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Calling all vegan friends! ❤️❤️❤️❤️GATHER HERE FOR ALL THINGS VEGANNNN! This matcha was so bitter, TOTALLY my style and the berries were juicy and very very sweet😋😋😋😎 and its oat milk?! bye lacto reactions!! 💩 $8 for this and would come back any day!

The menu on the website isn’t the same as the one in the place itself. Price hikes between the website and store are about $9 difference so careful of that. I had the fish and chips and my boyfriend had the carbonara. The food was very good and the overall vibe of the place was really cool. I especially loved the red lighting, it gave the place a neon sports bar kind of glow.

Miso eggplant and smoked salmon bread set! I took my girly to this place and were able to enjoy one of each thanks to using the 1-for-1 deal available! Def would come again 😝😝


I like this as compared to the mala hotpot.
But it seems like except for the soup base, the ingredients are the same.

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Ordered the mala hotpot. I find it a bit too spicy for my liking. Luckily I ordered less spicy.

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$4.90 for two cups with burpple 1-for-1 deal. Choice of one fruit and one super food.

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The only one vegetarian stall at KopiTime food court in PLQ Mall, Xuan Miao specialise for their handmade mee hoon kueh.

Served in either soup or dry, their mee hoon kueh do has a very good texture.

The soup version come with separate bowl of it with lots of vegetables ingredients inside.

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Redeemed the pasta dish with the 1-for-1 mains deal and paid $8.18! The sauce was super flavourful and creamy, really liked this fusion dish! The cashews were a great addition too 🥜

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This avocado goodness is thick and fragrant with hints of sweetness coming from Gula Melaka. As compared to King Avocado, the taste of Gula Melaka is not as strong while still providing a sweet aftertaste. Both are equally addictive and if given a choice, I would choose Mr Avocado as I prefer a lighter taste of Gula Melaka and enjoy the natural taste of avocado 》$5 / Medium (Less Ice)

Little Farms x Mandai Wildlife Group
I ended my Mandai Wildlife Group’s ‘Choose Good Food Trail’ with this juice
Initially it was $9 but since it’s the last day, the staff gave me a specially price at $2
Inspired by Indian Rhinoceros 🦏; one of the “vulnerable to extinction” animals
This juice is a mix of its fav food (carrot) along with orange, Granny Smith and ginger
$1 from the sale of this drink will go towards supporting @mandaiwildlifereserve conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to support the endangered Indian rhinoceros 🦏
Come and save this rare magnificent creature

brown rice, roasted pumpkin, broccoli, pomegranate, dukkah salmon, rocket leaves