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Baked Lion Mane Cheesy Patty Curry Don
Can be use for burpple 1-for-1
($17.90 before gst & sc)
This baked rice is served with some deep fried mock meat which taste exactly like fish fillet from Nasi Lemak store. This is really surprising as they can imitate the fillet and with an extra crispiness.
The curry sauce contains a few pieces of potato and carrot only and it does not soak the rice fully. Curry was quite normal.
I would give this a higher rating if there is more curry, potato and carrot.

Vegan Black Truffle Orh Luak
CANNOT be use for burpple 1-for-1
($14.50 before gst & sc)
(Not in picture)
The egg was replaced with tofu & seaweed and the oyster is replaced with mushroom.
Truffle smell/taste is not that strong and the portion is large which is good for sharing.

A really interesting twist of the classic bubble tea with yoghurt! Bought the Mango Purple Rice Yoghurt and the Dragonfruit Yo-tea and was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted. The purple rice added a sweet chewiness texture to the drink and the yo-tea was a good blend of yoghurt and tea.

This is my first time trying laksa steamboat and the one I had at San Laksa was pretty good! We chose laksa and chicken soup as our soup base, as well as an array of ala carte ingredients which amounted to $150 for 4 pax. This is quite value-for-money given that there was a one-for-one deal for the seafood platter and ribeye beef platter on Burpple Beyond.

The laksa broth is flavourful, smooth and delicious, and it goes well with ingredients such as pork belly, dumplings, taupok and tofu skin roll. The fried meatballs are nice too. The seafood platter is really worth it - it comes with tiger prawns, baby octopus and an assortment of shells, clams and mussels. There is a wide variety of noodles to choose from and I like the pairing of Champon noodles (reminds me of Japanese ramen) and thick bee hoon with laksa.

On the downside, I didn’t really enjoy the chicken soup as it was not very robust or flavourful (not sure if that was because we were having laksa on the other side which was very flavourful), and the ribeye beef platter was a little too beefy/gamey for my liking.

Having said that, this is still a very enjoyable steamboat dinner and the laksa did not disappoint!

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Beef rendang here is quite good. The beef was soft and tender and not dry. The rendang was ok, it was a little watered down flavour compared to other spicier rendangs I had.

And very pricey as well, the beef rendang ala carte was $12.20.

Take note: the set meals are not avaliable on weekends apparently.

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Having waited for almost 3 months, I must say that savoury buns are the way to go.

Best after a quick pop in the air fryer, Madu Bakery’s Mentaiko ($6) brioche bun really hit the spot for a mentaiko lover like myself. Made with cheddar, eggs, dairy, mentaiko, Kewpie mayonnaise, sesame seeds, parmesan, some seasoning, and a sprinkle of Parsley flakes as well as tobiko for good measure; the filling thankfully didn’t taste overwhelming like mayo and had a subtly pleasant spiciness. Savoury but not too rich or cloying, the bun’s cream to bread ratio was also pretty on point where you can get the umami flavour with every bite.

For something more unique, the Umami Mushroom ($5) bun certainly had a more complex flavour profile. Stuffed with their homemade Kombu Shiitake mushroom paste and together with bits of shimeiji mushrooms as well as strips of kelp, the earthy taste might not be for everyone but was surprisingly complementary. The shimeji, sautéed with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, salt kombu, and garlic, offered a nice bite. And quite the messy bun, it was topped with lots of bonito flakes and furikake so it was pretty savoury as well.

Old Hen is a quaint cafe hidden in a row of shops that is a short distance away from Farrer Park MRT, and they specialise in their coffee as well as baked pastries. However, as we were visiting in the evening, we decided to get something lighter and we ordered a matcha latte instead. We could taste a slight bitterness in the matcha-based drink, although this was largely overpowered by the milk in the drink. Would have loved it if the matcha flavour was more pronounced. The drink was priced at $6, which was a pretty standard price for a hot drink at a cafe.

We love the insides of Old Hen though, and we thought that the use of the fan covers and fan blades to decorate the lighting in the interior was really special. The interior decorations gave off a pretty chill old-school vibe and it would be nice to have a conversation over coffee here. That being said, there is a time limit of 1 hour for dining in though.

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Was recommended to check out this new drinks place, and I can definitely recommend. Today's cravings included Passionfruit yo-tea w brown sugar pearl and Blueberry pineapple with crystal jelly.

The fruits are fresh, and the yoghurt really delicious and gives the drink a rich smoothie like texture. The passionfruit tea was sweet with a sour tinge, really refreshing and smooth to the taste.

The blueberry pineapple was a unique combination that I really enjoyed as well, and the crystal jelly is a great addition.

Would recommend!

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Not the tongue-numbing kind of mala soup. I enjoyed eating this! Worth the try!

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This is South Indian like u will not find anywhere else except in some super legendary grandma’s kitchen . Banana Curry and Yam Curry ? Exotic but but omg both were great . Their tomatoe & coconut chutneys were super as well . Elevated Brekkie and healthy too .

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