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@wildcoco.sg serving up some serious competition in the nasi lemak scene! Hands down, one of the juiciest, meaty chicken legs I’ve had, with an addictive crispy fried spice blend that perfumes the entire chicken. Generous with the anchovies and peanuts too, I had a great experience creating spoonfuls of different textures and flavours. Personal preference; I do usually enjoy a slightly sweeter sambal with my nasi lemak.


Decided to give common grill at St george a 2nd chance since it was a 1for1 promo.

This entire set cost $18 bucks. It consist of:

1) Chicken chop w/ black pepper sauce
2) Sausage
3) corn
4) romaine salad
5) pasta
6) soup

Was it worth $18? No

Was it worth $9? Yes

Chicken is good, sausage was not so good. By the time I hit the pasta, I was quite full already. So portion wise, value for money.

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Read may good reviews from a foodie Facebook group. So decided to give it a try this time.

I have never had cai po hor fun before and this was quite an impressive dish.

There was a subtle hint of work hei and the seafood is definitely fresh.

I have ate here twice and so far is 2/2 for good solid dishes so far.


Yong Xiang is quite popular here at BMFC, they are popular for cooking Png Kueh & Soon kueh, carrot cake style.

Since I am not really a fan of Png kueh, decided to just have the black carrot cake instead.

It was quite an excellent plate and since its not my first time here, I can safely say that it has always been consistently good.

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Diabetic friendly, Eggless, vegan, baby-friendly, dairy free, gluten free, Keto.

The list just goes on and on, cakes here at delcie are for those very fussy with what they put in their mouth and for those that are very health conscious but want to have sinful food and feel guilt free.

Ordered this for mothers day as a healthy dessert for the family to try.

The cake looks very good. Taste wise it was ok, but taste buds really need to adjust to get used to this unique taste, it certainly doesn't taste like sinful chateraise.

Very generous amount of cream though, and can taste the diabetic sugar, overall felt that the cake was a tad dry and tasted a little like wholemeal bread. Overall I felt this is ok.

The store ladies were ultra friendly and even gave me a free stalk of flower for giving my mum for mothers day as well.

Have to admit, this was rather expensive,


This Mother’s Day weekend became a perfect excuse for cake, behold a treat yourself dessert at our large family gathering on Friday evening.
This Raspberry Rose cake had homely soft raspberry genoise sponge alternating between layers of rose cream cheese and an in house made raspberry jam with fresh raspberries. The toppings also reminded me more of cookie crumbles instead of almond sable.
I appreciated that the cake was simple yet with barely adulterated ingredient, sticking true to its flavours.
Glad that everyone was happily finishing their slice(s) even after dinner!

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The rebel gurl basically serves Banh Mi.

But there's nothing basic a out their menu, so many different variations of banh mi is available here.

Decided to have the "Hot Chick", which consist of 2 fried juicy patties, their in house "rebel" sauce, mayo , asian claw and of coz coriander.

The baguette was thin and crusty.

Not very filling though, better get some sides with it.

Bober Tea’s top selling drink in ice-cream form
Custard ice-cream with brown sugar pearls

Compared with the more established brands, this relatively newer stall has been garnering rave reviews for their Bangladeshi style rendition, courtesy of co-owner and chef Bepar Sharief.
Served without curry gravy, the aromatic spice infused basmati rice is delicious on its own, with robust grainy sweet savoury spice flavour. It's light without being overly oily, loose and fluffy to the point of addictive.
Each plate is also served with chunky tender roasted potatoes, which lend good starchy sweet savoury smoky notes. And crisp fried shallots whose fragrance perfums the dish.
Tried the highly rated fish version, with tender chunks of flaky basa fish that has sharp spicy salty savoury flavour. Also had the mutton version, where the tender soft meat pulls off easily, carrying bold meaty savoury spice flavour.
Personally, I consider this to be the silver medal version amongst those I've tried in Singapore.
Briyani 47
@ 3 Saint George's Road #01-67
More details:

Wild Coco is situated at the void deck of a HDB along Mcnair road. This "coffee shop" like setting also sells fish soup and wanton mee as well.

The chicken used here is definitely fresh, it was soft and tender. My colleagues who had the chicken breast also found it juicy and tender.

The chilli provided also damn shiok. And the Berempah seasoning was damn shiok also man.

Overall very highly recommended.

Not bad, not bad at all.


A cosy vegetarian restaurant at Boon Keng managed by Zi Zai Vegetarian. They served the common items here.

For individual meal, you could go with their curry fish rice if you want some spicy and soupy food.

Not too spicy but strong flavour of curry, comes with a few pieces of mocked fish and vegetables.

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Adam's corner serve up a variety of halal food here.

The bee hoon goreng got wok hei, and hidden inside is at least 3-4 prawns and 3-4 sotong rings.

Portion really good and food taste just as good as well.

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