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Top 10 places for Michelin Guide

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THE 1 MICHELIN STAR 馃惙馃崪 [as seen on my story from ytd]
Ordered the 'gan mian' A huge bowl [bowl only, the portion normal ba] of spring-y noodle topped with minced pork, pork liver, sliced pork meat, and 2 pcs of meatball, seasoned with many things including pork oil and chili, but there's definitely a distinct vinegar taste.

The key is, always assume they're all overrated 銋 be sceptical and you're good! 馃槄. I find it was actually more flavorful than average bak chor mee stall, the noodle was also gud, just nice 銋 not too hard, not overcooked [well, they probably won't have time to overcook it also 馃槀] enjoy it with a few slice of chili padi, 馃構. And oh, if you've decided to brave the queue, might as well try their 'Rou Wan Tang'. Idk why, but the soup in this bowl tasted richer, way better!

BUT, counting in the q-time [we queued for about 1.5 to 2 hrs in total], and price, I'd say it doesn't worth the effort.
Now let's talk abt that amazing coffee in the background. Should've taken it's solo shot and dedicated a post for it. Coffee with milk and gula melaka! Thought it'll b super sweet, but no! It was just the right amount of sweetness, with a hint of pandan. Probably won't make you stay alerted, but gud still! I'd visit this place for the coffee.
馃嵈Gan Mian [small]
鈽 Three Layer Coffee
馃挵 S$6.00 // S$2.10
馃彔 Tai Hwa Pork Noodle // the drink stall
馃搷 Block 466 Crawford Lane [01-12]
馃殔 Lavender MRT
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1 hour queue for this 1-star BCM and its queue was never ending.

We went for the $10 bowl since it was already such a long wait. So, was it worthwhile?
$10 for this bowl packed with ingredients and with a taste worthy of a 猸愶笍, I would say it was totally worth the price. Especially with a bowl of BCM costing $4-5 at any foodcourt, we had no complaint about this.
Having to queue an hour again? We would probably think twice. Frankly, this was good but there are other good BCMs in SG that are not far off comparatively. Hence, it's actually easy to go somewhere else in SG for a good BCM (not considering the Michelin label) without such a wait.
So, the next time we return would probebly be when we're nearby and having much time to spend. Nonetheless, praises to our local hawker and keep our flag flying high.

One Michelin Star Bak Chor Mee

It was right when they said that the average waiting time is 1.5 hours - started queuing at 10am but only got our noodles at 11.30am.

At first glance, we felt that there wasn't much difference between our $8 noodles and the $6 or $10 versions as they all looked the same, but we guessed that it might just be an additional of each topping: meatballs, dumplings, pork liver, sliced pork, and fried fish slices. That being said, each component was executed well - the noodles were vinegary & springy and all the pork items were tender.

This is definitely a costly plate of noodles, but I would say that it's worth it because you can hardly find a bak chor mee stall that gives so many ingredients of consistently good quality despite the long queue.

A dimsum lunch in beautiful suuroundings with a beautiful babe.

Delish food, pretty plates were a sight for sore eyes and great attentive service = a perfect meal.
Thank you @imehly for an awesome and enjoyable girly catch up session.馃挒 #lunchwithfriends #dimsum #hungrygowhere #burpple #openricesg #8dayseat #nomnom #stfoodtrending #sgfollowers #sgfoodies #blogspot #bloggerlife #bloggers #instafollowers #instafoodsg #topfoodnews #thebestfoodphotography #visitsingapore #michelinstar #ritzcarlton #autogramlikes

Kaya Toast

Be blown away by this deconstructed Kaya Toast, part of Heritage Discovery Menu ($128++) specially crafted for Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival.

Chef Jason's tribute to our beloved Kaya Toast was a perfect finish to the meal! Luscious Pandan mousse sandwiched between crunchy muscovado sabl茅, a sweet symphony of coconut foam and gula melaka, plus refreshing pineapple sorbet to balance the flavours.

[One Michelin 馃専] Sushi Omakase ($75/$125/$180++ for 9/12/15 pieces during lunch).

I've more excuses to eat sushi, cos this is #BurppleSushiMonth!
I can't explain the art of sushi. How can something seemingly so simple be so sophisticated at the same time, when I could never finish learning about all the different fishes; the parts of those fishes used; the types of rice; choice of vinegar; whether it was marinated or brushed with yuzu, ponzu or salt; and when it was more suitable to be served aburied, fresh, or aged.
Which is why I keep going back for more sushi. And Shinji is one of those places I had returned for more. The rice is so perfectly seasoned with vinegar, of the right texture, and topped with fish of just the right thickness to achieve balance in all aspects.
Everyone can serve fish on rice, but not many can do it really well.

Foie Gras covered in White Chocolate

Second favourite of the night.

Kudos to the creativity and effort of the chefs to make this resemble a bird's nest

Sweet and cool on the outside yet savoury with a dash of alcohol and foie gras as the contents of the "egg"..Wouldn't mind the bird laying a few more of these
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Tobiko with crackers

This is not food, this is art.

Very impressed by the taste and presentation of the food served in Corner House. Definitely the most expensive meal I've had to date and one of the best

Started off the meal with four delightful appetizers and this happened to be one of the favourites for the night. A crunchy and savoury way to start the night

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