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The waffle has a nice crisp exterior with stretchy and chewy Chinese rice cake (年糕) inside. The nian gao was not too sweet with hints of brown sugar. I enjoyed the contrasting texture of the chewy nian gao and crispy waffle. The tie guan yin ice cream was creamy and light in flavour with a very mild taste of tea which I wish the fragrance of tea could be stronger. They do not allow flavour tasting so it's really a hit/miss.

Other flavours available are cookies and cream, sea salt gula melaka, osmanthus oolong, dark chocolate, yuzu shiso, Hoegaarden Rosee beer, chrysanthemum goji berries, matcha butterfly pea soy, roselle smoked plum, pi pa gao mint, white peach oolong, strawberry chia seeds, Jasmine green milk tea and earl grey milk tea.

Nian Gao Waffle + 1 Scoop 》$11.30

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Ice cream was not bad, but I feel that the waffle is kind of doughy and not as good as previously. Also, no longer have characol waffle

A spot that often comes to mind when I think of getting some solid and unique gelato flavours with an Asian spin, Tom's Palette’s offerings were as good as I remember. At $5.20 for a single (small) cup, I had the Taiwanese Sesame Brittle and Kueh Bangkit.

Fragrant and nutty, the black sesame gelato was spot on with the lingering toasty flavour. The texture was also rich and smooth. Love that added crunch as well as aromatics from the studded black and white sesame brittle. A little milder in flavour but just as lovely, the Kueh Bangkit was right up my alley. The churned Thai coconut cream, pandan and tapioca flour combo tasted like the real deal. A more melty version of the CNY snack. The delicate coconut flavour was surprisingly refreshing - none too decadent or cloying but deliciously creamy.

($7.50) Not that nice tbh 🫠 but it's quite weird tbh as I just felt that it's quite vegetal taste. They got a variety for tea based latte but I still wanted to try their other flavour such as hojicha latte

A good deal with burpple’s 1 for 1 single scoop ice cream. Paid around $4.30 for 2 huge scoops of ice cream. I had the black sesame flavour that had bits of sesame seeds inside with a very rich and creamy sesame taste, without it being too sweet. The milo dinosaur was less impressive and was quite sweet.

Yay! Finally, it’s the school holidays! 🥳

This cutesy Winnie-the-Pooh themed gelato cafe is one of my favourite places to visit when I’m craving for a sweet dessert. 🫶🏻

Love their fragrant & distinct signature coconut pandan waffle 🧇 that is golden-brown and crispy on the outside, and slightly chewy, mochi-like on the inside paired with swirl of gula melaka sauce and a scoop of creamy vanilla with biscoff crumbs.

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I just want to passby after walking towards Neil Road and just want to grab some gelato from dopa. They did selling Christmas Flavour until end of year ? But then I didn't really interested on other flavour because I just wanted to try matcha flavour if got chance. I need to wait for next year instead :") Hazelnut Praline just taste like nutty flavour and in Christmas vibes or mood that you can call.

Oh yea I go another outlet for sweet cheeks near potong pasir mrt. I ordered two scoops ($11) Experimental - We Are Golden (Saffron, Vanilla & Pistachio) & Gourmet - Sea Salt 76% Ecuador Chocolate Sorbet. Finally I went there for another 2 scoops for trying it out ~ but then we are golden just be savoury and also chocolate sorbet slightly bittersweet tbh.

Went to GelatiAmo and ordered a waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream (Coffee with Melted Butter and Strawberry Basilico) (~$17)😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Really liked their Strawberry ice cream but not a big fan of the coffee one as it is quite strong. Will definitely be back😄

Creative favour Ice cream with crunchy waffle ,$5 above/ pax