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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Nomiya Izakaya @nomiyasg offers several dons and small bites, and they are all of great quality!

The Truffle Chirashi Don ($20 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond ) came in a rather large portion, and they were very generous with the sashimi quantity too! The Chirashi don came with pieces of salmon, tuna, hamachi (I think) and they were all so fresh 😍 the rice was fantastic as well, as it had the right amount of vinegar and truffle oil without making it too surfeiting. The wasabi is also the freshly grated version. At its price point even without burpple beyond, it's definitely worth it.

The portion of Brussells Sprouts ($8.90) may be small, but each piece was packed full of flavour. The pieces were very well charred, as the smoky aroma was very strong without being bitter. The kombu butter used gave so much richness and fragrance that it was too addictive! Wished that they gave more 🥹

Now this is one izakaya that I will be back again and again!

If you are looking for a place with decent food and drinks, Cali Bar is one place to consider! We ordered a couple of dishes and here are some of my favourites:

Kurobuta Pork Loin Fajitas ($30) - this was the crowd favourite, due to the flavourful and rather tender meat, the smoky onion slices and guacamole that you can assemble in a wrap! Definitely 1 good fajitas that is good to share!

Baby Back Ribs ($36) - the ribs itself may be rather small, but it was tender and flavourful. The fries were even better. Light, crispy and fluffy, I think I can eat a whole bowl without a problem!

Baked Cheesy Nachos ($18) - this is one addictive snack. Crispy nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa and jalapeno, this is one sharing dish that is great with beers!

If you are working around the area, this is one place to consider for after work drinks. Do note that it can be rather expensive, but I guess it's how it is in the Rochester area! Thank you @scalemicroinfluencers for the invite and @cali.singapore for the food!

With fantastic quality food and huge selections of craft beers, this is one place you can consider for a good time with friends and loved ones. We tried a variety of dishes, and here are my favourites:

The Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa ($15) came huge, with a large piece of fillet which was fried to perfection, and a huge load of salsa ingredients. The salsa really complemented the fried fillet well, making this dish actually refreshing.

The Har Cheong Gai ($13) is a must get! Extremely crispy batter with strong umami, the meat within was very tender and juicy as well. Pair them with their spicy sambal and you know this is perfect with their beer!

Their Squid Ink Fried Rice ($15) was also very good. With a significant amount of wok hei, the seafood flavours and tender squid really made this addictive. Totally can finish on my own!

Definitely coming back!

Had a good tasting at @winemansion_aljuniedatrix recently and their food were pretty awesome! Here are some of my favourites:

BBQ Pork Ribs ($28) - the ribs were well seasoned and tender. I loved how the sauce wasn't too overpowering, and there was an additional hint of smokiness as well!

Crispy White Bait ($11) - highly addictive, this was the crowd pleaser. The whole fish can be eaten and it had such a satisfying crunch! We absolutely loved the mayo that went along with it.

Clams in White Sauce ($14) - if you love your seafood, this is for you. The clams were really fresh and it gave so much sweetness to the sauce it was cooked in! The wine sauce was also garlicky and spicy and went so well with the bread. We found ourselves mopping up every bit of the sauce!

They have daily special and lunch promotions, please check them out on the last few pictures 😍 Gonna come back again soon! Thank you @eatwithkeat for inviting and @winemansion_aljuniedatrix for the food!

Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio ($20)? I was skeptical at first but definitely left impressed. The al dente Linguine pasta was tossed well with garlic and mushrooms and were drenched in takoyaki sauce and topped with bonito flakes, which gave extra flavour and umami! The grilled Unagi itself was fresh, soft and flavourful. It was a sizable portion.

The Crab Mac & Cheese ($18) had a good amount of crabmeat and the blend of cream and cheese was really done well. You get the creaminess and it wasn't too cloying as well.

Get their pastas and drinks at 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond! We were indeed satisfied customers 😍

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My only regret? Not coming here sooner. BBQ Box offers a huge variety of Chinese BBQ ingredients on skewers and pretty much most if not all of the dishes we tried were really good!

Here are some of my favourites:

Shisamo Grilled Fish ($3.80 for 3 sticks) - perfectly grilled till crispy, the Shisamo fishes were seasoned well and full of flavour. Addictive with beer!

Pork meat wrapped with enoki ($6.80 for 2 sticks) - the umami from the mushrooms and the meatiness from the pork meat, all finished up with a touch of lemon squeeze really got us ordering more!

Bean curd slices in chilli oil ($7.80) - although this was a side dish, the texture of the bean curd skin paired with the fragrance of the chilli oil made this addictive. Actually quite spicy though!

