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Darren Teo
Darren Teo

My partner, on the other hand, tried the Bacon & Egg Rosti ($18). This time round, the rosti came slathered with Tomato Jam, almost like a sweetened bolognaise sauce, which threw her off a little. While I didn't mind it, she quickly asked to switch with my leftover plain rosti so I guess it's not to everyone's tastes. The house-cured bacon though, was delicious. Two whole slabs of thick, crisp, sweet-savoury bacon. I don't know what they glazed them with but I wish I could have more.

Overall, their rostis deserve all the hype and more, though do try their plain ones first! Can be a little pricey but I think it's worth a visit or two.

Nestled within the cosy Old Hen Kitchen was Poonsti, our brunch choice for the weekend. Heard lots of good things about their rosti, so this was what we zeroed in on when we made our orders.

I went with the Sour Cream & Chives Rosti ($12) so I could taste the OG rosti quality. Boy, was this good. Decently thick with crisp edges, the potato shreds were seasoned well and still with a firm bite - none of that mushy business. I almost wolfed everything down before I realised there was still the sour cream. Spreading a dollop atop the rosti, the tangy creaminess lent a fresh taste to the potatoes and the enjoyment factor went up even more. This quickly became my favourite rosti in Singapore, no kidding.

Tried the Garlic Salmon Bagel which had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and slathered with garlic aioli. Pretty decent overall, but didn't really like the garlic aioli as it became pretty surfeiting after awhile. Scrambled eggs could also be creamier, or the flavour of the eggs were lost to the heaviness of both the smoked salmon and garlic aioli. Also, didn't like how they wrapped their bagel - a pretty weird thing to comment on, but some bagel shops wrap theirs in such a way that it stays tucked in the wrapper nicely and sauce doesn't get everywhere. Overall, pretty worth it for $12 with Burpple and might try another option if I'm in the area.

A traditional English breakfast packed into the goodness of a cheese bagel. Bacon and cheese bagel were slightly salty and on the heavier side but it was balanced out perfectly by the maple aioli. Perfect to share between 2. Also got the Iced Sweet Tangerine ($5) to wash it down but it's not worth it just drink water.

Went at about 11am on a Sunday and it was surprisingly pretty empty. We were greeted by rows upon rows of their visually appealing bakes at the counter, which really whet out appetites. Decided on the Kouign Amann ($7.50) and the Fermented Mushroom Quiche ($12) for a pre-lunch appetiser.

The Kouign Amann came as a nice muffin shape instead of the usual flat spiral, and it was sufficiently crisp and flakey with caramelised bits at the edges. More filling than I thought. The Mushroom Quiche was full of umami from the dashi custard and fermented procini mushrooms, but also had a slight sourness from the fermentation. Was still nice, but didn't enjoy this as much.

Loved this! Tater tots were so crisp and when paired with the torched uni Mayo and bonito flakes, was simply delicious and rich with umami. Portion was also well worth the prize. A must order!

Always a long queue whenever I pass by and it was a full house even on a Friday morning. As it was our first time visiting, we went with what everybody else seemed to be ordering. The Rose Udon, while aesthetic and yummy at first glance and bite, gradually turned jelat and pretty meh at the end. The pickled shallots were a no from me, but the enoki mushroom tempura was the best part. On the other hand, the black sesame latte was delicious, creamy with a strong sesame taste. Would return to try the Signatures.

Convenient location, aesthetic and well-lit interior, comfortable seats, decent food at an alright price - all the makings of a cafe to return to for brunch and chats. We had the:
Fried Chicken Waffle ($18) - Charcoal sourdough waffle was thick and crispy with a slightly sweet undertone, the perfect base for the marinated chicken and maple syrup. Huge chunks of chicken (boneless, rejoice!) marinated in a medley of spices to give an earthy, spicy aroma - balance this out with drizzles of maple syrup and you're good to go.
Tater Tots ($12) - A mound of hot and crunchy tater tots. Ask for chilli / ketchup to pair. Additional topups for their special sauce add-ons - not sure if they are worth it but the tots alone for 12bux seems to be overpriced. Can skip this unless you're crazy over tater tots which in this case I would recommend trying the addons.
Mont Blanc ($9) - Cold brew coffee topped with a thick layer of macchiato foam and sprinkled with orange zest. Macchiato foam was the star of this drink with its sweetness balancing the bitterness and acidity of the cold brew.

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First time we tried the famed Galettes and while we didn't love it, it was definitely top notch in terms of taste and quality. Had the No. 3 (Sauteed mushrooms with Comte cheese and a sunny side up, $18) and the No. 8 (Pork pancetta carbonara style with spinach, onions, and sunny side up, $19). Preferred No. 8 as the carbonara sauce gave more flavour to the Galette. As you get to the sides of the Galette though, you just have more of the plain buckwheat flour taste, so do leave some of the fillings for the sides!

Crabmeat Pasta (White) $28
Prawn Basil Pesto Pasta $26
Grilled Pork Chop $26
Honey Glazed Spring Chicken $24

Everything we ordered was definitely of quality, but nothing really stood out at the same time. Perhaps I've went to so many cafes that most of them start to blend together, since most of them offer almost the same fare. Shoutout to the Crabmeat Pasta which was highly recommended by my friend which was voted the best dish on the table with it's addictive white wine sauce. Skip the pork chop as it came tough and dry.

Came because I heard great things about their cakes, and I was not disappointed with the Durian Penget cake ($12.50) - real durian flesh layered within durian infused sponge and cream, this was just glorious.

However, even more amazing was their level of service - the staff were friendly and attentive, there was someone who looked like the manager walking around interacting with guests, and we even got a complimentary Sticky Date Pudding! Will definitely return!

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Look at that glistening 'layer' atop the ribs - nope that's not the skin, it's the BBQ sauce. Mildly confused over the consistency and shape of the sauce and chalked it up to the pork ribs being microwaved straight out of the fridge. Do correct me if I'm wrong but the sauce do kinda look like it's from the microwaved meals of 7-11. Otherwise, ribs were tender and I enjoyed the sweet potato fries despite them being mildly cold and limp. Side note, their chilli sauce is addictive!

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Adventurous and always looking for new flavours on my tongue!

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