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[New Restaurant Opens TODAY] Bone-in Short Rib Ramen.

Oh man. This is a full-sized ramen with oversized beef short rib. There's a whopping 600g of short rib here, slow roasted for 8 hours in a red wine rare sauce, then dunked into a tonkotsu ramen broth that was simmered for 48 hours. Despite its size, the beef was surprisingly tender.
You can take up the challenge to finish this bowl on your own.. but I recommend showing love for a friend by sharing this with him/her, before fighting over that melty lava egg 馃榿
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The basic char siew ramen has so much win.

Flavorful broth with thick slices of char siew (yes fats included!) makes this "Totoro" a happy man. This brought me back to a side street diner in Kabukicho which all the chefs in the area go to after closing; that was good, this was awesome. My regular ramen place just lost 2 customers today 馃槀 Doors open 5pm, 26 Jul.

Thinly-sliced cured beef ramen with onsen (exquisitely made and free flow) eggs.

The broth was flavorful with that additional layer infused by the cured beef. The noodles were al dente with that signature spring in its step. Paired awesomely with the mini daiginjyo on offer. This ramen is a beef noodle lover's wet dream, especially that first bite into the cured beef. 馃槏

Meet Choclo, Peruvian corn or Cuzco corn.

Chef @malvaezmario was kind enough to bring them out to show us and it's amazing. The texture is different. Swipe to see how large the kernels are compared to corn from Thailand. Chef, thanks so much for taking the time to explain to us and share your recipes. We really enjoyed our lunch here and I think I may be back soon for more ceviches and tiger's milk.

Tiger's Milk, aphrodisiac or not, this was so good!

Basically, a non alcoholic drink made from the juices which were used to marinade the ceviches. I am so glad that the more adventurous ones amongst us decided to order a round. One more shot, please?

[New Menu] Appetizers (total $20 for all pictured).

The Hangar has launched a new menu, and I found them to be very good. They're flavorful without the use of msg, and they use organic ingredients as much as possible.
Pictured are (clockwise from the top):
Carraway Beef Koftas ($7)
Stuffed Feta Jalepenos ($6)
Halloumi Eggplant Crispies ($7) (very good)
There are also 7 new mains, 4 new tacos and an awesome cookie dough dessert. Will update with more reviews! This is taken at a @Burpple Eatup hosted by owner and chef @pavski85 of @thehangarsg.
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New Appetisers That Are Real Flavour Bombs

New to the menu, these delectable and affordable bites at The Hangar on Arab Street punch way above their weight. Check them out (clockwise from top left):
1. Halloumi Eggplant Crispies ($7+) - A big winner in every way with its mash-up of the firm, chewy cheese, crisp bread, creamy hummus and the sweet and smoky roasted eggplant.
2. Tacos (3 for $12+) - We tried an assortment which featured fillings of different meats, a beer-battered barramundi, and a vegetarian crunchy cauliflower. The steak with horseradish and the smoky pulled pork topped my list (but of course since I am an ardent meat-lover).
3. Carraway Beef Koftas ($6+) - The seasoned meatballs were truly fragrant from the spices used to season it.
4. Stuffed Feta Jalape帽os ($6+) - Hot, oozy cheese and fragrant spiciness wrapped in crunchy coating never disappoints. With or without the dip, I was happy to pop these in my mouth.

Nikkei was our other choice.

Yellowfin tuna in Nikkei dressing, purple potato chips and avocado, this was slightly more tangy in flavour. Really whets your appetite!

Meet Tono, one of the four ceviches on the menu.

All the ceviches here are made to order! Tono consists of market fish, crispy baby calamari (which many of us loved), smoked Aji Amarillo Tiger's Milk. This was so tasty and I really enjoyed it.

The daily special, Peruvian Chicharrones.

Succulent pork belly, braised and then fried in its own fat, the pork lovers amongst us loved it and I'm sure secretly wishing this would find its way to a permanent spot on the menu.

When Chef Daniel told us that the cuisine which is native to him is finally coming to Singapore, we were naturally excited.

Finally, Tono is here to introduce to Singapore what Peruvian food tastes like. We started our lunch with Jalea. Crispy seafood, tapioca chips, salsa criolla and smoked Chilli Mayo, once you start, you can't stop. So good!

I Love This Pulled Pork Kolo Mee ($14+)

Had a great time here with the Burpple Tastemakers last night. Owner and coffee-and-food-extraordinaire Pav filled our bellies (and then some) with thirteen items from his new menu.
That man sure has a knack for creating audacious flavours. Take this Pulled Pork Kolo Mee for instance. What a bowlful of yumminess! Topped with a poached egg, the huge serving had juicy pieces of pulled pork and bouncy strands of egg noodles tossed in a light yet appetising sauce. Make sure to mix in the kickass Vietnamese chilli paste and salty ikan bilis evenly and the shiok-o-metre goes up, up, up!