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2023 Team Lunch @ Bugis Junction. Hokkien cuisine. Food Verdict: Good 👍

With our hunt for anything remotely similar to the viral Bird’s Nest Prata that had originated from Malaysia having yielded at least three different places that serves the same in Singapore, we were actually pretty surprised to learn that there are still more places that we have yet to discover that serves the Roti Sarang Burung around the island. Was tipped off by an acquaintance whom have probably heard about Mihrimah Restaurant elsewhere. For those whom have not heard of Mihrimah Restaurant before, this would be a Muslim-run Halal eatery that is situated along North Bridge Road in the vicinity of Kampong Glam — the establishment having occupied the ground level of a corner shophouse unit that gives it quite a decent amount of space for an eatery of its time. As much as we would probably want to call it a mamak establishment for the sheer convenience of doing so, Mihrimah Restaraunt is not quite that sort of establishment; there is a clear emphasis on serving Muslim fare rather than Indian-Muslim fare here, with counter that is dedicated to Nasi Padang where one can pick the dishes which they desire to be served with white rice like the Chinese-run mixed economic rice stalls in coffeeshop stalls. As indie as the establishment looks to be, Mihrimah Restaurant is actually a brand by GISB Holdings Sdn Bhd; a Malaysian company that does has several ventures in Malaysia, as well as all over the world including Thailand, Indonesia and France. That being said, Mihrimah Restaurant is decked in way that seems to be as simple as possible; foldable tables, plastic chairs and white walls with fittings they come with a blue trim that reflects the branding — nothing that comes across as particularly aesthetic and is particularly stripped down even when compared to similar establishments of its type.

The name of the item that fully resembles that of the Bird’s Nest Prata at Mihrimah Restaurant is actually the “Roti Ikhwan”, which honestly remains a mystery for us considering how “Ikhwan” refers to “brotherhood” in Arabic; the other names that we had seen thus far associated with that of the Bird Nest Prata used elsewhere includes Roti Prata Sarang Burung (which literally translates into Bird’s Nest Roti Prata in English; served at An Nur Shenton Way Famous), the Bull’s Eye (from Prata Lahhh! at Kovan and Changi Village), and the Plaster Prata (from Cafe O). One thing that we also noticed is how Mihrimah Restaurant seemed to refer to its Roti Prata offerings as Roti Canai — essentially the Malaysian term for Roti Prata that is never quite used in Singapore (and the same can be said for the inverse as well). The Roti Ikhwan from Mihrimah Restaurant is also one of the most affordable Bird’s Nest Prata that we have come across so far – priced at $3 a piece. Made fresh upon order, there is some waiting time required for the Roti Ikhwan to be served at our table; it is noted that the Roti Ikhwan comes with two eggs in the middle, and comes with fish curry paired alongside. Just like how Roti Canai would be in Malaysia, they had also served their Roti Ikhwan with a bit of sambal chili on the side as well.

Digging into the Roti Ikhwan, we did feel that the Roti Prata dough is probably one that is the least dense that we have come across — it tears apart easily, but was still crisp on the exterior without being too tough especially when left for a period of time. The two egg yolks were runny; the yolk eagerly flowing with its golden goodness as one pokes it with the fork — great to mop all of it up with the Roti Prata itself. Between the fish curry and the sambal chili, our choice was actually to pair the Roti Ikhwan with the sambal chili — we really liked how the sambal chili had a deep and earthy sweetness that comes also with a mild kick of spiciness that should do ok for those whom have lower tolerance to the heat; this was a contrast against the fish curry which required a bit of build up over time. This is considering the fact that while the fish curry (which comes with bits of sardine) was rich, it did carry an inherently duller note compared to the fish curry which we had elsewhere — it gets more interesting with the deeper, tangier notes after a while, though there just isn’t enough dough in the Roti Ikhwan to really allow it to get there. Considering how Mihrimah Restaurant’s Roti Ikhwan is probably Singapore’s lowest-priced Bird’s Nest Prata out there at $3 and how they are probably the most conveniently-reached one of the lot in town, Mihrimah Restaurant’s Roti Ikhwan is one that those whom have wanted to try Bird’s Nest Prata should head to — not forgetting that they also do serve up that stellar sambal chili in their rendition as well!

New on En Yakiniku's menu is the Wagyu Ochazuke, where hot green tea 🍵 is poured over thinly sliced Wagyu beef 🐄 served on a bed of steamed rice 🍚. The perfect comfort food on a rainy day, or in fact, any day!

