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- Definitely refreshing with a predominant sweet fruitiness of peach blended with the tanginess of passionfruit!
- Unique with hints of unexpected herbal minty aftertaste from the sage, adding depth to an otherwise typical flavour 🍃 [8/10]

- Vanilla base swirled with homemade banana jam, brownies and caramel, an indulgent trio combi!
- Super fudgy, chewy and stretchy altogether though I found it a bit too sticky for my liking, reminding me of cookie dough’s texture.
- I liked how there’s soft mashed bananas which added a creamy natural sweetness with a subtle tartness that balanced the other sweet components 🍌 [7/10]

[Bugis, Singapore 🇸🇬]

Fairy Hot Pot 仙女人气火锅 (S$22.80)
Was told that there was 11 different ingredients in it. Nice presentation with the smoke coming from the dry ice which attracted the girl from next table who came over fanning over with her hands. Kind of annoyed that the mum did not stop her.
Served in a milk base, topped with taro paste, mango cubes, pudding cubes, white fungus, rice balls, taro balls, and red beans.
Accompanied with pudding cubes, and black glutinous rice.
Can’t taste the flavours of pudding. The flavours was pretty flat and one-dimensional. Kind of over-priced.

Jane Deer 简鹿糖水铺
Address 🛖 : 496 North Bridge Road, # 01-01/#02-02, Singapore 🇸🇬 188739

The Bath Teddy Bear 泡澡小熊 (S$6.80)
Ice teddy bear with red bean in it, sitting in a pool of milk, topped with red bean, watermelon cubes, and tarp balls.

Unfortunately this stall has folded. Although the portion wasn't much, it's always good to have interesting foods. The rempah flavour was intense haha.

this was yums!! there were cereal pops inside too. not too sweet and jelak

Fried in front of you, fish was tender but not the crunchy strongly grilled kind. Overall it's passable but it's forgiven because they have the super smelly shrimp paste that's authentic, lifting this dish out of mediocrity (upon request)

It's really the squid beak muscle.

Choice of 3 styles, grilled garlic and I forgot the last one

Squid beak muscle had a bouncy texture as you would expect. The garlic pork lard mixture with sweetness was smoky and very indulgingly addictive. Super unhealthy but couldn't stop myself


It's a passable version, soup is sweet and less spicy alr had some heat. The ham was standard and beef was tough

Passing this busy street for so many years, this is actually my first time visiting this Halal Japanese restaurant.

Ordered their beef ramen and felt a bit disappointed. The broth itself was delicious but not strong enough to me for how a ramen broth supposed to be.

Thankfully the beef slices are tender enough to enjoy. But sadly not a decent ramen that would make me want to come back.