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food at fi woodfire was great! we had their signature moo-ping which was tender and flavourful. we also had their thai milk tea pana cotta dessert which had a lot of ingredients to enhance the taste of it. overall the portions were huge and filling for all of us.

we ordered the signature “moo ping” smoked duroc pork ribs and it had a smoky taste from the special woodfire used to grill the meat! the pork was fall off the bone tender and delicious!

the grain-fed striploin was tender as well and the tamarind chimichuri dip added a nice tangy flavour to the dish.

we also got the grilled prawn pomelo salad (had a lot of prawns!), seafood tomyum soup, burnt butter cabbage and prawn omelette which were nice additions to the meal!

we finished off with the thai milk tea panna cotta which was an interesting modern rendition of thai dessert! it had multiple textures which made the dessert very appetising.

My friends and I went for dinner and had an amazing catch up here! We ordered Charred Corn Som Tom, “Mooping” Smoked Pork Ribs, Roasted Duck Green Curry, French Poulet, Burnt Butter Cabbage, Morning Glory and Seafood Thai Fried Rice. Personally, I would recommend getting the “Mooping” and Raosted Duck Green Curry. The smoked pork ribs really did not disappoint as it was so tender and good! For the green curry, we ordered the level 1 spicy and the curry had both spicy and sweet taste to it. A very delicious bowl of green curry! Another dish that is worth mentioning would be the burnt butter cabbage. It was my first time trying this interesting dish and if you are looking for veggies to complement the meat, you can consider trying this although I personally feel that it tasted abit bland with the burnt taste.

Overall, a great place worth trying once as the ambience was also nice for a quick catch up with friends or simply for a date! They served unique alcoholic drinks as well such as the thai milk tea highball which we ordered to try!

Great place to try out if you are in the CBD area. Tried the Morning Glory, Charred Corn Som Tom, Burnt Butter Cabbage, Green Curry (Roasted Duck) 'Moo Ping' Smoked Pork Ribs, French Poulet, Seafood Thai Fried Rice, Thai Iced Milk Tea and Sabai. I liked the sauce which complemented the taste of the kang kong in Morning Glory. It was different from the usual sambal kang kong so it is worth a try. The Charred Corn Som Tom exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth and variety of taste. Sweetness of the corn and papaya, combined with the sourness of the sauce was such a good complement. The Burnt Butter Cabbage was pretty mid and thus didn't stand out as much as the other dishes. The curry was spicy enough to be enjoyed, yet it didn't mask the other ingredients in the curry, which makes it a well balanced green curry which tasted very flavourful. The duck was also not dry, but didn't stand out too much, making the curry the main character of the dish. The pork ribs were really tender and delicious. The sauce goes really well with the pork ribs. Also, there was crispy rice served along with it and I thought it was cute. The chicken in the French Poulet was nice too, but I think I preferred the pork ribs more. I strongly recommend trying the Charred Corn Som Tom and the Moo Ping Smoked Pork Ribs. The Thai Iced Milk Tea was sweet and milky enough, although I think the tea taste could be a bit stronger. The Sabai tasted fruity and was delicious, which I enjoyed. I think it would be great for those who don't enjoy a strong alcohol taste. All in all, the food and the service was really great!

Had an amazing time at Fi Woodfire Thai with their well selected authentic range of Thai food dishes.

A must have would be the crispy pork belly confit that is nicely seasoned and melts in your mouth with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio paired with their own thai sweet chili.

The Thai food dishes here are decently priced while delivering quality food! It was very delicious and I would definitely return again should I crave Thai cuisine!! The staff were very friendly and provided good service, often checking up on us to ensure that my friends and I were enjoying the food! The ambience was calming and nice, love the Thai music playing in the background.

1) Charred Corn Som Tom: unique salad with sweet corn, papaya shreds and other ingredients were in this salad and I loved the tangy seasoning used and how everything complemented each other!

2)”Mooping” Smoked Pork Ribs: very very yummy, tender meat with savory taste. Sauce was fragrant as well and the portion was generous!

3)Roasted Duck Green Curry: we ordered level 1 spicy and it was really spicy for a mild spicy eater like myself but it was really good and fragrant. The texture of the duck was soft too!

4) French Poulet: the chicken was very smooth and the sauce complemented the meat!

5)Burnt Butter Cabbage: this was an interesting dish and I thoroughly enjoyed how soft and buttery the cabbage was!

6)Morning Glory: loved how the morning glory was cooked in oyster sauce and garlic, giving it a savory taste that made the dish tasty!

7)Thai Fried Rice (Seafood): the fried rice was cooked with just the right amount of seasoning which ensure that it was fragrant and tasty without being salty!

8)Thai Milk Tea: sweet and refreshing!

9)Sadai: a light, pleasant fruity cocktail with minty basil taste!

10)Thai Milk Tea Highball: i like how the drink was made light and how the Thai milk tea drowned out the alcohol, giving it a sweet and milky taste!

Overall Fi Woodfire is a wonderful Thai restaurant that’s worth visiting!!

This is one of their most popular dishes and rightfully so, meat was fall off the bone tender and very nicely marinated, will definitely be back for this!!

I left Fi Woodfire Thai feeling completely satisfied! I loved the Seafood Tom Yum Soup. It was incredibly addictive—I just couldn't get enough of it! The Iberico Pork Abanico was absolutely delicious and the Charred Corn Som Tom was surprisingly refreshing. The excellent customer service really added to the already great experience. I will definitely be returning!

A hidden gem in Robertson Walk! Had dinner with several friends here a couple of days ago and it was fantastic - everything we ordered was lovely, particularly the moo ping smoked pork ribs, charred corn som tum, lemon grass jelly and the sabai cocktail. Further, our waiter was super attentive and hilarious. Thank you for the great night!

Went to Fi with a group of friends, and we had quite the spread! A good pick me up after work.

We had the Charred Corn Som Tom, the Moo Ping, the Roasted Duck Green Curry, the French Poulet, the Morning Glory, Burnt Butter Cabbage, and the Seafood Thai Fried Rice. On the drinks side, we got Thai Iced Milk Tea, Thai Iced Milk Tea Highball and Sabai. The food was fantastic, and the portion was quite generous. I especially liked the meat dishes, as they are very tender and flavourful. The sauce complemented the dish well too. I particularly enjoyed the buttery taste of the cabbage as well, and my friend loved the green curry.

Service was fantastic as well, with the waitress coming up to check up on us often and ensuring that the meal was okay. The atmosphere was also cosy and fitting for a chill night out with friends.

I would go back to Fi sometime again, perhaps with family this time.

This restaurant serves thai fusion food. We tried the wagyu steak which was tender and flavorful when paired with their matching sauce. The moo-ping ribs were grilled with slight “char” taste yet, still incredibly soft and tender. The coconut ice cream was rich especially when topped with coconut shreds.