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Eggs Benedict and steaks & egg.
Portions are smaller and price more expensive since the menu revamp.
However, food is still pretty decent. And their coffee is great.
💸: $39.70 (for food)

Great coffee at @canopygardendining as always! Just the right amount of body and comforting flavours delivered with that essential caffeine kick, surrounded by calming greenery~ 🍃

📍: City hall
i can’t believe this is my first kouign amann ($4.50~) experience……but omg it was heavenly!!! the croissant part was crisp, flaky and the sweetness of the ?sugar paired so well with it. it reminds me a bit of the big flat flaky biscuits in french bakeries (iykwim). we also got the almond croissant (~$6) with a sweetened almond paste inside and again the croissant was 🤌🤌 the bakes were waaay more filling than i had expected lol but very happy that it didn’t feel too greasy :-) i recommend sharing these goodies tho bc portions were q big and can get a bit jelat. otherwise service was commendable - the ppl were rly nice :-) my only qualm is that it’s rather pricey.
OVERALL: 4.5/5

As the team is still in the soft-launch phase, there will be constant tweaks and improvements in the offerings to become one of the top pizza destinations in Singapore. Being Neo-Neapolitan, this pizza style pushes the boundaries with contemporary flavours and unconventional ingredients as opposed to an authentic Neapolitan pizza. The essence and soul of the pizza lies in the dough, made with a blend of Italian and Japanese flours, slow proofed over a period of 24 to 30 hours to develop flavour depth and attention to details such as hydration levels and types of sea salt.

In the menu, there are 12-inch classic, special, and vegan pizzas, including customisable 3-feet long pizzas that will be made available in due time. We sampled the Calabrese Salami ($22.50) from the classic menu, and this is one of the crowd favourites as it comes with smoky Calabrese salami, a generous drizzle of garlic maple syrup and homemade chilli, bringing a myriad of flavours from sweet to spiciness and savoury. If you are in the mood for something unique, the Mala Chicken ($24.50) and Raclette Cheese & Potato ($26.50) will appeal to you, with the former having the spicy and tongue-tingling mala cream sauce accentuated with the chilli oil. In fact, one of my favourites it the vegan Mushroom & Truffle Oil ($27.50) which is layered with a homemade porcini salsa with white Swiss button mushrooms, kale and truffle oil joining in the flavour party.

In addition to the pizzas, there are side dishes that you can order for sharing such as the Stracietella & Vine Tomatoes ($18.50) served with juicy cherry tomatoes and Roast Beef ($16.50) that is paired with a chimichurri sauce and horseradish mayo.
✨ Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.
📍 326 Serangoon Avenue 3, Unit 01-378, Singapore 550326
🍴 [Media Invite]

Tom’s Palette Anniversary Special
Yuan Yang (black tea and coffee) gelato packed with brown sugat moch; sprinkled with cacao nibs and coated with 56% dark chocolate

This is a Saturday (24 Sep) Special
Horlicks ice-cream with chunks of hedgehog biscuits (scotch fingers, marshmallow, dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce)

i honestly don't remember what i bought. i think it's bread??? do yall think it's bread? looks like bread to me 🧐

what i do remember though: it wasn't really worth it but vibes were good and i love bread so i'd go back

Burpple beyond set $29.90 include 2 pasta, 2 drinks
+ truffle mash $6
Total: ~$42

1. Chilli Crab pasta, must try 😋 👍🏻
2. Sakura ebi pasta nice for me. But hubby say normal only.
3. Truffle mash not bad 🙂 (not included in the set)

Overall Worth it 👍🏻, must try! 😁

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Limited selection for burpple deals. This was about $20 after discount

generous portions and the food and ambience were really good!! the burger itself was a harmonious combination of bacon, steak patty, a huge onion ring, cheese and lettuce. the fries took me by surprise as they were super crispy and flavourful and i couldnt stop eating them despite being super full. i also got the cecil blend tea which was really refreshing and nice, and it was refillable too!! super duper worth it and ill be back to try the baby back ribs 🤤

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You won’t easily find this place as the shop view is obscure from the main road. But once you found the direction, you will able to find this hidden vegetarian restaurant serving Asian fusion meatless foods.

The hotplate items sound good when you have a cold weather, comes in sizzling hotplate with the fluffy egg still piping hot. On top of it will be the meatless unagi made from soy.

It actually soft but still retain the familiar unagi sweet sauce.

The rice come separately in a bowl, together with a bowl of miso soup.

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Who doesn’t love açai? If you’re a fan of this healthy dessert then you might want to try Acai King! Their Tropical Bliss ($17.90) which comes with sliced bananas, Thai mangoes, fresh pineapples, strawberries, mint, chia seeds, cashews, and coconut chia pudding is a top pick. One spoonful of their pure Brazilian Acai Berry pulp sorbet and you’ll be back for more.

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