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Layers of coconut mousse, gula melaka, and pandan sponge cake. Basically, an elevated pandan coconut cake. Nice, but not extraordinary.

Chef Pai's personal creation - salted caramel, almond praline, and brown sugar jaconde sponge cake atop a feuillentone base.

This was...pretty average. Looks better than it tasted. Liked the crumbly feuillentine base juxtaposed with the sweetness of the salted caramel and brown sugar, but after awhile. became somewhat bland.

🦐🍜Managed to reach before the long queue struck at 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles and got myself a dry version of Prawn Mee with $2 add on prawns! The noodles were cooked slightly softer than my preference, but still very shiok when eaten with their sambal & lard bits (asked for no ketchup so I can enjoy the savory and spicy homemade chili in its unadulterated form). I lazy to peel prawns, so I am always happy to have my prawns fully peeled and butterflied in half.😆

Got really excited when I saw the orangey hue of the broth as the owner poured into the bowl! It tasted as good as it looked, packed with distinct authentic sweetness from the prawns which I enjoyed - guess it’s a sign that I should order the soup version next time!

($5) Didn't really like or barely having bittter taste for matcha latte as it's quite milky and sweet. The matcha powder had sink inside the drink even though I always stir through the drink.

($1.80) Another old school style and type for chicken wing without topping or sauce or extra flavour. I felt that their chicken wing got just default and plain style and really satisfied me so much. They literally cut chicken wing into two part for easier eat. They just served in hot and warm as they cooked in batch by batch. A lot of people queued up for their chicken wing before 11.30 a.m. before the shop opened.

Finally went down to porridge at coffeehouse with my colleagues as she always recommended for ordering the porridge before 11 a.m. as waiting time goes up 15 to 30 mins only but after peak hours, waiting time goes up to 1 - 2 hrs according to her. Pork and Sliced Fish (Small Size - $4) really up to the standard as they provided a lot of ingredients and serving size such as minced pork, pork liver and sliced fish. It's so worth it to order their porridge once in a blue moon if you felt that you just wanna eat something light. The ingredients for prawn mee such as minced pork meat, pork liver and also sliced fish was really freshly made daily. Porridge got that thick texture with adding half-cooked egg got creamy texture. The taste for porridge was really got old school style and also really want to order pork and chicken version next time.

Amongst the few places in Singapore offering this famous JB dish Chao Ta Bee Hoon (San Lou Bee Hoon), my preference is Yong Kee. It is always done to perfection, crispy on the outside, with soft bee Hoon hidden underneath together with seafood and lots of sinful lard bits. Perhaps flavour wise, there are other better ones but none can claim the consistency of quality like Yong Kee.

Located in a Kopitiam with limited tables, so come early during meal hours.

Silky smooth and small portion perfect for 1. Minced meat and egg could be more tho

Must try signature dish ! You will love this if you’re a fan of crispy stuff and carrot cake. Must eat while it’s hot tho

Big and bouncy shrimp paste better than most dim sum places! Highly recommend this

Better than average! Ginger is super pronounced on the chicken and mushroom is something special too!

Not bad but nothing spectacular. Wish skin was thinner with more filling tho