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Be sure to catch En Yakiniku's Sake Tengoku 🤩, a first in Singapore! Using superior broth & sake 🍶 to steam prawns 🦐 & clams 🦪 on the first layer, & garlicky giant scallops 🌟 on the second layer, the highlight for me in this special steamer over charcoal 🔥 is in the last layer.
The essence of the steam transforms into a mouthwatering Japanese congee 🍚 at the bottom, which we elevate with a serving of Wagyu shabu shabu 🥩. Owing to the umami seafood broth, this was so sweet & comforting! 🤤

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To welcome the Year of the Dragon, Chef Aaron and team has prepared a Dragon’s Wealth Yu Sheng filled with an abundance of premium seafood with a honey miso golden peach sauce. After all the tossing for wealth and health, we were treated with the Abundance Treasure Pot, a pen cai filled with umami goodness with the treasures from the sea. The Prosperity Steamed Cod Fish with crispy preserved radish was perfectly cooked while the Fortune Oven-baked Lobster comes in a golden butter sauce and cheese. The usual roasted chicken is given an upgrade with the Lunar Bliss Sichuan Style Chicken that is stir-fried with Sichuan spice to give a spicy and numbing sensation from each bite. The last savoury dish of Signature Roasted Suckling Pig was not to be missed, with the crispy outer skin paired with the five-grain glutinous rice. To finish the meal, we had the Harmony Chilled Pumpkin Puree that contains nourishing bird’s nest and a side of sweet nian gao.

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A healthy Sunday brunch after church @ Queen St. Lovely on a cool morn!

Quite crispy and the honey and milk were on point, only problem is that the centre is very stretchy, so it's hard to separate and eat. But taste was good


Srsly their mixed grill for 2 feeds 4 well, pls be very very careful when you order. We see a lot of tables of 2 ordering some starter, the mixed grill, and drinks, and leaving a large chunk of the grill untouched

When it comes to the food tho, the ckn wings were pretty good, well grilled. The beef chunks had some very tough pieces. Ckn pieces were slightly dry

Ckn and mutton skewers were both tender. Rice was fluffy

Overall decent and portion was super generous

Not v crispy, and quite bland. You rlly mainly just taste mozz and nothing much else, the mushroom taste is nonexistent

Hummus was thick, the minced lamb was surprisingly decent despite how meh it looks

The bread was decent too, with good chew despite the thinness, and crispy at the bottom

Authentic Korean fare in Fortune Centre? That’s right, The Asia 2019 Korean Food exists, and it’s run by an elderly couple in their sixties. Expect all the Korean staples like kimchi ramen and kimchi stew along with some other slightly less Korean dishes, like curry rice & udon. Their main calling seems to be grilled meat on a hotplate, and I got the Pork Belly Set ($15 nett).⠀

A decent portion of thinly sliced pork belly is stir fried with thinly sliced onions & leeks, served on a sizzling hotplate with the sauce served separately. The banchan (side dishes) are pretty decent, encompassing kimchi, beansprouts, pickled ginger and a fluffy omelette roll, and the set is completed with a bowl of white rice & soup. The pork & onions are competently caramelised, but the sauce on the side was the one that provided most of the flavour.⠀

The sauce was an interesting cross between black bean sauce and gochujang, resulting in a deeply savoury flavour, but had a touch of unpleasant bitterness. I can’t fathom why The Asia 2019 didn’t just stir fry the pork, leeks & onions in that superb sauce, as it would’ve resulted in much better flavour assimilation into the meat & veg, plus the bitter edge of the sauce would’ve been cooked out.⠀

The banchan was pretty decent, with the omelette roll being notably airy & bouncy. Although I’m not entirely convinced that this Pork Belly Set was fully worth fifteen bucks, my belly & hunger were fully satisfied.


Ordered 4 Nyonya and 4 Hokkien Dumplings and it was so enjoyable, my whole family and I really loved them! The rice was tender and sticky but not gelat, the meat in the Nyonya dumplings was savoury with that sweet umami flavour, and the salted egg yolk in the Hokkien dumplings was so delicious (and not too salty/overly eggy). I enjoyed the kueh salat cake as well, not the usual kind you can find outside! The Pandan top was deliciously sweet and the rice really helped balance it out! Overall, 5/5 experience, and the packaging was so beautiful too!