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The girl at the front desk was not approachable, did not offer to take our order even though we were standing infront of the cashier , and she stood infront of us and stared, we had to ask if she could take our order and she replied yeah?? 🙃🙃

Would not go back there.

There are other bagel stores around that has competitive prices with friendly staff🙄

Experience not just one famous brand, but two coming together to excite the world: The first LINE FRIENDS pop-up café in Singapore and South East Asia featuring LINE FRIENDS and BT21!

From 21 Oct 2022, Kumoya @kumoya_singapore  will be transformed into two different worlds. The BT21 world complete with décor and characters including KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY AND VAN. Turn your head and you will joined by the famous LINE FRIENDS World of popular characters. Both in one space. 

Location Kumoya, 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central #04-08, Singapore 238896

#kumoya #linefriends #bt21 #themecafe #orchardcentral #burpple #burpplesg #burpproved #burppletastemaker

Oh... The irony.🤣
There was no coffee but in fact sell coffee and what's more interesting is that they are fruity coffee. Something that was not common to find in this little red dot.
I had the Watermelon Latte($5.50) 🍉 because i saw it as a refreshing concoction that would please my tastebud. The latte was indeed thirst-quenching fruity sweet. Strong, smooth and milky coffee, with little bitterness and come with watery watermelon bits. It was a good chilly coffee but I expected better. The overall sweetness masked up the coffee taste quite a lot TBH I feel. Well, that being said, I would still probably try their other weird combination like grape or mango latte.🤣
🚩There was no coffee, 277 Orchard Road, Getaway, 01-08 Orchard, Singapore 238858
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Feature :
💕Main - Aqina “Pineapple” Chicken.
This is really good, Whole roasted organic kampong chicken from Malaysia, fed with pineapple enzymes, served with jasmine rice seasoned with lemongrass, ginger, coriander, pandan leaves and chicken fats.
The rice fragrant and the chicken is tender,juicy and flavourful
💰$110, for 2
💕Main - Tilefish.
Japanese Amadai pouring piping hot oil over the scales, as a result crispy scales with tender meat, served with leeks slow cooked in butter and potato mousseline
💕Main - Suckling Pig
Spanish suckling pig, consisting of deboned and deconstructed legs, shoulder and belly, restructured together and pan roasted till crispy,
Served with pork head terrine, Apples and pickled red cabbage tartlet
💕Starter - Frog Legs.
Tender frog legs coated with a light tempura batter with slightly tangy & spicy tomato powder and piment d’Espelette, deep fried it and served with premium mangetsu scrambled eggs, crème fraiche and fine herbs.
💕Starter - Carabinero Prawns
Charcoal grill Carabinero prawns from Spain, with sauce made from uni, kombu
💕Dessert - élan’s Chocolate
Smooth milk chocolate mousse and a tart passion fruit jelly, on a ginger & almond sponge cake
💕Dessert -Lemon
A “frozen lemon” consisting of zesty palette-cleansing lemon & kaffir lime cream, lemon compote & basil gel in a white chocolate crust.
📍 élan.
1 Scotts Rd,#01-13.
Shaw Centre

#elandining #elansg #elanrestaurant.

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Unique mini cones filled with sweet kaya mousse, and topped with fragrant coconut ice cream. The saltiness of the cone and peanuts helped to balance out the sweetness.

Great elevation of classic duck rice with the introduction of succulent duck confit and creamy onsen egg. The rice was a delight with the flavourful soaking up of the herbal broth.

Honestly had higher expectations for this dish that propelled her home business to stardom. While I liked that it was lighter on the palette (not too rich in coconut), and decently flavoured with various spices, the overall profile was unmemorable (especially when compared to the other dishes).

Chef Renee Tang gives the classic laksa and local dishes with contemporary twists in her newly-opened restaurant Jelebu Dry Laksa in VivoCity.


