinos go down easily without leaving the sticky, syrupy coagulation at the back of one's throat which always happens when downing a frappe from Starbucks. Not overly sweet and makes a perfect dessert which instantly quenches one's thirst from non-stop shopping!

The only downside is that the caffeine made my chest feel all funny (I guess this attests to the aunthenticity of Vietnamese coffee?) and gave me the shits. But I chalk that up to my own intolerance. A+ for taste and ambience!

The new seasonal flavour, which launches today, replaces the Coconut Soft Serve which was available in December. Whilst the melon fragrance is distinctive at first instance, the yogurt-heavy journey eventually segues into decidedly Yammi-esque territory.

Has that classy high tea ambiance. Service was not the best i guess. Ordered the montblanc, turns out to be not available, and was not informed. Took the iced chocolate order wrongly to hot chocolate, they placed the hot chocolate to another glass placing some iced on it . But hey pastry was good

Cheesecake agrumes ($14)-lemony cloudy cheese with some crunchy caky base 4.25/5

B2 of the shoppes. Mostly packed, probably the reason why it took so long to be noticed and long waiting time

Salted caramel bread butter puddi g ($9)-custardy, think they used croissant for this.salted caramel is on the bottom with some walnuts, the the caramel was a dissapointment 4/5

Large Ibiza ($6.95)
Finally got down to trying @YoleSingapore ‘s twin sister to Llao Llao’s Sanum. To keep the parameters as even as possible, I picked the original flavour yogurt. The seasonal coconut flavour tasted a tad perfumy to me akin to a certain hair product used by the elderly generation. The extreme similarity in both brand’s presentation and the choosing of my crunch, fruits and topping makes me wonder why the brand even matters? My verdict is that I cannot actually tell much difference between both brands though many seem to think that Llao Llao is creamier and I can see where they are coming from but I would definitely fail in a blind taste test! Hurray cookie sauce and chocolate sauce, both of you are back!

Can’t get enough of the insanely delish starter from Bread Street Kitchen’s festive menu! Giant portobellos stuffed with brie, cranberry compote and walnuts. Each juicy bite was a taste of Christmas— gooey brie grasping you within its tender embrace, warming you up with its nutty portobello flavours and walnut sprinkles before showering you with sweet sweet cranberry love. Ahhhhh a harmonious blend difficult to replicate (trust me, I tried) that only a true kitchen master and Christmas enthusiast could ever hope to accomplish. Teach me master! Or place it on your permanent menu! @bsksingapore

Long Chim is a Thai restaurant in Marina Bay Sands by celebrity chef David Thompson. All dishes are priced within $10-44 and Thai-inspired cocktails, beer and wine are available at $10-$14 during happy hour 12pm -8pm daily. Please read my review at