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They certainly brought Thai food to another level here, with quality ingredients and great mix of spices and Thai flavours.

Together with our Pad Thai, we tried their seafood salad vermicelli, crispy fried prawns, as well as grilled pork and Wagyu beef skewers. While some were heavy in taste, they were cleverly balanced with garnishing and spices that accentuated the Thai flavours.
To complete the meal, one cannot miss out on their desserts and Thai-inspired cocktails. We would recommend their Thai milk tea and durian ice cream that would finish one's meal with a big satisfied smile.

Hooray to the weekend and what better way than to start it with a happy tummy.

Other than some really tasty quality Thai cuisines, this Durian ice cream with sesame waffle was remarkably awesome. Smooth, creamy and rich made from Mao Shan Wang, palm sugar and coconut milk. Thanks to the friendly staff Wee for the good recommendation. Awesome!

What's Beef Wellington week without that famous Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington?

The Beef Wellington consist of a seared filet mignon smothered in a whole-grain mustard and wrapped in layers of salty prosciutto, an herbed crepe, duxelles (mushrooms that have been pulverized into a paste), and puff pastry.
The whole package is then baked until the crust crisps up and the meat reaches medium-rare perfection.

I also watched the preparation on MasterChef Junior.The preparation certainly didn鈥檛 look easy to execute perfectly. The beef could been under or overdone, and the puff pastry needed to be crisp.

When the dish arrived accompanied by red wine jus and a side of mashed potatoes, I imagined the portion to be a lot bigger? Somehow. Perhaps I got my mind on the typical roast beef.

To me, it was really about the contrast of the outer buttery, fluffy layer with the inner meaty part. I wondered more of how it was prepared more than the taste.

The accompanying mash was forgettable (perhaps I was too into JR鈥檚 version), but the salad of glazed carrots and seasonal greens was spot-on.

Beef Filet Wellington  $80

Red wine jus, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, seasonal greens

Wellington Week 12-18 June
3 choices: Beef Filet, Chicken & Salmon Wellington

It's Wellington Week for Gordon Ramsay's restaurants globally, and bf and I cannot pass up the chance to try his famous beef wellington ($80++).

We had it done in medium, although on hindsight, we should have gotten it medium rare. Perhaps it was the less fatty fillet cut of the beef, the beef was not very juicy. And because a wellington is baked and not grilled, I felt that the beef flavour had less depth and complexity compared to a grilled steak. All in all, it was probably because we were not used to beef being made this way 馃槄. The pastry could have also been more flaky and hot. The food came really quickly in 10 mins, and we suspect that this could have been sitting on the counter for some time already. Thankfully though, the fish and chips was pipping hot and crispy.

Heavenly Pancakes From Hell's Kitchen!

Wow, we had an amazing brunch at Bread Street Kitchen and these fluffy blueberry pancakes with soft serve were one of the highlights along with the incredibly hospitable staff and the kid friendly welcome pack, which when included a paper sailor hat, a coloring book and some colored pencils! The pancakes were moist and fluffy with juicy blueberries!

Pistachio Panna Cotta

Favourite part of the meal!!! Portion was just right and the panna cotta was really creamy. Wasn't too sweet and was just right :-)

Steamed Salmon

With Bok Choy, Choy Sum, Lotus Root, Sweet Soy, Lemongrass Scented Jasmin Rice

Chicken 鈥楲aksa鈥 Spring Roll

They went surprisingly well together. Very interesting dish. Dipping sauce complemented it very well.

Just thinking about this Negroni Soft Serve I had five Gordon Ramsays ago at Bread Street Kitchen, Marina Bay Sands.

Cor blimey - this intoxicatingly smoky and arrestingly bitter creation is one of the most enjoyable gastronomical experiences I've had in a very long time, one more startling than seeing a purple hippopotamus behind a yuzu tree. This dish is an item specially created for #NegroniWeek2017 and will only be available between 5 鈥 11 June.

Run Like Hell ($26)

The perfect mid week pick me up of The Botanist gin and refreshing floral hints of elderflower and lavender.