The meal was quite affordable and we ate so much and it was about $35 per pax including alcohol. Can't wait to be back again!

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Had a great time at TAP after work especially after a long day! TAP Craft Beer Bar is known for their extensive selection of craft beers and indeed I was spolit for choice. They allow you to taste the beers before choosing and I settled upon Jing A Ale ($14 for jumbo glass).

The taste profile of Jing-A Ale is of a light one, definitely not hoppy like the pale ales and very refreshing. There is a hint of mandarin citrus, which really brightens up the aftertaste of the beer. Definitely a good choice even for non beer drinkers!

We realised that there was a 1 for 1 Bites promotion, and we got a variety. One of the top hits were definitely the curly fries ($11) which were fried to perfection. Savoury with good seasoning, the fries were very morish and the generous portion soon disappeared.

Another mention would be the popcorn chicken ($18), which although seemed pretty pricey, it came in a generous portion and they were not too hard. The meat within was still quite substantial and juicy. Perfect bar food!

Located right smack in the CBD area, its a good place to come down to wind down after a hard day's work!

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Why didn't I know about this burger bar earlier? This was the thought I had when I left the restaurant with both my heart and stomach full.

The Raclette Burger with Beef Patty ($26) was one beautifully juicy burger, with a wonderfully thick slab of Raclette cheese. Biting into this brings out a myriad of flavours coming from the juicy beef patty, savoury cheese and most importantly, the recommended cream pepper sauce. The cream pepper sauce was rich and I loved the amazing aroma that comes from the black pepper after. This is one bloody good burger.

The Monsieur Burger with Crispy Chicken Patty ($24) was really good as well! The thick chicken patty had a good crispy batter and juicy flavourful meat within. This is paired well with the crispy hashbrown and flavourful BBQ sauce. Lovely flavours coming from this as well.

All their burgers come with handmade fries, which were really addictive as they were well seasoned and surprisingly creamy inside! Portions of fries were so huge we couldn't finish!

Definitely will be back. I would rate this as one of the best burgers I've had really!


If you are looking for some good Chinese skewers with drinks, look no further! I've been here multiple times and the standard still remains high.

Using #burpplebeyond, we got 20 for 20 skewers, and chose a variety from beef to mutton to seafood and vegetables. We loved how the meats were tender and flavourful! Incredibly smoky, each bite has a savoury kick coming from the chosen seasoning.

My favourites include the prawn and shishamo, as their shells and bones can be eaten as well for the satisfying crunch and seafood umami and most importantly, they were fresh!

To wash all the savouriness down, be sure to get their yuzu frozen beer, as it has an extra refreshing citrus kick. Very shiok!

Bill was about 128 for 3 and the portion was just right for us!

Had a chance to go for the distillery tour and it was such an interesting experience learning about the roots of this distillery and how gin is made.

The tour comes with a welcome drink, that is mainly using calamansi juice and their very own dry gin. Absolutely loved the flavours coming from this cup, as it is tangy, refreshing and beautiful herbal taste of the gin makes this very pleasant.

The tour also comes with a tasting flight, with 3 of their gins. With the Singapore dry gin being herbally, butterfly pea being florally and the pahit pink being spicy and smoky, we loved butterfly pea the best. Paired with just tonic, it's extremely smooth and pleasant, with the floral flavours coming through strong.

With such beautiful vibes and service, I can really see myself coming back to have good gins and fun times with friends and loved ones. Will be back again!

Saw that this restaurant is recently available on #burpplebeyond and had to give it a try! We got the Bara Chirashi Don ($28 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the Wagyu Beef Don ($32 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond).

Both portions were quite big, though we realised that it's mostly rice. The chirashi don came with rather huge chunks of salmon and tuna pieces which were pretty fresh! I liked how the rice is seasoned lightly with vinegar, making it extra tasty with the sashimi pieces.

Though we felt like the beef slices were rather thin in the wagyu beef don, they were indeed tender and flavourful. Wished that the rice can be drenched in a certain sauce, as it was a tad dry eating it alone.

Food may be okay, but we felt like its abit pricey without the burpple beyond discount. Wouldn't be too sure that we will be back without the discount!


This is really one of my go-to places for drinks, as the drinks here are really quite cheap and the ambience is really chill! This bar is located just under a small hotel and the music isn't too loud here. There isn't much people on a weekday night as well, creating a good atmosphere to chill with friends and loved ones. Spirits here are as cheap as $6 per glass, and my favourite is the Jim Beam highball mega mug which cost only $8.80.

Been here many times already and I can see myself coming back for more!

Jason Ng

Level 8 Burppler · 898 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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