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Plumped for the Breakfast Burger. Very filling and hit the spot, recommended. A little tricky to find but worth seeking out and great service.

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Opened by @guzaorentaiwanporridge, @sengcoffeebar serves up cafe favourites and casual dining that combines fresh produce and great flavours. Plus a delectable dinner and dessert menu, complete with a selection of wines and drinks!😋

Here’s what we enjoyed for brunch…
👉Mentaiko Mac & Cheese - SGD18
penne, bacon, mentai cream, mozzarella cheese, parsley
👉Breakfast Feast - SGD20
sourdough, grilled bacon, grilled cheese sausage, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed baby spinach, grilled vine cherry tomato, guacamole, choice of egg (omelette)
👉Clams in White Wine Sauce - SGD15
served with sourdough
👉White - SGD5
👉Secret White Cold Brew - SGD8
tasting notes: chocolate, hazelnut, caramel

All in all, what we ordered didn’t disappoint, maybe except for the guacamole which was kinda watery and a tad bit too sour. Their sourdough bread and Secret White Cold Brew stood out the most for us.👍

You can expect the less common latte art here. Swipe left👈 to check out mine!

❗️Weekday Happy Hour 4-7PM: SGD9 pints when you dine-in

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Seng Coffee Bar
389 Changi Rd, S419838
🚇#widKembangan #widEunos

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Very nice vibes and interior.
There’s a couple of plugs and free wifi so it’s a great place to work as well!

The croissant was crispy and fluffy! ($4)
The blue pea lemonade is a bit too sour for me.

My friend had a long black and it’s not bad.


Seng Kee doesn't only sell it's herbal soups and mee sua; it is actually a tze char restaurant that sells a plethora of other wok-fried dishes as well! We decided to try out the small coffee pork ribs ($12), which is not a dish that many tze char stalls have. There were around 6 pieces of meat, which is just enough for 2 to 3 persons.

The pork ribs were coated in a generous coffee-flavoured sauce, and we thought that the sauce was actually pretty concentrated! You will definitely be able to taste the coffee in this one and the sauce reminds me of roasted/slight burnt coffee beans. 😁 The pork ribs have quite a fair bit of meat, although there are also a number of bones so you may need some effort for this dish. We also liked that the skin was covered in a thin layer of batter, which gave the exterior a nice crispy texture.

Seng Kee was really crowded when we visited on the evening of a public holiday, and we had to queue to even get a table for two. Be prepared to wait for a table if you are visiting during peak hours!

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We had to order the black chicken herbal soup, which is the eponymous dish that gave the stall it's name. We got the smallest size for the soup and it is served in a mini pot alongside several parts of the black chicken. The chicken can be eaten and the meat is pretty tender, although there are quite a lot of bones, which might be a deterrent for some of us who are lazier.

The highlight was the soup, which definitely tasted somewhat herbal and medicinal. This wasn't surprising to us as we read online that Seng Kee boils the soup with an array of Chinese herbs! However, the soup wasn't overly bitter and we could still taste that it was chicken soup - Seng Kee definitely simmered the soup for quite a long time with the chicken. There were also some hints of sweetness in the soup, presumably from the rather generous inclusion of red dates and goji berries in the soup. Hence, we thought the flavours of the soup were actually pretty complex and it makes for a nice ending to your meal after you have finished your mains!

We would highly recommend this comforting soup if you are dining at Seng Kee!

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As we already ordered the black chicken herbal soup, we decided to order mee sua in another soup base instead! The white mee sua at Seng Kee is a bowl of mee sua served with small shrimps, fish slices, minced pork, egg white and garnished with coriander. The mee sua was served in a pretty thick broth that was slightly sweet, and we loved that the restaurant added a little bit of wine into the broth as well.

The picture shows the medium serving ($9), which we think is just right for 2 to 3 pax. For 2 pax, the serving is enough to fill up two normal rice bowls for each person. The broth is a little thick so it gets pretty filling, hence we encourage you to save enough stomach space for the other dishes! On a side note, the mee sua has also been trimmed into shorter strands, so you can easily eat this dish using your spoon rather than your chopsticks!

