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even though i requested for it to not come with the side of salad, the original portion is still too small to justify the price. but taste wise it’s good!

really good mushroom cream pasta!! v hearty & creamyyy with so much grated parmesan on top i struggled to find the yolk (happy concerns🥚). just a little too salty

first time trying the iced hojicha latte with oat milk from Oatside ($9.30 nett) and it tastes even better than before!! i’m really Oatside’s biggest fan…

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They have some really good and crispy croffle!! I love the flaky texture and it's just so fragrant and crispy! Used the Burpple waffles/croffles one for one. Also tried their pandan waffle, which requires additional top up, but it was not bad too!

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The usual is orange but they are having yuzu this season. Very very fragrant osmanthus with the citrusy taste sealed in. Too much ice imo and a bigger cup will make me happier since it's $8+.

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The waffles is super crispy and fluffy, can disintegrate quite easily though.

Both ice cream flavours were thick, creamy and doesn't melt easily. Not a fan of Dark Choc but this was not too bitter nor sour, with a very light tinge of French Rose. Creamy Vanilla with sweet kumquat, very lightly sourish. Overall, I think they were delicious.

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After school treat for Little Miss W
Chocolate icecream with Freshly made waffle
Super delicious! I had a yuzu sorbet, a bit sweet but very refreshing. If i think it’s sweet, i think normal people may think it is very sweet, but I enjoyed it!

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Old Hen is a quaint cafe hidden in a row of shops that is a short distance away from Farrer Park MRT, and they specialise in their coffee as well as baked pastries. However, as we were visiting in the evening, we decided to get something lighter and we ordered a matcha latte instead. We could taste a slight bitterness in the matcha-based drink, although this was largely overpowered by the milk in the drink. Would have loved it if the matcha flavour was more pronounced. The drink was priced at $6, which was a pretty standard price for a hot drink at a cafe.

We love the insides of Old Hen though, and we thought that the use of the fan covers and fan blades to decorate the lighting in the interior was really special. The interior decorations gave off a pretty chill old-school vibe and it would be nice to have a conversation over coffee here. That being said, there is a time limit of 1 hour for dining in though.

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Plumped for the Breakfast Burger. Very filling and hit the spot, recommended. A little tricky to find but worth seeking out and great service.

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For desserts, we decided to try something more mainstream and we went for a chocolate-based dessert, which was served in a container. There are actually quite a few layers to this dessert - the top and bottom layers are cookie crumbs, these are each accompanied by a layer of fresh cream! In the middle, you have a layer of dark chocolate cake and a layer of chocolate mousse. We liked the mousse as it was a little light, and we also liked the hazelnut taste in it. However, the dark chocolate layer above it was a little too rich and the two of us were unable to finish it! We accompanied each of the layers with some of the cookie crumbs as we liked a little crunch to go with each bite of our dessert.

Overall, while we liked the diversity of tastes in this dessert, we felt it was a little too much for two to finish! It might be easier to share this between three of four persons instead. However, given it's size, it is very worth it since it is priced at only $9.50.

Surprisingly, The Forage Cafe wasn't exceptionally crowded for lunch on a Sunday, but we still made a reservation nonetheless as we wanted to be safe! 😁

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We love the waffle sandwiches at The Forage Cafe and we are back today to try their beef ragu sandwich! To be honest, we were shocked at the amount of items on the plate when the dish was served - you get to experience the full waffle sandwich with minced beef in it; it is topped with a sunny side up and served with salad (with balsamic vinegar) plus a generous serving of tortilla chips! For $18.90++, it was a really huge serving and we were full after the meal!

The highlight was the waffle sandwich of course, and we like their fluffly waffles as usual! Add the honey served at the side for some sweetness on your waffles, although we felt that it was a little strange having honey together with beef ragu (and it's tomato base) in the same bite. While the tomato base used for the beef ragu went pretty well with the waffle sandwiches, we actually like the waffles with chilli cheese chicken better as we felt that the waffles were more yummy with a slab of fried chicken thigh!

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