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Serving wasn't very big, both were quite mild. Hummus was not too acidic.

On a side note glad to be back after 5+ years?

Thanks @burpple for the invite and Mavi restaurant for hosting!

A friday treat after a long week! very decadent dark chocolate😌😎

Making use of my student identity.🀭
Be Your Own Chef(BYOC) Student Meal
Available Mon - Thur (All Day) & Fri - Sun, Eve & PH (11.30AM - 5PM)
Choose either baked rice or pasta, one type of sauce, one type of ingredient or more if you want to. Includes free soup of the day/ice cream cup & iced lemon tea.
I had the cheese baked rice covered in spicy garlic sauce, load with grilled fish and additional scrambled egg which costs me $12.20.
Freaking hot white rice with savoury cream sauce with garlic and chilli padi in it. Simple and yummy. Grilled fish and scrambled egg without seasoning were okay too. Cheese spam were appropriate and doesn't make you feel jelak.
🚩Eighteen Chefs Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St, 04 - 06, Singapore 188021
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First time eating at a proper Turkish restaurant so not sure if the taste of the food is considered authentic. For those intending to use Burpple, take note that you shouldn't make a reservation on google - had a strange experience of being made to call on the spot to cancel the reservation before we were allowed to redeem the deal. Food was alright, nothing to shout about personally. Portion was ok, but for the quality/quantity probably wouldn't be worth it without the 1 for 1. Best dish of the day was ghe kunefe - be warned that it takes quite long to prepare (more like 20mins instead of the 10mins mentioned). Did expect it to be bigger for the price when I first saw it, but as it is quite cheesey on the inside, the portion is enough as it can get quite jelak even when sharing. Total bill was around $90.

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Aroy Mak!

Thai street food at its finest at an affordable price and generous servings.
Would highly recommend this dish on the menu if you love authentic Thai noodles!

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A bustling spot to enjoy some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine!

Kunafe is freshly baked shredded filo pastry with butter and cheese, served hot with sugar syrup and whipped cream - $13.90

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this store had quite a limited range of ice creams BUT they are the classics that most people would like! super worth for 4scoops & the quality, deffo will come again 😁. ALSO i would like to say they were very generous with the scoops, thank you πŸ™

got speculoos cookies & lychee raspberry (read another burppler's comment highly recommending this so i got it) i think this combo is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. speculoos cookie wasnt too jelat, tastes like biscoff but creamier? the ice cream was smoooooth. lychee rasp was refreshing and ya these 2 rlly go well imo i ate every last bit LOL.... wld rate them tgt as a 8.5/10. would love it if there was like cookie bits in the speculoos tho but tastes good!!!!

my friend got the salted caramel and nutella smth one and she said it was nice too but not gna comment cos i only tried a mixed spoon. GO TRY!!! i recommend speculoos cookie for biscoff lovers (the taste will not be that strong but its good)

Read plenty of good reviews on this place, but have always been skeptical of this due to how dry and ordinary the pork chops look in all those reviews.

But I was so wrong. The Pork chop was very good. It was crispy, it was flavourful, it was tender.

The fried rice was served with coleslaw and a sunny side up. Auntie was generous enough to give me a spoon of mixed vegetables as she was low on coleslaw.

Fried rice was fairly ordinary, like something my army canteen cook up.

But the star or the show is definitely the pork chop.

I will return again to try their chicken chop and fish, read many good reviews on them as well.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has been operating since 1991, so surely their food won't go wrong.

Cheap, filling and affordable.


Whiskdom is a small independent bakery that makes phenomenal cookies and brownies from scratch! Better known for their chunky and ooey-gooey cookies as well as brownies that ooze with fillings, you’re guaranteed some decadent treats for sure. Get their classic Assorted Six box ($38) that comes with the following flavours: an Original Chunky Chocolate Chip, a Dark Chocolate Overloaded cookie, a Berries and Creme cookie, a Salted Dark Chocolate brownie, a Speculoos Delight brownie, and a Matcha Cocoa brownie.

Having jap food in a bar. Worth it with burpple as you can order anything in the menu that is above 8 bucks for the complimentary dish. The beef was fried with garlic that makes it really fragrant.

Started the meal with the mains because why not? The mentaiko pasta ($15) was so damn umami and wasn't as creavy-heavy as I was worried it would be. Do avoid clumping the shredded seafood when mixing as they lent a briney pop to the bite. Next, the Unagi Fried Rice ($11) was wonderfully sweet and charred, with the piece of Unagi being very nicely grilled. Ate them separately but might follow others' recc to mix everything together next time. Following the carbs, our sides came; started with the Fried Corn ($6) which was SERIOUSLY GOOD like each individual kernel was battered and deep-fried so it's sweet and crispy, and when paired with the accompanying sauces (some mayo+tobiiko hybrid and a Miso tartar?) it is seriously legit. Great to pair with drinks! The Ox Tongue ($12) came last and while good, wasn't as spectacular as I expected it to be. Overall, it was a good meal and will come back for happy hour.