Give the white mee sua a try even though it isn't one of the famous dishes at Seng Kee! We think it's underrated but it would probably be a great comfort dish, especially on a rainy day. 😁

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We were having dinner in Kembangan and we chanced upon La Creamery, a quaint ice cream parlor located at the bottom of a HDB block in Chai Chee! It's a little hard to get to though, which explains why there wasn't an overwhelming crowd there.

The eye-catcher for us were the pu-erh waffles, which sounded really interesting! La Creamery also serves ice cream flavours that are light and based on flowery flavours. We added a scoop of osmanthus jasmine ice cream and another scoop of Earl grey lavender ice cream to our waffle, bringing the total price to $13, which is actually very affordable!

The pu-er waffles were really thick and dense - they are way thicker than your usual ice cream waffles and it can hence get pretty filling for one person! We highly encourage sharing with at least one other person if you are ordering the waffles. The waffles tasted like normal buttermilk waffles to be honest, and there wasn't much of a puer/tea-like taste in it. 😰 Hence, there wasn't anything unique in terms of taste.

The ice cream, however, were great! The Earl grey lavender flavour tasted more of lavender, although there were hints of bergamot in it as well. The osmanthus jasmine flavour had a pretty pronounced taste of Chinese tea, accompanied by a very light flowery taste. Both flavours were light and pretty refreshing, and we think La Creamery is the place to go to if you love ice creams that are not too heavy! Furthermore, their ice cream scoops are really large so the desserts here are pretty value-for-money too! 😁

However, we waited for close to 40 minutes for our dessert, as the shop had to serve around 5 other waffles before it was our turn. The shop takes rather long to make each individual waffle, so this is something you may want to bear in mind before ordering. If you are pressed for time, go for their ice cream scoops only!

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Plant-based burger joint VeganBurg has recently brought back their Rasa Sayang Burger ($14.90) just in time for Hari Raya! I tried it recently it’s really sedap! It’s an entirely vegan burger with mycoprotein patty, vegan sunny side up egg, kampong sambal, caramelised onions, lettuce, cucumbers and garlic aioli in between whole wheat buns. I thought the combination of these ingredients all worked pretty well, but it’s the sweet and spicy sambal that elevated the burger from good to shiok!

I also upgraded my meal to a set (top up $6.90) with the Coconut Fries and Rose Bandung. The coconut fries were not bad (comes with coconut shavings and vegan mayonnaise), but the rose bandung was a little too sweet for my liking.

✨ Overall Rating: 3.5/5
🏷 VeganBurg
📍 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502
⏰ Mon-Sun: 11.30am to 9pm

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We prefer to customise a plate to our liking and on our most recent visit, this was what we chose:

- signature silky scrambled eggs ($5)
- thick slab maple bacon (3 pcs for $5)
- truly excellent crunchy hash browns that I know Burpple Tastemaker Fiona Ting is just as big a fan of (2 pcs for $5)
- sautéed mushrooms ($4.50)
- toasted brioche ($2)

Nothing better than to wash everything down with cups of strong black coffee.

Decided to tear myself away from ordering my usual fave - the Breakfast Burger, to try something different. The large golden sandwich featured slices of crisp sourdough squishing a triple threat of gooey-soft Gruyere, Emmental and Parmesan. It came with fresh mesclun salad to balance the richness. I could have added smoked salmon or thick-cut maple bacon ($5 each) but didn’t. Am glad because it would have been too much for me since I had a heavy meal later the same day.

Basic us got The Brewer’s Breakfast ($26) for sharing and it really came in a generous serving which compensates for the higher price tag 🤪 For the maple bacon, it is slightly different, it’s a thick cut one just like your lor Bak and not those crisp thin kind! Mushroom, spinach and scrambled eggs are done to perfection, yums 💯 Added a bowl of Burrata salad as well, time to learn how to do this at home to avoid expensive costs outside!😂


Oh boy! This heart warming milky tea hit the perfect spot. Fragrance, character and taste can make you feel so peaceful. Sweetness is balanced, tea doesn't overpower too.

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