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Recommended lists of Healthy food and restaurants in Singapore
Best Salads in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Salads in Singapore March 2017 — For those looking to keep to your #eatclean routine, we know how tough it can be in Singapore, considering the amount of good food we're surrounded by. However, these salads have proven to be tasty, quick, healthy lunch fixes that won't leave you too stuffed to function. Here are our best salad picks to try!
Best Grain and Poké Bowls in Singapore 2017
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Grain and Poké Bowls in Singapore 2017 Your new year's resolutions may or may not have included eating healthier, but either way, we've rounded up the best grain and poké bowls in Singapore to provide you truly delicious meals that are also good for your body! Gather your friends or colleagues for this one-dish meal that's a good balance of carbs, protein and greens. You know what they say — eat clean, train mean and live lean!
CBD Affair
Hidden Gem, Others, Bars, Cafes & Coffee, Healthy, Good For Groups CBD Affair Weekdays can be fun too with good food :)
Best Salads Places In Singapore
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Salads Places In Singapore Who says healthy food is boring food? Check out this guide to some of the best healthy food and salad places in Singapore.

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Top 10 places for Healthy

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Ate healthy dinner before end up with sinful dessert.

🤣 Anyway, their wrap is so big and more important; juicy and yummy. Seafood with chillcrab sauce is best! Grilled chicken with thai dont really taste thai but taste okay. #wrap #healthyfood #diet #sgfood #burpple #igsg

[Invited Tasting] #GFDF is the name of the game at ODP.

The a la carte menu sees 15 new Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free items, among which the Vitel Toné ($25++) received praises for its composition of tender veal loin, creamy tuna mayo and pickled cabbage on GFDF fried bread, which came together like one big summertime party.

Celiacs can now have their (gluten-free) pasta and eat it. Chef Freddy swops durum wheat for rice flour in the Spaghetti Alle Vongole ($28++), rendering a familiar mouthfeel reminiscent of a more al dente thick vermicelli (粗米粉) jazzed up with creamy white miso sauce and sweet clams.

Come dessert, we clamoured over the deliciously balanced Calamansi Chocolate Tart ($16), while the Dairy-free Apple Crumble ($16) drew polarising reactions with its 8-spice blend; highly aromatic or overwhelming, you decide. #GFDF may be a tall order, but thankfully for us, was realised with aplomb by Chefs Ryan Clift & Freddy Ang and the ODP team 🤛

Thank you @opendoorpolicysg and @burpple for the invitation and hospitality!
#burpple #opendoorpolicy #instafood

Open Door Policy - Invited Tasting - Starters - Watercress Soup (💵S$18) 
Rich watercress soup served with an organic poached egg.

Topped with sweet wolfberries & GF fried bread. 🥄

ACAMASEATS & TIPS💮: Comforting & Warm came to mind immediately. Especially after @hkpetersg mentioned about it tasting like a Double Boiled Soup. Break the egg immediately upon arrival or the yolk will slowly cook then bye bye flowing goodness. 😋
One can consider having a Gluten Free Dairy Free Brunch here at ODP as they serve a different menu. It'd be interesting for brunch to go without the touch of Dairy. 🖖🏻
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Vegetarian Cuisine done right at Elemen - Loved this Spicy Shitake Purple Rice Rolls so much that we ordered a second serving.

Fresh crunchy cucumbers and carrots with crispy tempura bits, rolled in nutty, rice-vinegared purple rice, and topped with glazed teriyaki-esque shitake.

More 🔥 would have been a boon since its name holds that expectation for fiery heat but altogether, it was a perfect blend of flavours and textures in one bite.


Brown rice 🍔 with guacamole patty ($20+).
It's not bad! Except the sweet potato fries were soggy ..

Open Door Policy - Invited Tasting - Starters - Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad (💵S$25) 
Mildly tart & spicy avocado jumbo Lump crab salad topped with sweet corn kernels & salted egg yolk crumble.

Served with charcoal GF fried bread. 🥑

ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: One will quickly notice the trend of Fried Bread served in their starters. As Gluten acts as a 'glue' binding agent if you will, hence ODP use frying as an alternative to bind it (At least I think that's the reason, for crying out loud I'm not a Chef) Although fried, it is not oily &/or greasy. 🏵
The Drinks Menu are of course, GFDF too. With beers like Lawless Village IPA & Bohemian Pilsner (Both 💵S$16) And both, Scottish. 🍻
To Juices, Wine, Cocktail, Coffee, Tea & god forbid Mocktails.
#opendoorpolicy #opendoorpolicysg #glutenfree #dairyfree #DeliciouslyGFDF #starters #avocado #salad #crab #eggyolk #charcoal #fried #bread

Maki-San (The Cathay).

Ran out of places to eat at so Maki-san it is~ Sushi roll is customizable to my liking too.

Avocado Gula Melaka Cake

Stated as "only available on weekends" not because it's not just simply not available on weekdays, but rather because their new branch at Jasmine Road is only open on weekends. That aside, the Avocado Gula Melaka Cake is a delight to have. Here, the buttercream is infused with Gula Melaka; the buttercream itself is actually well-balanced with a whiff of Gula Melaka sweetness so it's not as jelak as the regular buttercream that can be a little oily and too buttery for some. Coming layered and the right proportion, it works in harmony with avocado cake which carries a light hint of buttery avocado amidst the moist cake of adequate density that counter balances the soft sweetness from the Gula Melaka buttercream. In fact, I must say that the cake is very well-executed for one that only costs $5.90 — certainly priced competitively and makes it a little more attractive to hike up to its slightly hidden location up at Upper Thomson.

Tall Is Too Tall.

Tried their sample before, and since Snatch app is having a 1 for 1, we got the Tall size. But it's really too much... Tall size is enough for sharing, if not the coconut taste gets too heavy 🤣 The coconut taste really is strong 👍