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After our dinner at SUP on a Saturday evening, Dad declared “we are coming here again when I need a good pasta fix”.
I had no reason to object when 1) south union park’s food is great 2) there’s Burpplebeyond and 3) we stay in the east.
Today we also had the seasonal special of oysters with ponzu sauce, which were slurping good.
Given how the team behind SUP has expanded to sister brands like eleven strands and the new mia, you can trust the guys here have done many things right.

Ma Seung Sek serves authentic Cantonese dishes that are crafted with carefully selected ingredients! Try the Burpple Beyond Set B ($80++) and you’ll get to try their Pork Ribs with Salted Egg Yolk sauce and Cold Free-range Chicken with Szechuan Peppercorns and Chilli Sauce, among many other dishes.

Look at that glistening 'layer' atop the ribs - nope that's not the skin, it's the BBQ sauce. Mildly confused over the consistency and shape of the sauce and chalked it up to the pork ribs being microwaved straight out of the fridge. Do correct me if I'm wrong but the sauce do kinda look like it's from the microwaved meals of 7-11. Otherwise, ribs were tender and I enjoyed the sweet potato fries despite them being mildly cold and limp. Side note, their chilli sauce is addictive!

Partner and I agreed that the slight sourness of the dish - prefer to think that it was from the lemon zest rather than anything being spoilt - was the biggest turn off for this dish. Kind of iffy too towards the addition of hazelnuts. Overall, wasn't too taken by this supposedly 'signature' dish.

Ordered the Signature Duck Confit Tagliatelle and the Seared Prawn Mentaiko Pasta (as pictured). Had high expectations for the pastas but was honestly quite disappointed - Both dishes were quite average and somehow had some Chinese/Singapore food flavour to it. Tasted more like an asian fusion dish more than a western dish. The food was a 6/10, but the coffee was good so overall 7/10!

Loads of soft, crunchy mushroom & carrot strips wrapped inside layers of beancurd skin; outside is soft, inside is soft & juicy; unique dish worth a try..

Tofu cube with thin batter, deep-fry to crisp & seasoned with salt & pepper; simple yet addictive dish..

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Big sized prawn that is thinly battered, deep-fried to mildly crisp yet not oily, while retaining the crunchy bite; well-coated with salted egg yolk sauce which is creamy yet taste light..

Meat is thinly battered & deep fried to crispy yet not oily; coated with sweet sauce with pineapples & capsicum; taste nothing special..

Typical 口水鸡; meat is tender; sauce is not spicy; taste nothing special..

Best dish among all; ribs are very tender & well-marinated with no pork stench; well-coated with flavorful sauce; with sweet & crunchy cashew nuts; well-executed dish that makes me craving for more..