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Big chunks of radish enveloped by egg with tiny bits of Chinese sausage on top. I liked it while eating together with laksa as it pulls me out of the spice flavour profile with its slightly buttery taste and natural sweetness of radish & sausage. Can consider skipping if you are looking for the typical carrot cake taste as the dish is more omelette for me than carrot cake


📍 Jelebu Dry Laksa
1 HarbourFront Walk, 02-48, Singapore 098585

#jelebudrylaksa #burpplesg

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Found Jelebu by accident while looking for a lunch place. Though notified of slower than normal service by the staff while still on soft opening, we were quite intrigued with the dry laksa and opted to try

Ordered the cheapest laksa dish which offers crispy ebi as main topping. The ebi was delivered really well and maintained its crisp state even mixed with the rest of the sauce. The crisp also provided a good contrast when the dish starts to become jelak. Apart from ebi, the dish was served with well-cooked noodles, good amount of tau pok, fishcake, bean sprouts and fresh cockles (can choose not to). The whole dish screams rempah which became a bit overbearing for me at some point, leaning towards too salty

For a first timer, it didn’t convert me to dry, vs the typical laksa. Though I’m more intrigued now how other dry laksa dishes taste like 🧐


📍 Jelebu Dry Laksa
1 HarbourFront Walk, 02-48, Singapore 098585

#jelebudrylaksa #burpplesg

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Whilst COVID-19 may have been quite the thing that had impacted a lot of F&B establishments in a bad way, it is also pretty inspiring to hear how the pandemic has created opportunities for some in a way — Jelebu Dry Laksa ie one of those home-based businesses that had started out during the pandemic which has since become a fairly established brand name on its own. Gaining popularity through their signature Dry Laksa, Jelebu Dry Laksa have had tie-ups with other establishments and made its appearance during events such as that of the Singapore Food Festival — all of which helped to raise awareness of the home-based business that led to their newly-opened permanent space at VivoCity in collaboration with The Tipsy Collective; The Tipsy Collective being the group behind establishments such as Tipsy Penguin, Tipsy Bird, Tipsy Panda, Tipsy Bunny and Tipsy Flamingo; they are also behind brands such as Kubo Woodfired Kitchen, Lady Wu and O/T Bar as well. The entire space is decked in a really retro style that seems to have old-school local elements alongside colonial-style decor for a look that is nostalgic, relatable, yet classy. With the opening of their permanent space, Jelebu Dry Laksa’s signature Jelebu Dry Laksa still takes centrestage here, while the establishment also serves up quite a variety of small plates, mains, soups and sides and desserts as well. For beverages, Jelebu Dry Laksa does have quite a fair bit to offer — the highlights would be the Iced Homemade Drinks which are special concoctions of local beverages, while the two cocktails available are also heavily inspired by local elements; otherwise, Jelebu Dry Laksa also serves are canned drinks, juices and bottled water, as well as Nespresso Coffee / Tea and a decent variety of alcoholic beverage such as beer and hard liquor as well.

Having not tried Jelebu Dry Laksa’s signature item before our visit made to their VivoCity outlet, it is without a question that we would give the Jelebu Dry Laksa a go. The Jelebu Dry Laksa is available in four different variations here; the Kosong, the Grilled Tiger Prawn, the Butter Poached Lobster (Half) and Butter Poached Lobster (Whole) — we found ourselves going for the cheapest variation of the lot, which is the Kosong at $12++. Being the most basic variation of the lot, the Kosong rendition features crispy ebi, blood cockle, tau pok, fishcake, beansprout and sambal — the other variants would see the addition of grilled tiger prawn or the butter poached lobster on top of everything which was listed here; patrons would have the option to opt out of blood cockles if they do not wish to have them. Based on the introductory paragraph on the Jelebu Dry Laksa on the menu, the noodles of the Jelebu Dry Laksa “are first simmered in the thick broth of the laksa” before being wok-fried; it is also noted that unlike most other Laksa Goreng dishes that we have came across previously, the noodles used here seem to be of a thinner variation than thick bee hoon typically used in Laksa. As such, the Jelebu Dry Laksa seems to be especially flavoursome from the rempah spices with that slight hint of richness from the coconut that didn’t seem to be overbearing; the flavours seemingly all absorbed into the noodles, while the noodles are also especially slurpy and therefore not as jelak as other renditions that we have had. The blood cockles here are pretty fresh and provides a nice soft bite for a slight brininess, but it was the Crispy Ebi that added this umami note that seems to further add on to the flavour of the dish with a crisp texture as promised. Not sure how we would have felt of the Jelebu Dry Laksa if we were to order the slightly more pricier variants; this is especially so for the variants with Butter Poached Lobster at $38++ and $58++ for the half lobster and whole lobster variant respectively, but we were certainly satiated with this one at $12++.

