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The way my dad’s eyes and mine widened at this bombastic plate…the curry a tsunami or wtv💀🥘 but it’s significantly more flavourful and spicier (and warmer👀) than the usual ones served with prata!

You can expect a hearty meal of 2 plain prata doused in mutton curry, sambal🌶, tandoori chicken, mutton and soft boiled eggs🤤🤰🏻

However, I saw others paying

it’s q sweet but it reminds me of some korean dishes where they add sweet whipped cream which i loveee

This 24-hour opened handmade pau shop is located inside a coffee shop along Jalan Besar.

It is popular for serving a variety of pau and dim sum.

Decided to have a Giant Ye Zhi Mei pau, it is named as such, as the size of the pau is almost a handful. Just Google search Yi zhi mei/ Amy Yip and u will know what these pau are being compared with.

The white steam bread was firm enough to contain all the "juices" within, yet it was soft enough to eat with a subtle sweetness along with it.

The meat within was just a burst of Umami, it had lup cheong, mushrooms, pork belly, half a steam egg and of course, the minced pork. I would dare say, this is a better pau compared to Nam Kee.

Dim sum I had was nothing special to me. But it wasn't bad. Just tasted normal.

delivery was ex for me but it’s okay the discount replaced it so free delivery for me instead :D

Still my fav for fried oyster, it’s tasty, gooey and slightly wet and the oyster quite plump, served with tangy and slightly spicy chilli.
💰$5 (Small)
📍Lim’s Fried Oyster.
166 Jalan Besar #01-32.
Berseh Food Centre.

Deep-fried chicken wings that were marinated in shrimp paste and these were really yummy! The wings were fantastic as they were served piping hot and as such, you may want to be careful before eating them. The dish costs $14++ and do take note that there are only 6 wings, so you may need to order any serving if you are visiting in a bigger group. Definitely a pretty decent appetiser!

Ever since my friend told me that @ilovebalisg’s Chinese-style Nasi Lemak is a favourite of her family’s, I have been wanting to visit. Finally found the opportunity to drop by the other day right after their opening time of 5.30pm. We were the first few to place our order but in mere moments, a queue formed right behind us.
I found the rice here very fragrant, light and fluffy, and without a trace of oiliness. It went very well with the sweet-savoury sambal which you can still spot onions in.
The highlight for me was the petal and wing bean dish. Stirfried quickly in a savoury “hae bee hiam”, both vegetables retained a fresh crunch which I adore.
Of the two options for chicken wings, I preferred the one coated in black sauce - it’s deepfried before being tossed in the sweet “kicap manis” so there is a bit of crunch when you sink your teeth into it. If you are a fan of the “keropok hard crunch” style of batter, then go for the golden-brown fried wings.
Eggs were cooked on point with a semi-runny yolk, and the grilled Otah was thick, aromatic and spicy - worth getting both of these as well.
I did miss my sliced cucumber though. It’s a vital part of my Nasi Lemak experience but unfortunately, they didn’t have it that evening.

The small and big bowl goes for $4.70 and $6.70 respectively. The ingredients are way more than normal! The soup base was also on the sweeter side, not peppery, which was a refreshing take, perfect for supper on a cold night.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/cheng-mun-chee-kee-pig-organ-soup-supper/#

Tired of your usual spots for hotpot? Head to Tianfang Pavilion Chaoshan Hotpot located at Chinatown that serves authentic Chinese delicious hot pots and Sichuan dishes that are both traditional and tantalizingly flavoursome! Known for their fragrant soup bases and quality service, guests can dine over a gourmet range of fresh seafood, meat and vegetable produce of top-quality ingredients. Tianfang's menu has a diverse range of fillings and includes many signature items like beef omasum, spicy pork, cuttlefish, handmade tofu, egg pork dumplings, and fresh aorta. Some recommended dishes you can try are their most popular spicy soup base or the Chongqing-style noodles! 
📸: Photo by Burppler Julius Lim

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Not much flavour and noodles were too soft.

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With ikan bilis and egg. Even more blasphemous umami

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Ridiculously flavourful as their fried rice always are. This one wasn't spicy at all even tho there's chili, kind of like their plain
fried rice actl

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