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It was so good that I had to resist the temptation to reach out for an extra portion. Chef Greg, thanks for preparing this amazing tasting menu do us and Veronica, thanks so much for organising this dinner and making it happen. Truly enjoyed the evening.

From the Snake River Farms, this Idaho American Wagyu was just amazing. When Chef Greg was slicing this beauty up, we could barely contain our excitement. In fact, we caused quite a stir!

Tender and juicy, I enjoyed every bite. The parsnip purée, Chanterelles, toasted Farro, Bacon confit, quince vanilla reduction and duck jus further enhanced the duck.

Chef Greg really wowed us with these plump scallops which were cooked just right. Paired with Bouchot mussels, clams, Fregula Sarda, Chorizo, sweet potato and served in a white wine saffron emulsion, these scallops were so yummy!

After hearing so much about these from your best foodie friends, you know you just got to try them. So happy that Chef Greg served this as our first course. The buah keluak infused foie gras mousse is to die for. Served with fresh brioche, they tasted so divine.

So when Veronica kindly organised for us to have the Chef's tasting menu for dinner, I was thrilled. What I didn't expect was to be knocked off my feet the entire evening. Our dinner started with these amazing cones. Instead of the tuna cones for amuse bouche, Chef Greg specially made these uni and caviar cones with sea urchin bottarga. They were out of this world! Thanks so much, Chef, for letting us to be the first ones to try it. Absolutely loved them.

Never would have thought this combination on a pizza would have worked but this was outstanding! I loved that they didn't go too crazy with the amount of ingredients and instead focused on the quality instead. The result was a really well balanced pie, despite the richness of the individual ingredients. The homemade sausage, which had a good ratio of fats for the flavour, wasn't greasy and nicely spiced. Pizza dough itself was thin and had a beautifully fluffy and soft crust.

I usually find most celebrity chef restaurants overrated and underwhelming, but this restaurant by Mario Batali was anything but. Food was great, service was wonderful (thanks Mary, you were a delight!) and the whole experience felt incredibly well thought out. The interior though still classy, along with tiny details such as a glossary for diners to explore the Italian menu, made this experience an unpretentiously amazing one. Quite unlike the other Italian restaurants I've been to, but by no means any less wonderful.

I admit I was a little skeptical after listening to its ingredients but I'm really glad I listened to the waiter's recommendation on this one!
The drink wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but the rosemary and dry ginger ale made this cocktail really refreshing and a wonderful pre-dinner drink as we waited excitedly for the food.

This wasn't listed on their regular menu, but be sure to check their black board for their Specials!