I knew about Chan's Prawn Noodles 曾的虾面 from a previous visit to Whampoa Food Centre to check out another stall. Searched up Google reviews & it sounded promising... It didn't disappoint.

$5 for a bowl of comfort with a good variety & amount of ingredients. I'm really happy. & I LOVE the soup. Slightly sweet & garlicky - really only a little bit - which makes it special & different.

Best part is? There wasn't a queue slightly before lunch. & turnover is quite quick.

Parking at Whampoa Food Centre is always such a nightmare; I feel like my inner ah lian comes out when trying to get a spot... But I'd go through all of that again for this. HAHA.

Sad that the laksa at Laksa Labo doesn't come with hum. But hear me out - they more than make up for it in flavour & variety of ingredients.

Of course, I was feeling boujee so I ordered the most expensive option - Seafood Laksa ($14.50 nett). It comes with 2 tiger prawns, 1 scallop, pacific clams, & the usual fish cake slices & tau pok.

They were out of pacific clams that day, so they replaced it with an extra prawn - making the total prawn count 3 😀 I love how their prawns are de-shelled (only the head is left on), making it fuss-free & easy to eat.

The soup is lemak, & quite thick in consistency. It has the right amount of spice, even with the dollop of chilli mixed in. I wasn’t crying or dying by the end of my meal - & yes, I finished the whole bowl of soup.

Despite the higher than average price point, I’d come back here again. I don’t eat laksa too often - so when I do, I want to make it worth my while. This was worth the splurge!

While this is an atas bowl of laksa - "expensive" with regards to usual offerings in hawker centers, you can get more affordable options here to your liking:
🔸 Premium Laksa ($9.50 nett)
🔸 Laksa ($6.50 nett)

I did add-on a Fried Beancurd Roll (+$1.50 nett), but it didn't do much for me. Wasn't bad, just that the main bowl of laksa kept me happy on its own.. So I'd probably skip this add-on the next time.


I wanted the full works & lots of variety, so I ordered Mr Duck’s Special Set Meal ($6.50 nett). This comes with a bowl of yam rice & a variety of ingredients. The rice is flavourful, & not overcooked & mushy.

Chilli is slightly sweet, with the anchovies inside giving it a nice texture, while not making it too gritty. It packs a great punch that doesn’t kill you - not overly chock full of heat like you were licking fire. I patted a little bit of this chilli onto almost every spoonful of food that I scooped..

The duck meat is thinly sliced & deboned, the latter of which is a HUGE plus for me. But alas, the quantity is really quite sad; I would’ve liked for more meat, less quantity of other ingredients - preserved veggies, hard boiled egg, braised peanuts & tau pok.

The soup is pleasantly herbal with a tinge of sweetness. Easy to drink! I actually wished I had a larger bowl. It’s the kind of soup that you want to drink as your last mouthful, so the flavour lingers thereafter.

Despite the shortcomings in the meat, this was still a tasty meal & I’d come back to this stall. They also serve kuay chup, which I've heard is delicious. Maybe I’ll try that next.

Other options in coffeeshop - which I believe is popular - include Teochew noodles, oyster omelette, satay bee hoon, ngor hiang, pork porridge…

💳 Credit cards NOT accepted
💵 Accepts cash
📱 Accepts PayNow
📍 Located inside Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House (coffeeshop)

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Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House is a pretty happening coffeeshop with a nice variety of options popular with the neighbourhood. Came by one weekend for lunch & it wasn’t that packed - so I didn’t have to queue for my food at Teochew Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles (what a generic stall name).

Their Signature Noodles ($6.50 nett) were teeming with ingredients: Fishball, thicccc fishball, meaty meatball (the kind with meat & juice inside mmm my favourite), fishcake wrapped in bean curd skin.. & the usual suspects for BCM: Fishcake, sliced braised mushrooms, pork slices & minced pork.

I got the mee pok dry version; the noodles are firm & of medium thickness (less doughy than the MacPherson BCM mee pok). The chilli packs a punch here! While not unbearable, it might get to you by the end of your meal. Next time, I’ll probably ask for slightly less chilli.

The bowl of soup on the side is also good - umami, with a hint of sweetness. There are a ton of shallots inside, which make it quite fragrant too.

Despite service being self-service here, the stall uncle delivered my food to me - I guess because the coffeeshop wasn't bustlin’? Appreciated the thoughtful gesture.

I’d actually wandered here as part of Plan B, cos the nearby MacPherson Bak Chor Mee was sold out for the day. But I’m not mad about it - overall, I enjoyed this & consider this an above average bowl of noodles. Coffee at this coffeeshop is not bad too.


Expect a long wait; ~30mins like how you've read about it everywhere. The guy behind me said it's been like this for years. 😂

The regular $5 portion comes with sufficient noodles, & I didn't feel the need to add-on any more noods - which surprised me as I can have a hefty appetite. I might even recommend considering adding on ingredients to balance out the ratio.

The noodles are QQ & springy, & doesn't have the alkaline taste which some folks intensely dislike. Above average in terms of taste & texture. The "normal" chilli (amount & quantity) is spicy, & will probably make you sweat. I could feel it on first bite. The soup is nothing special, & the ingredients are 3 wantons of average-size, & a couple of slices of fatty & sweet charsiew.

So... Was it bad? No. Would I wait 25mins again for this? Hell no.

I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I guess you can try this if you have time to kill.

For context - I’m not really a wanton person to begin with... Feels like there is too little meat inside for me to love. But that's just my hot take.

