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rice was tasteless but fries were DAMN HOT & CRISPY🤩 the chicken was juicy, tender and crunchy! i love sweet-savoury combos so i liked the honey butter seasoning

- Very creamy smooth, oozy and melty without being too rich, I loved the texture!!
- Refreshing with a yogurt-like tanginess, lychee bits and rose petals combined to give a distinct floral fruitiness that’s not artificial 🌹 [8.5/10]

- Equal dual layers with the brown one boasting a prominent flavour of gula melaka carrying a deep butterscotch sweetness though it’s a bit too sweet for me.
- Green layer at the bottom had hints of pandan scent.
- Topped with grated coconut, resembling the filling of ondeh ondeh 🥥 [7.5/10]

- Fishballs were different from usual factory-made ones, super bouncy smooth which made them easy to bite, clean-tasting and fresh without a strong fishiness, I liked them as I usually don’t fancy those that taste too artificial!
- Saucy kind though I’d prefer less oily.
- Mee pok was quite springy, a bit less wide than what I’m used to, with a fairly alkaline taste which I didn’t mind as it wasn’t overpowering and added a depth of flavour to the chilli ketchup savouriness 🌶️

The salted caramel is quite good. However the texture is a lot more firm than the original, and a lot less melty

As such I much prefer the original for the superior texture

Quite good. Rich, creamy, with a bit of tang from the obvious use of cheese

An exemplary version, unlike most fake basque burnt cheesecakes

Feeling over the moon about this bowl of fishball noodles with extra bouncy handmade with ❤️ fishballs, meatballs and crispy fried lard bits with perfectly cooked mee pok (and lots of black vinegar!).

The side dish — signature prawn roll is highly addictive and a must-order. 🤩

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Feeling over the moon about this bowl of fishball noodles with extra bouncy handmade with ❤️ fishballs, meatballs and crispy fried lard bits with perfectly cooked mee pok (and lots of black vinegar!).

The side dish — signature prawn roll is highly addictive and a must-order. 🤩

#burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #straitstimesfood #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #ahhuateochewfishballnoodle

This well-loved eatery serving an array of authentic Penang-style dishes, is just a stone’s throw away from my workplace.

Even so, the classic Penang dessert is easily my favourite item from their menu — Refreshing bowl of shaved ice topped with coconut 🥥 milk, sweet gula melaka syrup, pandan jelly and soft red beans 🫘. What’s not to love?

#burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #straitstimesfood #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #islandpenangkitchen

❤️ this eatery that serves a simple & comforting bowl of ban mian, located near my workplace! It comes with an array of ingredients including crunchy ikan bills, fried shallots, garlic slices, savoury minced meat, soft-boiled egg and a bowl of soup on the side. A great option during cool weather (like today!) as the place can be uncomfortably warm on sweltering days.

#burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #straitstimesfood #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #ngkuanchillipanmee

It’s finally Friday, so go get some beers to celebrate from @getsome.sg . I stumbled upon their Clementi location after a hard day’s work out on a job site in the wild West of Singapore, and I was stunned to see this beer pub pouring up pints at the void deck of a block of flats. Son of a gun, I wish my block had a craft beer pub on the ground floor too.

Get Some also got some rather decent brewskis on tap and Happy Hour offers till eight pm daily on deck. Pints of Get Some’s own lager & Hofbräu on tap for eight bucks before extra charges? Pints of craft brews from twelve to twenty dollars? Yes please, let me get some more, like this $20++ pint of Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout from @northcoastbrewingcompany.

From what I understand, this is a pretty rare brew, and its rarity is matched by its deliciousness. Just like the real Rasputin, this stout is big and strong, in its eyes a flaming glo-sorry. The stout’s heavy body is smooth and creamy, chock full of the aroma & flavour of extra chocolatey mocha, barley malt & caramel, with a slight hazelnut aroma with every sip. The complexity and weight of each sip certainly helps to hide the punchy 9% alcohol content, but I drank it all and said “I feel fine.”

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Once you’re done getting some beers from Get Some, head on over to @kinobe.sg just round the corner to get some delicious food to silence those voracious beer munchies. No I mean it, Kinobe is just a few steps away from the pub, which seems like some genius tactical positioning. If Kinobe sounds familiar to you, they should, as they used to dish out rather delectable Japanese food at Amoy Street Food Centre. Apparently they moved to the wild west of Singapore.⠀

You’re going to be spoilt for choice here, as you can choose from beef, wagyu beef, chicken, duck, pork and salmon, and you can choose each protein in three different variations. I was about five pints deep by then, and I just picked the first thing my drunken eyes fell upon: the Mentaiko Salmon Don for ten dollars flat. For ten bucks I got myself quite the bargain with a full ricebowl topped with a sizeable slab of salmon buried under a generous layer of torched mentaiko mayo, a fabulously flowy soft boiled egg that unfortunately popped too early, and most surprisingly, some nicely sautéed shiitake shrooms.⠀

The slice of salmon I got certainly appears to be thicker than normal, and as such I was pleasantly surprised by its extra moistness as I devoured it in my drunken desire. The mentaiko mayo is certainly more creamy than savoury, but the levels of umami presented were certainly enough to sate my taste. The sautéed shiitake was an interesting addition with its bouncy chew, and I quite enjoyed their presence to complement the soft flaky fish. The egg added a luscious, albeit slightly unnecessary, richness to the rice as it gushed its essence all over the sticky Japanese rice.⠀

With bangers like their mentaiko salmon, Kinobe is a definite can eat, bae.

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