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Curry veg, Thai-style chicken cutlet, scrambled egg with tanghoon. Few months never eat this. It's not end of day so there's a spread, so I picked dishes I haven't tried. The cutlet was quite amazing. Large, tender and skin-on. God knows why I was given only a tiny portion of egg.

Late dinner and I asked if they could fry me a noodle. They told me to pick some ingredients. It ended up being just mlxg with instant noodles. Worse, it's damn spicy.

Like I said, their dishes can come out different each time. I noted before this is unlike scallion pancake, but it's changed again. This time was very flaky, less dense, and oilier.

I dare say this store has one of the best char siew in the whole of Singapore....forget about the roast duck (it's just average) and forget about the roasted pork (skin is crackling but so so fatty and oily), just head straight for the charsiew plus your choice of rice or noodles. The noodles are good but I prefer the rice as a blank canvas to the sweet saltiness of the charsiew and its sauce. For sides, the nai bai cai had an addictive sauce and the fried wontons was pretty filling and good. Otherwise, yeah a good place to satisfy your roast meat (read: charsiew) cravings although watch out for all the oil and fats.

This small gelato shop hide in this quiet neighbourhood at Boon Keng, a short walk from MRT station.

Offers different flavours of gelato to choose from.

If you are a Burpple Beyond subscriber then you would entitled to one for one deal here.

Interesting. It has Nutella filling. The bread also good. But their muffins are small for the price.

Yuck. I had too much faith in them. This was worse than homecooked Hokkien mee. The broth was weak and the noodles was tasteless. I had to buy another dinner to make up.

Simple but quite okay. You can't go wrong cooking this.

The meat dumplings are fried, then topped with liquid cheese, which coagulates quickly. Quite gimmicky and don't match the price.