No visible queue here at Koung's Wanton mee, but it took me a long time to get my dinner on a weekday night. Tragically, there was an invisible queue - while I perceived I was 2nd in line, this wasn't the reality. I waited 25 mins for the queue number to jump from 6 to 21 (although it’s not called in order).

They accept delivery orders for $1 extra via WhatsApp, so I guess that’s where the queue comes from. I was disappointed with the wait, especially since I was only here because my top choice next door was closed (owner fell sick), & there wasn't much around for a quick bite.

Get in line & wait for your turn to order a bowl of up-rev'd bak chor mee from Minced Pork Bros. As expected, there was a queue of ~10 people when I arrived at 1:30PM on a Saturday. Turnover was fairly quick, & I didn't feel that the wait was unpleasant in any way.

They have a couple of options on their menu:
🔹 Classic Minced Pork Noodles ($3/$4 nett)
🔹 Teochew Modern Pork Noodles ($6 nett)
🔹 Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup ($5.50 nett)

I ordered the Seafood Minced Pork Noodles ($6 nett), as I love both meat & seafood + am all about equality. This bowl has the usual minced pork, pork slices & chunky lard bits in traditional BCM. The seafood additions are a prawn, scallop, her kiao (fish dumpling) & ikura.

I was intrigued by the ikura, which gave a nice pop of umami with the savoury noodles. It's like a burst of the ocean in some of your bites - I liked that.

The noodles themselves have a firm texture, with the spicy sauce & oil coating your mouth when you slurp on it. The soup was pretty good too; I wish there were more of it (but that’s just me being greedy).

Portion-wise, it's good for 1 pax, & felt quite satisfied at the end of my meal. Good noodle-to-ingredients ratio, as well.

While I wouldn’t purposely make the journey to Old Airport Road for this again, I'm glad I finally gave Minced Pork Bros a try after seeing all the hype. Next time, I'd like to give their Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup a shot!

📍 Old Airport Road Hawker Center

You might balk at a whopping $6.50 for a bowl of Signature Mee Pok. But let me just put this out there... This is one of the rare instances where I struggle to take a photo - cos the noodles & soup are equally as amazing. Which one should be in focus?

Firstly - ingredients are plentiful in variety & quantity. You've got the standard pork slices, minced pork, liver (cooked properly & not powdery); coupled with unique additions like scallop, dumpling, prawn paste meat, & clams. Perfect for a meaty seafood lover like me.

The mee pok noodles are thick & cooked al dente; slightly oily but still acceptable.. & the chilli gives you a good kick in every bite, without numbing your mouth.

The soup itself is delightful - light, yet flavourful. I appreciate that there's lots of shredded cabbage inside, so you get your greens/fibre in. It's a generous portion of soup too - big bowl! I savoured every bit of it, thankful that there was enough soup to go with every spoonful of noodle.

I found myself craving this bowl of mee pok in the days after.. That's a sign of a good meal. Would definitely come back.

If anyone knows of good vegetarian bee hoon in the East side of Singapore, please let me know.... 'Cos this wasn't it. Even though this is supposedly a famous stall. My all-time favourite spot is in Jurong West, & that's quite a journey.

I mean, I finished this plate of Zeh Bee Hoon 斋米粉 ($2.50 nett), so it wasn't terrible. It just lacked the finesse & oomph that I look for in vegetarian bee hoon... Call me a snob, but perhaps I've been spoilt by my favourite stall.

My preference is for saucey noodles - so I found the bee hoon in this too dry for my liking. Ingredients were also quite basic (passable). Chilli was pretty good though, so I'll give them that. & they open really early in the morning, so if you were up at 6AM like me hunting for food & with this specific craving... Maybe give this a shot.

But it's unlikely I'll be buying this again.

💵 Cash only; no electronic payments
📍 Located in Bedok 85 Market


Fei Chang Hao 妃肠好 serves ribbon-style Chee Cheong Fun, which I find quite unique in Singapore. I followed them to their new location at Food Haven Coffeeshop (5 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-22), from their original location in Boon Keng Market where I first fell in love with them.

Priced affordably & substantial in quantity, I went for the You Tiao Rice Roll 炸两肠粉 ($3.90 nett) today. I paid extra (+$0.50 nett) to add an egg just 'cos it compliments it well. This was a good portion for a tea-time snack, having had brunch in the late morning & I was feeling peckish before dinner time.

I really like the silky smooth texture of the CCF, which is consistent across their other options as well - as it should. The sauce was enough to dip each piece around without drowning the whole dish. Iirc, they used to be a Burpple Beyond merchant - but I'd willingly pay full price for this. & you know I'd return again... & again.

💵 Cash only; no electronic payments
📍 Located within Food Haven Coffeeshop (5 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-22)


Haven't had much luck with prawn noodles lately..... Read good reviews about Hup Heng Bedok 510 Prawn Noodle & it's also highly rated (4.8/5 stars) on Google Maps..... Was in the area so I decided to swing by over lunch to check it out.

Service was friendly & with a smile, but I was disappointed by how bland this soup tasted. There was no umaminess, nor was there a solid taste of seafood in the broth... It was just like, Idk, chicken stock? & to me, the broth has a huge part to play in a comforting bowl of prawn mee.

Ingredients-wise, they're not bad actually. The clams were plentiful & the prawns sizeable & fairly fresh. Topped with fragrant fried shallots, too. But the soup really lost me.

Did I come on a wrong day? Perhaps. I would hope so. Not that keen to return, too.... Unless it was super convenient again & I had no other options to consider.

📍 445 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 520445


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