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Interesting! There's no actual Snickers bar, but the use of caramel, peanuts, chocolate chips and nougat incredibly created the taste of Snickers.

I redeemed it as it's a free cake for birthday month. But the cheesecake was quite light in flavour and taste tbh and still able to taste mild blueberry with yogurt (not that strong).

($2) garnished with icing sugar. But it was quite milky and plain texture and got layers for the bread dough.

I saw them trying very hard to crush and melt the ice for my chendol. In the end it still came frozen as a block. The ingredients were also not ready for sale.

- Patty was super moist and succulent, so thick that we struggled squeezing into our mouths!
- Pickled onions and yuzu mustard, containing mustard seeds, were light yet refreshingly tangy in alternating bites, contrasting the natural beef flavour well.
- Loved the special 5-grain bun which was very soft and fragrant 🥯

- Fattier and juicier than the above with a slightly sweet undertone, carrying a more tender soft bite!
- Meaty flavour was less strong, @nomnombytnt preferred this while I preferred the former a little more.

Unfortunately this stall has folded. Although the portion wasn't much, it's always good to have interesting foods. The rempah flavour was intense haha.

($6.90) upgraded and atas fish burger as in my opinion. The fish fillet was filled with melted cheese plus they added cheese slice and its got cheesy aftertaste.

There’s a new stall on the block in Hougang Mall’s flashy Foodies’ Garden food court, and @rongguangbbq is in the business of dishing out hearty meals on hotplates. The offering that caught my eye was the Hot Plate Pomfret Fish Rice Set, which set me back $9.90 flat. No tax nonsense, no service charge, just a man and his fish.⠀

Pomfret is notorious for being a bony fish, so caution is advised as you fish for the bones & remove them. Once you’ve fished out all the bones, you can finally fully savour the deliciousness of the pomfret along with the spicy & salty sambal paste. The pomfret is very lightly seasoned, relying solely on the savoury & spicy sambal. The sambal chili certainly does not disappoint, as it is salty, spicy & complements the firm flesh of the pomfret. ⠀

The only gripes I have with this is that the sambal chili is a paste, and lacks the fluidity to be a sauce for the pomfret. This also means that the sambal has insufficient sauce to flavour the broccoli on the side, and this did lead to a bit of burning. Additionally, I personally think that they could add more vegetables to fully flesh out the meal and make it more substantial.⠀

Still, at just $9.90 for a flavourful fish dish, this is good eating. Now all I need is a $7 pint from the bar, and I’ve got myself a good night out.


The fiancee was excited this opened but I find it hard to like something so sparse. I just had to add foie gras. Granted, the patty was juicy and yummy lah.

This is the giant cup. The shopkeeper had an attitude but this visit was from a long time ago.

Italians, look away now for I have just put fish with cheese. Most people go to @commongrillsg for the steaks & other grilled meats, but I personally reckon that their baked rice is severely underrated. Baked rice is relatively simple in theory but hard to perfect in practice, and Collin’s comes pretty close to getting it right.⠀

The marinara sauce used with the rice is just the right blend of tangy & tasty, with just enough sweetness to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes and just enough salt to flavour everything. And of course, who can forget about the cheese carpet that’s melted over all that rice? Cheese & carbs are unbeatable, but the barramundi fillet certainly makes it even better. The fish fillet was well cooked with crisp skin and a moist flaky texture, and the fish went quite well with the marinara drenched rice.⠀

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Collin’s is affordable, their prices are certainly rather reasonable when you factor in the quality & quantity of their grub.