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the egg part tastes like orhluak but the mushroom doesn’t. if you have legit craving for orhluak this won’t satisfy it but is a fine dish on its own.

I usually stick my nose up at vegetarian options but this really blew my socks off. The portabello mushroom was incredibly juicy and the caramelised onions naturally sweet. What was especially of note was how the flavourful garlic aioli tied everything together beautifully. What a surprise hit!

You can't go wrong with deviled eggs and spam in a bagel/sandwich and this was no exception. That said, I would have hoped for the eggs to have more of an exciting flavour to them to seal the whole item together.

Built my own bowl which allows me to customise ingredients I wanted. Chose bafo rice which was really yummy and savoury. Fish was also fresh. Portion is just right without feeling too bloated after a meal. Service by the lady boss is attentive as well. Overall an enjoyable meal and I will patronise again!

Healthy and tasty bowl. The prawns were juicy and nicely seasoned. The macaroni salad had a creamy and tangy dressing. The sesame spinach was a little too cold and fibrous. The steamed cabbage was my favourite of the sides.

Roasted Halibut (cod fish) & Soba ($24)
I rarely saw salad for soba with fish but this interesting combination for salad made me so wow (unexpected) and didn't expected that it was so good. soba was served in cold style as japanese they usually do but soba just served in hot style as western they usually do it most of time. I really enjoyed to eat halibut (cod fish) as it was not that strong fish smell tbh. Overall taste that it really sweet and sour experience but it's a bit oily from salad dressing.

Fish & Chips ($24)
hmmm i don't said that best of best for fish & chips because I felt that their batter was too much for me even though I squeezed lemon for fish & chips evenly. But their batter was really crispy and crunchy but the fish was really I did eat their seasonal greens (salad) finish but I didn't eat finish their fries as I reserved my stomach for dark chocolate sundae (high recommendation for ordering this). I didn't expected their tartar sauce included truffle and really unexpected from it :") I told my sister that they add truffle inside the sauce but she didn't believed me :') Their truffle tartar sauce really so fragrant and strong taste tbh.

Ordered the following and the total bill was ~$27 using the burpple beyond deal (1-1 main+drink):

Army stew ($19) ⭐️ 3.5/5 - soup was savoury and the omni luncheon meat was not bad. However, overall was average to me, considering it being the most expensive main on the menu.
Omni burger black ($15) ⭐️ 3/5 - nothing wowed me (but the omni meat patty was not bad) and was rather average!
Avocado smoothie ($8) ⭐️ 4/5 - creamy and not too sweet. Found this rather yummy!
Berry smoothie ($8) ⭐️ 2/5 - taste rather watered down and would recommend getting something else.

It may be worth the price with the burpple beyond deal but otherwise, it is rather expensive for average vegetarian food unfortunately. Wouldn’t strongly recommend and overall would be a 3/5!

We ordered the BAFO don with egg (top-up), it was yummy and decently priced. Service is great as the lady boss was really friendly and kept checking on us!! Do take note that the portion is on a smaller side.

Food 3.8/5
Ambience 3/5
Service 4.5/5
Price point 3.5/5

We ordered the bafo don ($12.8) and it was really good!!! The mix of flavours and the rice was delish. Even without the Burpple deal, it was worth the money.

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Still my favourite place for poke

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💰 / $6.90
Vegan ice cream that packs a punch of flavors. My order was the passionfruit sorbet with charcoal wholemeal cone (+$1). The sorbet was a tad too sour for my liking, it would be the perfect complementary flavor to a double scoop situation.

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💰 / $14.90
One of my comfort food comes in a bowl of spicy salmon poke topped with ikura. Every piece of salmon was generously coated with spicy sauce - leaving every bite a satisfactory one.

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