Have heard quite a fair bit about Jelebu Dry Laksa even before they had established their permanent space at VivoCity — personally, we did find that the Kosong variant and the Grilled Tiger Prawn variants are probably the value-for-money variants of the Jelebu Dry Laksa to go for here; the Jelebu Dry Laksa also being one of the more unique variants of Laksa Goreng that we have come across so far. While the introduction of the other dishes on the menu may seem to have been included to provide patrons with a wider variety of options to share around the table, the Char Siew Cucumber Roll and the Soya Bean & Grass Jelly that we have opted for do seem pretty well-executed, while the elements featured in both dishes are also on-point to the theme that Jelebu Dry Laksa has adopted — one that features local fusion elements, whilst also coming with a nostalgic factor as well. With prices of the mains (disregarding the Jelebu Dry Laksa) ranging from $15++ to $42++ and small pages ranging from $10++ to $18++, prices of the food here are typically around the same range as what one would observe in the other establishments by The Tipsy Collective; a spot that would work better for larger groups to share the dishes across the table. For those whom have yet to give Jelebu Dry Laksa a go; this is probably the best time to do so — a permanent location great for those wanting to give it a go or craving for their Laksa specifically.

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It seems that Okinawa-style Onigiri has been pretty much the rage recently — whilst the Central Business Districy had recently seen the opening of Hitokuchi Onigiri that is a dine-in concept at CapitaSpring, a new Mr. Onigiri has opened its doors at Upper Thomson Road along the same stretch of shophouses where specialty cafe joints such as Hello Arigato, One Man Coffee and Oak Coffee Co. are located. Occupying just half a unit of a typical shophouse, Mr. Onigiri is established more as a takeaway kiosk — there are no seats within the shophouse, and patrons who wish to have the Onigiri on the spot can sit at the bench located just by the road. Yet another establishment that had first started off as a home-based business that is establishing their presence as a brick-and-mortar space, the menu currently revolves around just Onigiri — there are a total of seven (7) variations of Ongiri available here; this includes the Otakotak Onigiri that comes with a fusion element. Beverages available at Mr Onigiri includes a variety of flower tea, hot green tea, as well as canned drinks.

Being one of the four items that are marked with a star on their menu, the Signature Melted Cheesy Crispy Chicken is described to come with elements such as Japanese seaweed, Japanese rice, tamagoyaki, spam, cheese, chicken patty and tartar sauce. Sinking our teeth into the Onigiri, we felt that the seaweed encasing the other condiments here is slightly on the chewier side; something that does make it a little difficult to eat considering how one would likely need some effort to bite off the piece of seaweed while the Japanese rice clings onto it. We liked how the portion of Japanese rice seems to have been relatively controlled here — the thin layer of rice was actually fairly compacted for a good texture; all that without making the entire Onigiri feel too heavy considering how it does come pretty substantial with all the other elements. The other condiments such as the tamagoyaki, spam and fried chicken were pretty decent; the tamagoyaki here felt more like a thin omelette while the spam provided much of the savouriness and meatiness that the Onigiri seems to need — the fried chicken cutlet felt close to those commercially made ones available in supermarkets, though still sufficiently crisp and tender nonetheless. The only gripe for us was the cheese; whilst the name of the item did suggest something oozy and stretchy, the sliced cheese that they had used for the Onigiri here felt a little far from what was expected. All of the elements does seem to be brought together with the use of mayonnaise for a creamy touch, though we wished that they could be a little more light-handed with that.

Not sure if this is the case, but it does seem that the hype for Onigiri just seemed to have began; it is interesting to see how the wave is slowly catching on ever since Hitokuchi Onigiri had first opened their doors at CapitaSpring. No doubt Mr. Onigiri is not quite that much of a fast grab-and-go spot that Hitokuchi Onigiri was poised to be; this is largely due to the fact that Mr. Onigiri was a one-man show when we made our visit — the same guy behind the counter dealing with patron’s enquiries alongside cashiering / ordering duties is also the same person preparing and packing the orders. As such, do expect some time for orders to be cleared during peak periods. Not sure if we would spend that much time to have Onigiri (we waited for slightly past 30mins considering that we were the second in-line after an order of seven Onigiri, while there were also various groups making orders whilst waiting for them to get our orders prepared), but one thing is definitely for sure — Mr. Onigiri does make for an interesting option especially for those staying around the neighbourhood; also a more convenient spot than the Central Business District for those who are looking to have a taste of how Okinawa-style Onigiri are like.

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