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this was the bomb. the skin was super crispy and the fats melts. meat was also tender and this was one of the star dish of the night

also upsized the pasta for this at $5!! shape of the pasta was pretty cute and suits the beef sauce

upsized the portion by adding $5 more which i think it’s a good choice especially for sharing. this dish is still my fave because the crab and the bisque tasted very umami to me

fried mozerella with a tinge of honey! cheese was super stretchy and the honey complemented the cheese well

Got a friend group with some craving Japanese and others wanting Western? Fret not! Corner Bar L'Operetta has both.

Try their Kaisen Barachirashi Don, which features a combination of raw and cooked fish, tamago, and more! Their pastas are also excellent, like the super creamy and flavourful Smoked Duck Pasta. What’s even better is their Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal on pasta, pizzas, and donburis, making it a great value for everyone!

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It comes with a piece of sourdough. The stew may look unassuming but it is quite filling. The chicken thigh was tender and meat can be tore off easily. The potato skin was not peeled but it helps to keep the crunch. It may get abit salty after awhile. Would be good if there is a bowl of rice!

The somen tasted abit like mee kia. As the sauce is scallion oil, the dish was abit oily. The salmon was still tender and the scallops were fresh. Although the dish looks interesting, the taste was just normal. I would recommend to try other dishes.

From So Green
Fried vegetarian omelette with vegan 'oyster' (made from plant-based ingredients) is a surprising combination.
Crispy exterior, slightly fluffy interior and a savoury texture that'll make you unforgettable.
A must-try for vegans and non-vegans alike!

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Despite the sheer size, it wasn't oily or surfeiting at all! Special mention goes to the sidewinder fries👌🏼 Would recommend getting them to share if your main doesn't come with it

One of the standout mains! Chicken was juicy and topped with a glaze akin to honey🍯