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My first impression was this is very expensive for not a lot. The plate is big but the rice is half a bowl with a lot of empty space. After trying the chicken, I think the price is arguable. It's flawless lah. The marinade and the frying were restaurant level. Individually, the components were impressive too. The blue pea rice was fragrant, the chilli was obviously homemade, the peanuts seemed like they were roasted again and the cucumber wasn't the cheap variety.

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Tripe was super tender.

Mutton was tender too and well marinated. Though it's not as incredible as people make it out to be(maybe standards have dipped abit after covid)

The chicken was what stunned me. It's crispy(crispier than the mutton)

Peanut sauce could have been a lot thicker

This stall is definitely worth a try

Always see a queue at this stall.

Ordered Set B (Chicken Wing) and Set C (Yellow Fish) at S$4 each. Value for money for the portion size! Each set comes with crispy ikan bilis & peanuts, fried egg, chilli and cucumber.

What's special is that they use premium #basmatirice cooked with coconut milk. I like the texture of this rice as it's light and fluffy, unlike the normal coconut rice used in nasi lemak.

❤ Love the turmeric chicken wing fried till crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The spicy-sweet sambal chilli is good too.

Would recommend 👍

Nasi Lemak Specialist (01-14)
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
137 Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521137

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Tenderbest Makcik Market
Crispy Boomerang with rice & coleslaw.
Chargrilled squid with potato salad.
We enjoy it very much!


From Tenderbest Makcik Market
Really tasty portion of the grilled stingray.
Interesting plating using a big white plate.
Definitely a great choice for stingray lovers.
Slightly spicy.


From Tenderbest Makcik Market
Another round of beverages.
Chosen Iced Horlick Dinosaur, Iced Almond Halia Kopi and Classic Teh Tarik.
Not bad to go with the food too.


yea, this is super sinful but worth a try. since i don’t take chili, this was slightly dry for me. but the chicken was tender and crispy. portion wise is value for money

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The nasi lemak special has everything on one plate. It comes with chicken wing 🍗, selar fish 🐟, egg 🥚, ikan bilis with peanuts 🥜, cucumber 🥒 and sambal chilli 🌶️.

The rice 🍚 is infused with coconut 🥥 fragrance and aroma. Chicken wings 🍗 are well marinated and deep-fried till crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The selar fish 🐟 was well seasoned and bigger than the usuals we get elsewhere. Last but not least, the sambal 🌶️ was good, not too spicy and leans more to the sweet side. This really gives you the bang for your buck 💰 with a generous portion of ingredients for just $3.50! I even topped an extra begedil 🥔 to make it a whole hearty brunch on a weekend 😍

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Ordered their Chicken Chop Set too for the price of 1, thanks to Burpple Beyond!

I wished the size of the crispy chicken cutlet was bigger but nevertheless, it’s still an above average plate of Nasi Lemak. Go try try if you’re in the area!

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Speak about fancy Prata and Springleaf Prata Place is probably one of the few names that would come to mind. There are, however, quite a number of places that actually do serve Prata with their own twist — sure; that are probably quite a number of mamak stalls which do not have an online presence which serve pretty quirky Prata creations which are all unaccounted for, but there is also Tenderbest Makcik Market at Bedok Point which has a slightly different approach to the local classic. Whilst there are quite a number of Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop outlets around (there are outlets in Woodlands, Jalan Kayu, and a new one in Punggol East), their “Artisanal Prata” series is only available at Tenderbest Makcik Market in Bedok Point, which also carries tzechar items in collaboration with Asyura Paste (a manufacturer of Halal ready-to-cook sauces and pastes) as well as the Nasi Coco Supreme that was previously served at the now-defunct Nasi Coco at NeWest; an establishment that had an emphasis on Nasi Lemak served alongside tempura items.

Being a concept that sees an eclectic mix in its menu, Tenderbest Makcik Market’s Prata offerings are pretty much based on the Roti Prata from Mr Teh Tarik — another F&B establishment that has quite a presence running halal-certified coffeeshops in Singapore. The “Artisanal Prata” menu at Tenderbest Makcik Market pretty much features their Plain Prata with different toppings; flavours available include the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Prata, Mala Chicken Prata and the Okomoniyaki Bacon Prata; all of which featuring a fusion approach. We opted for the Blossom Truffle Salmon Prata, which came with elements such as truffle, smoked salmon and red onions as mentioned in the menu, though is missing of other elements such as yogurt and fresh dill as described in the menu. It does however feature shredded mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and “caviar” as well. No curry is being served here as the Blosson Truffle Salmon Prata probably does not need it anyway. As with the usual Prata offerings of Mr Teh Tarik, the base Prata can be said as pretty average though decent — it is not the crispiest of Pratas out there; there is just a bit crispness to it while it is hot, but the Prata can be said as a little dense for how there is somewhat of a thickness to it. It is fairly easy to pull apart, though one does have to be mindful of the toppings above. There is a slight drizzle of truffle oil on the Prata to let it carry that light hint of truffle that it promises — it is not particularly overwhelming, but sure is evident enough to detect. Otherwise, the other elements adds on to the Prata — the savoury flavour of cured meat from the smoked salmon, the stretchy texture of the semi-melted mozzarella cheese (because the Prata just isn’t hot enough to melt them), the popping sensation of the “caviar” and the slight zing and crunch from the red onions; overall a pretty safe combination of flavours that isn’t particularly out-of-the-world, but definitely familiar nonetheless. Think of the Plain Prata as a vehicle for the toppings atop; albeit like a pizza — pretty much what it is here.

Pairing the Blossom Truffle Salmon Prata with the Almond Kopi here is a pretty decent choice; the Blosson Truffle Salmon Prata is like a spruced up version of a standard Prata and the Almond Kopi is also a zhng-ed up rendition of the standard Kopi where one could argue is an Almond Tea fused with the standard Kopi. It is a nice balance of Almond Paste-esque notes with a Nanyang Kopi finish — matches us the Blossom Truffle Salmon Prata as the “not-your-typical Mamak meal” when had together. One thing for sure about Tenderbest/Tenderfresh concepts is their creativity — the ability to do fusion cuisine with a sense of familiarity, yet achieving the desired flavour profile to suit the masses; something which I guess probably draws me to their concepts from time-to-time again.


☁️ see full review on ig @nibsandgobs


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In terms of food quality and service, this is top notch. The CoCo Rice is the one of the best nasi lemak in Singapore and its always the sure to order when i hit Tiong Bahru. The blue pea coconut rice was really fluffy and fragrant, it is said to cooked by steaming. Definitely not your usual Nasi Lemak rice which can be pretty oily, heard they only use fresh coconut milk for their rice and the portion is also just nice and valuable! Fried spices chicken leg was amazing with a tinge of multi spices thats make you craving always. The sambal petai + prawn was my absolute favourite. Very fresh quality prawns and petai with aromatics of special cook chiles, and spice. Great balance. Special shoutout to fantastic staffs as they always go extra mile on my special request.. lol. They were extremely helpful. Hope they can continue this synergy and have more outlets.

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