Taste don't swallow

Taste don't swallow

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Finding seats for two during dinner at potong pasir is such a hassle.

So alas, we ended up here at Kopi & tarts. Expectations were at the minimum to be honest.

The XXL teh ice was rather good, I was half expecting something watery.

Both the chicken sets we got were surprisingly rather good.

Ayam Masak Merah was quite good. Basically, its spicy tomato sauce chicken.

Thai yellow curry was better. Nothing too fancy here, but certainly was a nice filling dinner in an air condition setting.

The last time i was here at Wild Coco, I had the Ayam Berempah. This time round had the Chicken Curry drumstick. Saw quite a few tables ordered this.

The curry was very good, but $11.80 is really too pricey for just a drumstick.

Nasi lemak was consistently good, sambal tasted good and wasn't very spicy.

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Salt & Pepper chicken was quite good. Crispy.

Portion very little for $3 though.

Milk Tea @$3.50 was quite good as well.

Nothing really fantastic.

Unlike the Malay version, which is much more spicer. Robert's Mee Siam was not as spicy, it has a lighter texture as compared to the malay versionm

It has an old school Mee siam taste like those we had in the 90s, in the primary school canteen. The gravy was tangy and had a slight assam taste, auntie will squeeze the lime for you.

Quite a Basic Mee Siam, this store does not have extra ingredients to add on, like Begedil, etc. Only can add bee hoon or add egg. Also missing was the tau pok bits, maybe run out already, as other google reviews have it.

Cheap & Filling. Good meal for those on budget.

Highly recommend the steamed carrot cake. Almost like beancurd texture with chinese sausage bits embedded in it. More value for money if u compare with the HarGao & SiewMai

The Lo Mai Gai(steamed chicken glutinous rice) was not bad and looks very good as well.

Chee cheong fan portion was quite good as well, and texture was silky smooth.

Overall was quite Pricey.

1) Har gao @$4 for 3 pieces
2) Siew Mai @ $3.60 for 3 pieces
3) Steam carrot cake @ $3.20
4) Lo Mai gai @$3.20
5) Cheese Cheong Fun(prawn) @ $4

The area around kovan used to have 3 very good teochew porridge. Sadly now only left 2.

Soon soon is definitely still around. I dare say, soon soon is the better teochew porridge of the remaining 2 in this area.

Chilli lala was good, spicy and sweet and eggy.

Minced pork was the best dish here. Flavourful and not so spicy.

The braised pork and duck was soft and tender.

And u can't go wrong with the hae bi hiam(dried shrimp), a must have here.

Overall 4.5/5 for me.

Can be quite Pricey here, so take note.

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This was quite ok. Mee hoon kway was rather chewy.

Have been noticing that the Lao ban is personally cooking recently.

Meatball still excellent as ever.

Still preferred their Mee sua.

Read plenty of good reviews on this place, but have always been skeptical of this due to how dry and ordinary the pork chops look in all those reviews.

But I was so wrong. The Pork chop was very good. It was crispy, it was flavourful, it was tender.

The fried rice was served with coleslaw and a sunny side up. Auntie was generous enough to give me a spoon of mixed vegetables as she was low on coleslaw.

Fried rice was fairly ordinary, like something my army canteen cook up.

But the star or the show is definitely the pork chop.

I will return again to try their chicken chop and fish, read many good reviews on them as well.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has been operating since 1991, so surely their food won't go wrong.

Cheap, filling and affordable.


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Passby this place a few months back around 7pm weekday dinner time, and saw a long snaking queue, and decided to eat something else then.

Today arrived 8pm, and there was only 3 person In line, with a few of tables empty.

Sin Chie Toke Huan is a very popular hainanese curry rice place as it opens until 5am, thus alot of supper Hunters will visit this place.

The curry was watery type, not much flavour, didn't really like it.

Pork chop was fairly dry and I found it not very nice either, and tasted like it has been displayed outside for quite some time.

But what really impressed me, was the minced meat potato, this I must say, is damn good. Every bite of potato was soft and easy to eat. Minced meat was flavourful as well.

Prawn paste Chicken wing was always quite good, it was crispy and the meat was juicy and tender.

Overall, felt it wasn't as good as I thought.
I would give it a 2.5/5 just because the minced meat potato and the prawn paste Chicken wing were good.


Sin Heng Kee consistently whips up excellent congee.

The porridge here is the thick type, it's flavourful and is my far my favourite porridge.

It not only smells good, but also has a shiok umami taste.

The signature porridge consist of Century egg, sliced pork, meat balls, liver, intestines, cuttlefish, sliced fish, minced chicken. So many stuff in one bowl of porridge.

All ingredients were fresh, fish was soft, sliced pork was soft and tender, liver was cooked to an excellent medium rare.

+50 cents for additional raw egg.

Overall 5/5 for me. Need to da pao additional packets back for the wife too.

Queue for ordering is quite fast. But need to wait around 40mins for your food to be ready during late dinner timing.

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Traditional Cantonese style fish slices with crunchy black fungus, at only $6

Cheap and affordable. Steady queue during lunch time.

Fish was fresh. This dish tasted a little light though.

Canton Delicacies have plenty of cheap and affordable food on their menu.


A great place to utilise your burrple 1for1.

Portion for this Wagyu Beef was surprisingly small.

The Wagyu Beef cubes were cooked to perfect medium as per my request, and sprinkled with sea salt and crispy garlic chips.

Overall felt the portion a little too small for $28. Taste wise, this was maybe slightly average if u compare to those mid range steakhouses. Which is not bad for a zhi char place.

Take note that the promo is only for items $28 and below only, and excluding appetisers etc. So please check with the waiters/waitress to confirm.


Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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